Little Caesar's Corporate Office Headquarters

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Little Caesar's Corporate Office Headquarters
2211 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI  48201
Corporate Phone Number: 1-313-983-6000
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  1. Jean Sherrod January 22, 2013
    Customer Service supervisor


    Thank you for writing; I called the customer service to comment on a transaction at the Lynnwood store. I had ordered Crazy bread with marinara sauce and the sauce was ice cold. I was told that it was corporate policy to serve that way. The next week I received a call from the store manager whom was very nice and offered a replacement. On my return to the store to redeem the offer I once again received cold marinara sauce and a teenage girl’s rude attitude informing me that is the way it comes! It is winter and it is cold outside something warm to eat would be nice.

    I don’t know what happened to the Little Caesar’s brand. It used to be a very good pie and then all the store’s disappeared and then they came back as a cheap option for pizza buyers but the crazy bread was the same and very good.

    As you know there is a lot of choices out there. I am not asking you for anything, just to let you know that if the cooperate policy to serve cold food is in my opinion foolish. Perhaps I am the odd duck here.

    The little Caesar’s brand has fell to unacceptable standards again in my opinion. There is nothing on the menu that would please me, when in the past I would visit a store twice a month. Now I am going to visit other place to spend my money on pizza products.
    Again, I am not asking for anything. If I received cold food for free, I would not want it.
    Well thank you for acknowledging me with your response, I do not know if this is your policy to serve cold food or if it is carelessness on the stores part. All the same your menu offers me nothing I desire as the quality falls short of my expectation.

    Thank you for your time

    James L. Tinsley

    Corporate Manager Bursting Universe Productions U.S.A.
    2090 28th avenue west, Lynnwood Washington. 98036


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