Avon Corporate Office Headquarters

Avon Corporate Office Headquarters
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10105 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-282-5000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-367-2866

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  1. Very bad experience , bad customer service

  2. Called customer service today and not even the sup was able to help me with my issue , it was something so simple but she refuse to do it her name Celia Spte142 , I even heard a giggle when telling her my name , very unprofessional !

    1. Did you pursue it ?? Call Corp ? You need to keep going and get her in trouble. Corp number is 1-212-282-5000.....EST 8-5. They are always removing good products, for no reason and it makes the customers MAD !!!! REALLY GOOD STUFF AND THEY STOP IT !!!! I would like to know what will happen if you get a hold of Corp ? Annie please call me 707 637-4265 !!!! Thanks.


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