K Swiss Corporate Office Headquarters

K Swiss Corporate Office Headquarters
31248 Oak Crest Drive
West Lake Village, CA  91361  USA
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-818-706-5100
Corporate Office Fax Number: 1-818-706-5390
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-938-3000

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  1. I will not be supporting Jillian Michaels, nor will I be supporting your
    company if you continue to sponsor her. You can also count on me doing my level
    best to strongly encourage my other friends to do the same until she is no
    longer sponsored by your company. I am part of an organization and my
    message will go out to a couple of hundred Law Enforcement Officers as well as
    their family members. When that happens, you can count on each person doing
    as much damage as I did by, simply, passing this along to the next Officer
    and their family. She does not help with these kinds of, publicly stated,
    opinions. Law enforcement's job is dangerous enough without a person who
    has this much influence, stirring up the people who are willing to be
    influenced by it!!
    Think about how much of an impact this will have on you. Work fast!!
    Mrs. Miller (cop's wife)

  2. Hi, trying to understand why a quality shoe worn just walking, would come apart so easily. So now I'm stuck with a pair of your brand that are useless. Any thoughts why these shoes have fallen apart ? Regards, R. Pencosky


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