GE Corporate Office Headquarters

GE Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
General Electric Company
3135 Easton Turnpike
Fairfield, Connecticut 06828-0001 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-373-2211
Fax Number: 1-203-373-3131

GE is famous for their appliances, electronics, housewares, generators, finance, health care, lighting and aviation. GE's phone number is 1-203-373-2211 for their main office.

The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. LED miniature 100 lights-deliberate deception since inside on pamphlet it states they will only last 90 hrs., referred to as seasonal lights, yet they are 5 times more expensive, which we pay since LED rule is they last very long. Couldn't understand why these LED lights are out while the 100 regular miniature lights have been on for over a year. So I took them in to replace the fuse or bulb to read their life span is over. Will certainly never buy them again & make sure I tell everyone who will listen. Shame on you executives at GE for falling into the low-life people category, may you reap what you sow.

  2. Purchased hot water heater 12 yr warranty on it. 1st year parts and labor 2nd thru 12th parts. Extended warranty after 12th year lifetime all parts and labor. To my surprise 10 yrs later heating elements no longer working. Contact store where purchased and GE no help not honoring any of warranties. Contacted 800 number spoke with one representative ( wasn't going well) requested to speak with a supervisor representative was to transfer me instead disconnected. Initiated another contact requested supervisor stated was transferring to escalation dept. (another Joke)transferred me to one of his co-workers. Low and behold another transfer to no where. GE shame on u and ur quality of incompetent employees. Ur warranties are boggess. Executives open ur eyes GEs reputation is falling. Obvious ur employees don't care hopefully u do!!!!! We the consumers r the ones who keep u in business! Shame shame shame!!!!!

  3. I am trying to find a 15v incandescent light bulb I use to replace bulbs in Noma and other types of bubble lights produced from 1945 to mid 1960's. on bulb is GE640, on box is MTRG4100-H, and on box bottom # 284472. I would appreciate any help. 928-978-3297 Ray

  4. I wish I had read the above comment’s before purchase. Our daughter bought us a stove/refrigerator for Christmas. The units came, wrong stove. GE said “thats the latest & greatest”. The replacement came, same wrong stove. GE is putting old Sears stock in current cartons. The bad thing is we have beennwithout a stive for 2 weeks and cannot get our old one back. The unit GE is crating dates back 3 years and must have been a lemon because they changed the internal design. I am tempted to call the state attorney generals office. GE is making Chinese ptoduct’s look “good?”!

  5. I want to know who in advertising felt the need to show a little boy playing with a nursing pump in the new commercial??? It isn't funny and it has NOTHING to do with your GE products. We're not prudes, but who ever thought of this and whom ever okayed this idea should be fired or demoted. So sad to see a company with your reputation to show such lack of class.

  6. I find it very peculiar that if one has a problem with a GE major appliance, one has got to go through the service department, then the customer care department and so on, without getting anything resolved. I would like to obtain the phone number for the GM of Major Appliances at GE. Naturally, this is almost impossible.mail delivery truck


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