Adidas USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Adidas USACorporate Office Headquarters HQ
5055 N Greeley Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97217 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-971-234-2300
Fax Number: 1-971-234-2450
Customer Service Number: 1-800-448-1796 1-800-982-9337
Email: [email protected]

More Adidas Phone Numbers:
adidas Accessories Agron: 1-800-966-7697
adidas Watches Fossil: 1-800-842-8621
adidas Eyewear Silhouette: 1-800-626-8684
adidas Cologne Coty: 1-800-715-4023

Adidas AG Worldwide Head Office
Adi-Dassler-Strasse 1
Phone Number: +49-91-32842920
Fax Number: +49-91-32843127

Adidas's North American Headquarters and Corporate offices are located in the Portland, Oregon.  Their worldwide head office is in Germany.

Adidas is famous for athletic shoes, apparel and equipment. Adidas's products include running shoes, sports shoes, golf equipment, boxing equipment. Adidas is one of the athletic equipment makers in the world. Alsom the Adidas group now includes Taylormade Golf and Reebok.

Adidas's toll-free customer service number is 1-800-448-1796. For customer service the number is 1-800-982-9337. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. i had an incident in the adidas outlet store in sawgrass mills mall i mailed medical bills and proposal, i've yet to receive a response please be responsible for your employees.thank you rumonda neasman

  2. I purchased Adidas Spring Blades for my son and the soles have started to come apart. These shoes cost $180.00 and my son had only owned them for 4 months when the shoe started to fall apart. I haven't been able to contact Adidas as their web site contact does not work.

  3. Hello Adidas Corperation, I'm an Investor on Wall Street, through my Executive Federal Government, Sovereign Nation, International Law Jurisdiction, Guaranteed Trust Fund! How much of an Investor might surprise you, but I hold a 100% Stake in Share & Stock, at The Preferred Level of Controlling Interest! Obviously, I break up my Investments, through several Investors, that work on my behalf, keeping me, a "Silent Investor"! What I want to do is Thank You, for turning out Great Products Continually, for Sports! I attended meetings back in 1970, & 1972, that forecast that Nike would rise up as our biggest competitor for a season! I also envolved myself, in the styling of our Adidas Merchandise, that would again take us to The Leadership role of The Industry! According to my personal calculations, it is time to role out those Products! For several years now we have been sitting on our new products waiting for the Economy to resurge! Well, everybody at Adidas Corperation should know that it is that time! Lets take the Helm, with our Power Play! The WNBA, & NBA, have our Adidas Contract, thanks to my efforts! Lets impress them with what we, have to release Brand New! Again, thank you very much for having kept us strong during the down turn! King Jesus Marc Nathaniel Mays!


  4. I just want to say that i am disappointed in this company. Well mainly your cedar rapids iowa branch. You always talk of charitable contabutions. But yet when asked not to donate but to allow employees to donate cans to help a local family whos baby needs a heart tranplant they are told no. I think we could all learn a lil selflessness from the to children who gave the family the money they raisedfor themselves to go to disneyland

  5. I was initially impressed that Adidas reached out to high school students in San Diego and solicited their impressions and suggestions for product development and a possible internship. However, it was very disappointing that they did not acknowledge or thank students for the time and effort they invested in their prototypes and ideas for their specific products.

  6. Derrick Rose is the poster boy for adidas shoes, he gets hurt every time he wears them.

  7. Replies
    1. how is one contacted. Also I have us copyright on items

  8. how is one contacted

  9. We placed a customized order at approximately 7:45PM EST on 2/9. I received a message telling me the order did not go through & I should try again. So I did try again. As a result, the order went through twice. I called to try to cancel one of the orders as we do not want 2 pairs of the same exact customized shoe. The representative could see that the orders were placed 3 minutes apart for the exact same shoe so it was obvious that an error was made. However, he said that they cannot cancel the order. The best they can do is allow us to return the shoe for a refund (& I have a feeling that this will be difficult when the time comes).

    While I understand the difficulty with customized shoes, we tried to have one order cancelled IMMEDIATELY. We do not understand why this cannot be done. Now, Adidas has to go through the trouble of making a shoe that they may not be able to sell when it would be much simpler to cancel the order. We are VERY unhappy with this service. There has to be someone that has enough clout in the company that can call overseas and put a stop to the order. This is an absolutely ridiculous policy that you have. Again, if we waited a week or changed our minds, that's one thing. But this is not the case. There was obviously a technical glitch through YOUR website. I demand an immediate refund. If you want to go ahead and make the shoe, I will be happy to return it. However, we do not want to wait 6-8 weeks for a refund for an error that was not ours to begin with.

