Yamaha USA Corporate Office Headquarters

Yamaha USA Corporate Office Headquarters
Yamaha Corporation of America
6600 Orangethorpe Ave.
Buena Park, CA 90620 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-522-9011
Fax Number: 1-714-522-9961
Audio Customer Service Number:1-719-522-9105
Brass, Woodwinds, Strings and Percussion: 1-714-522-9011
Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums: 1-714-522-9000
Acoustic Pianos & Disklavier: 1-714-522-9000
Steinberg: [email protected]

Yamaha Motor Corporation USA
6555 Katella Ave.
Cypress, CA 90630 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-761-7300
Fax Number: 1-714-761-7302
Yamaha Card: 1-800-252-5265
Yamaha Installment: 1-877-314-1507
Star Motorcycles: 1-800-656-7695
Outboard Motors: 1-866-894-1626
Customer Service Number: 1-800-962-7926

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  1. Dear Yamaha Coroprate Executives, I currently own a 2007 Grizzly 700 ATV. My scooter wouldn't start so I replaced the battery. Still didn't work. I took it to my Dealer (All Trerrain Motor Sports, Grand Junction, CO, and the answer was the stator was bad. They stated it was a design flaw and that the stator caps were re-designed in 2009 to provide better oil flow to the stators. They wanted $900 to tear it down and repair it, to the 09 up-date specs. I read posts on the internet that there has been a Tech Bulletin go out, Whereas, Yamaha would stand good for all parts and labor for the repairs.I re-contacted my dealer and told them about the bulletin. They called the Yamaha rep and called me back. "Good news" Yamaha will warranty parts & labor. Bring it down and we'll order the parts". I took it down and it's been a week... They called me today and said Yamaha has now denied the claim, based on the fact that my machine out of warranty. I got the Yamaha Customer Assistance# and called them. They told me the warranty is based on the original purchase date (late in 06) regardless of the milage. They will not honor my issue. I asked them about the Tech Bulletin and her response was flatly... "Tech Bulletins are for dealers and not the general public. We cannot help you with these repairs." I thought I might have no choice other than buying the parts on the internet and fixing it my self.
    The machine is still at the dealer. I now find evidence, on the internet that 07-08 Grizzly' are still being repaired for the same issues,in the US and Canada, under warranty, but not mine... A Design flaw is a design flaw, regardless of the original purchase date. I Purchased my first new Yamaha in 1978 (440 Exciter Snow Machine). Since then I have owned other sleds, motorcycles and ATV's (all Yamahas). I have always been a big Yamaha fan and recommended Yamaha products to my employers and friends. I intend to have the dealer go ahead with the repairs (I guess at my expense), but as much as I like Yamaha products... My next purchase will not be a Yamaha.
    Danny Burns, Grand Junction, CO [email protected]
    (970) 250-6268

  2. Hello: I have been searching the Yamaha website trying to find who to contact regarding the copyright of your brand, I am interested in manufacturing a product that carries the Yamaha Logo and the word Yamaha. Is it possible for you to direct me to the correct person or office in order to obtain/purchase permission to use the brand.


  3. Hello Yamaha, we bought a brand new pontoon last summer 2014 from Shadracks, oh yes, they were quick to take our money, but customer service, and maintenance SUCKS, we took our boat in 2 weeks ago for a 1 hr oil change and they still have it and haven't touched it yet. They have a mechanic that isn't there own employee, he just rents there area and he could care less if he works on any of there customers boats, this is not right, plus they told us when we bought the boat that they were the only YAMAHA dealer in the area to work on our boat, well I just looked up and there is 10-12 places you have listed to do our maintenance work, we are going tomorrow to pick up our boat and take it 2 miles down the road from Shadracks to get our service done, and we will get it back the next day.

  4. I bought a gas golf cart. The pipe from the exhaust is located directly under the seats. The fumes from the exhaust enter the cab. I will not be able to put my sides down in inclement weather due to the fumes. I can still smell the gas fumes with the sides up. How do I extend the exhaust pipe so the fumes blow outside the cart. The dealer told me Yamaha is selling these carts as fast a they can produce them, and are probably not willing to change the design, or have a recall. Please advise.

