Zumba Corporate Office Headquarters

Zumba Corporate Office Headquarters
800 Silks Run Suite 2310
Hallandale, Florida 33009 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-925-3755
Customer Service Number: 1-866-649-5817

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  1. Dontttt buy itttt they r frauds i made a fool out of myself they told me that it was 14.99 and then they charged me 96.00 and even if u try to cancel it u cant because they dont even give u the right number there service sucks

  2. DO NOT BUY! I agree with Ivy, they are dishonest. They advertise one thing and then charge you more than what was advertised. Then when you try to work it out with the girls on the Custome Service lines, they are clueless. They sound like trained monkeys who just repeat whatever they are told to say, which are lies and more lies. BIG MISTAKE buying this. Buyer Beware!

  3. DO NOT BUY FROM ZUMBA.COM! You won't believe how incompetent. My package was ordered a month ago and they can't even call the postal office to correctly verify the address and get it to me! What a nightmare. Don't order!

  4. Have to admit when they sent the wrong size hoodie they were not obliging one bit....!!! Told me to sell it on...!


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