    1. My son ordered shoes as a gift for his GF. His first time but I sat by him and watched as he did it. He changed the size to mens and when he placed the order it was placed as womens. When I called minutes later I got the same results. Literally, long enough for me to get the number and call and they could not even change the shoe size in the order! I wasn't even asking to cancel. We have purchased tons of clothing and equipment from this company but I just bought a second pair of the exact same shoes and I will not be giving Adidas another dime, ever.

  10. I am a consumer who purchased a pair of Mi shoes that are absolutely terrible and have tried over and over to contact a person in charge to speak with me about my shoes, but I have found that they are unwilling to speak with me. How does a company of this size and statue not contact an unhappy customer? I actually at one attempt heard a supervisor in the background say " tell him I am not available " .
    Terrible, I will spread this news to everyone I know, and will make it my goal to post on every sports board and forum I can find. I have emails, and phone calls to prove how poorly I have been taken care of by the MI dept at adidas.

  11. Your aurora, il location is absolutely horrible to wk for. .there is a young woman who is a team leader/manager who treats employees like dirt...also she need to be educated on the labor laws especially with working with minors. .I suggest before a suit is filed that your company educate her on the labor laws or fire her

  12. I visited your Yonkers, NY Cross County location on Mon Jan 28th,2015 sometime in the afternoon. I looked at some running shoes for my wife. There was a person near the sneakers but never asked if we needed assistance. OK, maybe he was busy doing something else. Then another person emerged from the back door. I asked him for help and pricing. He immediately shot off that they start at $180 and up. OK, I'd like to see this one, as it turns out that very sneaker was $67.99. I've run a retail store before and I'd understand if the store were busy (it wasn't) but the next question should've been what size would you like that in? Or, something to that effect. Maybe not a big deal but in retail as you know, don't sell merchandise you eventually close the location. Turns out my wife didn't like the color as much as I did, no big deal. I walked to the front as my wife was still looking at your merchandise. She found a nice headband that she liked. I'm thinking she bought it as I'm walking out ahead of her (child in hand) and noticed that she hadn't bought it. I asked why, and she said that out of the three people at the register neither of them (to be fair, one was holding something in his hand) wanted to ring her up! They started to communicate in spanish, saying, "you take her, no you take her!", that went around between the three of them while my wife was in disbelief before she told them that they didn't deserve her money! At that moment they started to pay her attention, by then she'd walked out. This may fall on deaf ears, I hope it doesn't but it does need to be addressed. I'd hate to think that this is the culture that is Addias. I've personally bought Shell tops back in the 80's and countless merchandise since then. Until I visit another location I won't totally wright addidas off as it wouldn't be fair to punish all for the action of a few, however,it doesn't leave a good taste...

  13. A few Saturdays ago I went Chicago Premium Outlet Mall in Aurora. I stopped into the Reebok store with my daughter to find new crossfit shoes. I soon as I entered the crossfit aisle I notice a strong odor. It gets stronger as one of store employees passes by with out offering any service. Finally I stop the employee to ask about a shoe. I realize that this odor is the smell of marijuana and it's just pouring off of this guy and he doesn't appear to be functional at all. I ask for a size and he doesn't check he says they don't have it. I ask are there any comparable shoes in men's and he says "yea go look". I'm only in the men's section for 5 minutes before my daughter comes running to me crying. I ask her what's wrong and she says the employee is making her feel scared and uncomfortable. I ask why and she tells me he keeps moving closer to her and telling her, " I like how tight them pants fit you girl". I was so shocked by this behavior that I immediately ask for a manager. I was even more shocked and appalled when the exact same employee comes up and says he is the manager. I confront him about what happened and he denying that it ever happened as my daughter sits there crying. My daughter is only 15. Why is a man who is well in his 30s making sexual advances and remarks to my little. I ask for his name and he tells me it's Bradley. I will never again set foot in the Reebok store in Aurora ever again.

  14. I have a local soccer team that is looking for donations to cover travel cost to the 201 AYSO National Games in Palm Beach, Florida. Who can I contact to submit a request?

  15. I got adidas ZX Racer, S79202 and they last 20 days wearing them 20 min 4 times a week, adidas store at Citadel, Commerce city, Ca, refused to exchange, they said you wear them already, question how you are going to find out without using if they will fall apart in 20 days? Very disappointed , very, I am the adidas user since 1974. Shame on you adidas making defective shoes.

  16. Hello, I would like to be contacted concerning an injury at one of your facilities...Ive tried to contact them but to no avail.


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