  5. hello Yamaha I'm a proud owner of a 2015 Yamaha raider I love the way it rides the handle and the power I have one problem I need to pull the handle bars back to me my arms are short. I've been looking for some pull back riser I was hoping you can help with this matter. I would like to stay with Yamaha parts if not that's ok I just need them pull back for me to be comfortable so I can enjoy my bike to it fullest thank you. Tyrone Nelson.([email protected]

  6. In April 2015, I responded to a internet ad from a Wisconsin Yamaha dealer. Ad was for new 2012 Royal Star motorcycles, I called made arrangements and purchased one. I hauled the bike back to Central Illinois, when I unloaded the bike it would not stay running,unless the choke was pulled out. Made appointment with local dealer to check the bike. They made some adjustments so the bike would stay running. Advised me to put a fuel system cleaner in the fuel to see if it would help. Otherwise the carbs would need to be removed and cleaned. 2015 riding season I did this, fuel mileage is not good and it seemed sluggish. During winter storage I used Stabil in the fuel along with the fuel system cleaner and started the bike on regular basis. My mother's health became serious and I did not do a lot of riding in 2016. I was able to take the bike on a long ride and still the same conditions existed, low fuel mileage and sluggish. I took the bike back to local dealer and dealer indicated carbs needed to be rebuilt (quoted $1000.00). Dealer did a Warranty Service request and it was denied. Bike was suppose to have 2 years of warranty (expire April 2017). Per Yamaha it was saying it was because I did not follow proper maintenance. I have had 5 motorcycles, 3 of them were Yamaha and used same storage practices and never had any problems. My perspective is that this bike had residual fuel left in it from factory. Bike was in storage for over 3 years in the inventory of a Yamaha dealer. Which this created the current condition, that Yamaha wants me to now pay for. I agree improper maintenance can cause these conditions, but it did not happen while the bike was in my care.
    April 2017, the Warranty expires, this bike has 2600 miles on it. I have made repeated Service requests to Customer Service and contacts thru the dealer each time it comes back that Yamaha will not cover. My only request is: Please make this right, it is my opinion Yamaha should cover this.
    [email protected]

    I purchased a New Yamaha TW200 Duel Sport on March 31, 2017, paid if full at Performance Powersports in Seneca SC. After waiting around about 6wks later, I called the dealership to check on my tag and title that I had not received yet. I was told that the paperwork had been submitted incorrectly and it was resubmitted and I should be receiving it any day, right. Another month goes by, still no paper work, so I call again. I ask to speak to my sales person but of course he wasn't available, they transferred me to accounts dept. ,I told them my story and that my temp tag had expired so they sent me another one , which now does not match my paper work, no good. I called a few weeks later and ask to speak to the salesman but he wasn't available, right, the Sales Manager that answered the phone ask if he could help. I pleaded my case, by this time I had been angered from getting the run around, because I had spoken to the Salesman a couple of weeks earlier and he told me he would check on it and get back with me , just as the Accounts Dept. had told me the same thing but never called. at this point I asked the Sales Manager for a full refund, and he laughed and said "Well I can tell you right now that's not going to happen", so I hung up the phone. The next day I did some research and found out: I purchased my bike on March 31 2017 and the dealership sold it again to a customer in May!!! today is August 4, 2017, I called still no tag or title, and was told again its on its way, really beating that horse to death. I am now submitting a customer complaint to Yamaha Corporation as well as SC DMV. I respectfully request that Performance Powersports of Seneca SC come pick up the bike and return my money ASAP, the allotted time for tag and tile is 45 days not 120... I do not want to have anything else to do with their dealership.

  8. i have a 2006 KODIAC 400 looking for sub frame no one has one can u help??/

  9. Hello from South Florida. I have a 2008 Yamaha Wave Runner that has developed an overheating condition. I took it in for repair to a retailer called Broward Motor Sports in Tequesta. That was in March, 2017. They called a couple of weeks ago to say it was repaired. $1,500 later and five months in the shop. It was heating up on acceleration and now it is heating at idle. I called and they said bring it back. There are four of these Broward Motor Sports dealers in South Florida. I have never had such a weird experience dealing with a private company. I figure Yamaha might like to know about a company that sells their product but can't seem to fix them.

