Jerry's Subs & Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

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Jerry's Subs & Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
15942 Shady Grove Road
Gaithersburg, MD  20877
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-921-8777
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-990-9176
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  1. Like to complain 1. About Jerry's Subs in Owen Brown Village Center on Craddlerock Way in Columbia Maryland. Went there to eat today and the conditions were deplorable. 1. There was no heat. 2. The place was filthy. 3. The Mens Room was out of order. 2. There was no diet coke as two sodas were out of order. 3.Was told by the person at the counter the management said they were not investing anymore money in the heating system. 4.They had a sing on the register saying Out of Steak. I assume this store is getting ready to fold if not maybe it should. I worked for Pat Pritchett as her asst mgr at the old Owen Brown location in the late 90's and our store was busy, always clean, always in proper working order.
    Lastly I'd like to complain about trying to get you people on the phone. Couldn't do it so I came here.
    Sorry to see Jerry's Subs in such disarray. Doubt I will ever visit another one.

    Sincerly John Steudl once on your corporate payroll 1998-1999


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