Ayres Hotel Corporate Office Headquarters

Ayres Hotel Corporate Office Headquarters
355 Bristol Street
Costa Mesa, CA  92626
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-540-6060

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  1. I Had The Most Worst Horrible Service As A Black Woman I Felt Like I Was Disrespected Because Of My Color.. I Tried I Easily Check In Last Night But Was Given Such A Hard Time As A Customer. That I Wanted To Checkout As Soon As I Checked In!! I Was TOLD To Leave The Property NOW Or Chelsey Said "I'm Calling The Police To Escort You Off My Property". So, I Told Her To Do Just That And I'll Wait For The Police To Come! However The Police Decided Not To Show And Asked To Speak To Me..

    Which I Stated "I've NEVER In ALL My Years Had A Worker At A Front Desk Call The Police On A Customer That Has Made Reservations EVER"!! I Really Wish To Make A Compliant With This Issue And Take It As Far As I Have To. To PREVENT Another Black Person To Go Thru This!!!

    I Felt Violated As I Was Dog Shit And ALL I Wanted To Do Was Check-In To Make A Business Conference Call Which I Never Got To Make Because I Was Trying To Check-In For Damn Near A Full Hour.. Is That A Way To TREAT A Paying Customer??? Am I NOT Good Enough To Do Business At THE AYRES HOTEL At 1015 W. Colton Avenue Redlands, Ca 92374????

  2. omg! Not sure what happened, but based on your post and how you communicate, I am siding with the hotel.....

    1. You Can Side With The Hotel Because You Might Work There!!


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