  10. I have always been a big fan of Yamaha, like many other folks. I have owned many Yamahas through out my 60 years, I have a 2003 roadstar Silverado beautiful bike, it has only 14,000 miles on it. I collect old motorcycles 3 of which are Yamaha, 5th gear went out on bike wife and myself almost got killed while making a high speed pass. it seems that like many other complaints Yamaha dose not give a hoot about customers. While I realize this bike is 15 years old, the transmissions have a very bad flaw, and this is trackable with hundreds of cries by people who have been worked over and abandoned by Yamaha. I KNOW THAT THIS IS THE DEATH OF MY BIKE DUE TO REPAIR COST. But it will be my last Yamaha I know that they don't care

  11. I had (gave it to my son in law) a 2008 Yamaha V110 Deluxe Waverunner. 90 hours on the clock. Developed an overheating problem due to water jackets being blocked. I was delighted when told by the Yamaha dealer.....we can get to it tomorrow. Well, six months went by. When I called for an update it was always next week. Having stopped by the store I got to see the engine disassembled. The water passages are very narrow. I realize that is probably intentional to have an engine block that fits inside the hull with room to spare. But, I would like to suggest widening the passages. Maybe they have. After use I was meticulous about flushing the system.

  12. good day sir/mam,it is my blessing day in time of my comment, about not getting a right place or person to help us in south Africa.

    To the point we are an on-going Namprwo Technical Training School of Fica Music Art of Business Affairs Based in Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.
    Coming up with our own Afterstudy Business, named The Fica "5"Way Champions, and its Champions Qualifying Live Recording Online Project based in South Africa for the World's current 100s of 100os Schools of Music of America, Europe, Canada,UK, Australia and Africa.

    We are bringing our very old federation of international cooperative afro-entertainologist, shortly the Fica.

    My comment here in South Africa we don't have music corporations like Yamaha, sony, roland etc.

    Please Sir/Mam tell me how can you help us to bring it all to its poor music loving children and youth of South Africa especially now, I thank you and forward to hear from you soon.

    PheD Mr Sinelile Tshawe
    Contact Dedails as follw
    Stand 3912 Extention 25 Kinross, Mpumalanga Province South Africa.
    Email; [email protected]

  13. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing the information with us. There are several store are available at the different store. Yamaha Parts Australia where you can get the spare parts of the motorcycles at a reasonable price.

  14. ya my name is albert landry jr.….I bought a 2018 Yamaha kodaic 700 specil edition....from a dealer here in maine….when I bought this machine the seller laufed an said it wouldent start 4 him...nn said I hope you have a garage to park it in.....,.well turns out he sold me a bike with a battery with some dead cells....nn now have to charge the battery every morning...to start it.....on cold days....just was wondering if you have recalls on this machine......for the amount I payed 4 it....the battery shouldn't have had a dead cell....just wondering ….sincerely albert landry jr.….148 pitts center road …..Richmond me...04357....

  15. So far we have been taken for a ride with Yamaha and not a good one. One issue after another with their product and failure to resolve it. We have everything well documented. I really do not want to get attorneys involved but if Yamaha refuses to make this right I guess we have no other option.

  16. Dear Yamaha I am a senior citizen 70 plus years. In January of 2021 we Placed an order for two Yamaha Wave runners. on May 26 2021 we are told that one of our wave runners will not be delivered as agreed. Our intention for this equipment was to introduce less fortunate senior citizens in our beautiful mountain town to a pleasant riding experience each week. Our senior citizen center as well as many of their families are going to be upset just as I am. We have been planning all year for this. As you know advanced age does not afford many summers to enjoy, Please find our equipment and make it available to our dealer. Snake River Yamaha Meridian Idaho, Thanks
    Tony Yeamans 208-880-1731 McCall, Idaho


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