United Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

United Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
United Continental Holdings Inc.
77 W. Wacker Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60601 USA

United Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-312-9978000
Fax Number: 1-847-700-2214
Customer Service Number: 1-800-864-8331
TDD: 1-800-323-0170
Milage Plus: 1-800-421-4655
United Vacations: 1-888-854-3899
United Club: 1-866-822-5827
Lost Baggage: 1-800-335-2247 or 1-281-821-3526
Pet Transportation: 1-800-864-8331
United Cargo: 1-800-825-3788

United is famous for their air travel services, they recently purchased Continental Airlines and formed a new company. The new company United Continental Holdings is one of the premier airlines in the world. United Airlines is moving their corporate offices to the Willis Tower in Chicago. The new address is listed below.

United's toll-free customer service number is 1-800-864-8331 for air travelers. For United Vacations the number is 1-888-854-3899. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

United Corporate Office 2013
The Willis Tower
233 South Wacker Drive,
Chicago, Illinois 60606 USA

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  2. I have booked another hotel with booking ID. Please add these requests.
    flight 7615 at 5:55pm on United 2012
    I want a room with a balcony & door that opens, and a quiet room. High floor, non smoking room. Late arrival and late check out.
    Airport transfer.

  3. Untied airlines is a joke!!!!! They do not care about their customers and we will never fly this airline again and if u want your plan to arrive to pick you up don't count on united to do that. They said my husband and kids where on their flight but yet the plain never showed up to get them. United Airlines is the worst airline ever and u can never get a number to customer service just some call center that still can help you with nothing.

  4. Stay away from this airline. They are a joke. Go somewhere else. They need to be put out of business people.

  5. Dear United Airlines:
    My wife has just been diagnosed with breast and metastisized bone cancer. We had to cancel a cruise and the resultant plane flights. United has refused our request for a compassionate refund. At the same time all other companies involved have refunded their charges in full, without charge. the other airline also had a non-refundable ticket and refunded in full.
    We are retired and on fixed income.
    When trying to deal with this we have been getting a world-class runaround, mostly with phone numbers that no one answers or very long waits to talk with the robotic people at customer service. A very sorry situation

  6. Terrible Customer Service, phone answered in the Philippines...did not understand English.I was on a flight today and another passenger was allowed to get on the plane with a small Dog. About midflight the passenger decides to take the dog out and play with it. About midway the Dog decides to "shit on the plane in the seat behind me which smelled horrible at 38,000feet. I did not pay almost $400.00 to experience this type of flight. Very sad situation Cole 601-316-7779.

  7. Customer Service Number: 1-800-864-8331 Do not Call....not in America its a Joke. United is exporting American Jobs!!!!!!!

  8. Called United about their flight change for my tickets for a refund in price difference. 2 weeks, more than 5 hrs on phone, "customer service" not able to issue refund. Must fly or will lose ticket price but his will be the last trip I make on United.

  9. September 9, 2017

    Mr. Oscar Munoz
    Chief Executive Officer
    United Airlines, Inc.
    233 S. Wacker Drive
    Chicago, Illinois 60606

    RE: Disagreement with Response from Ruth Fuller, Corporate Customer Service

    Dear Mr. Munoz,

    I respectfully disagree with the September 1, 2017 response I received from Ms. Ruth Fuller regarding my frustration with trying to gain award travel to Singapore. Her response, to me, appeared to be a standard response to anyone that had this kind of complaint.

    We were flexible with our travel schedule leaving on January 27, 28, 29 or 30. We were notified by the United agent that absolutely no business class seats were yet sold and that the cabin was wide open. She indicated that she could book me an awards travel ticket one-way for 175,000 miles. Then she went on to tell me that I could not get a super savers fare for another couple of months POSSIBLY (for 70,000 miles) if and only if, no one with more seniority requested an award travel on that same flight. How do I plan for a trip with this kind of service? This is completely contrary to the response I received from your office via Ruth Fuller. Do you consider an award travel of 175,000 miles an acceptable alternative? On our return, which was on February 10th, again NO seats had been booked and there were no award seats available per the agent. NO SEATS AVAILABLE? Although again, no seats were booked in the business class, we were unable to confirm ANY seats coming home and were told the first seats in business class would not be available until February 15th.and another cost of 175,000 miles. With both my wife and I flying, this would be a total to 700,000 miles for a round-trip ticket for two.

    I am not sure what response I expected, but to tell me seats were not available when I knew all the seats in business were available, is not consistent with what your agent told me. Being the CEO of United Airlines, I thought you would want to be aware of this inconsistency and address the issue. Additionally, today, September 9, 2017, there are 42 opens seats to SIN on January 28th and 44 on February 10th for the return.


    David P. Tyree (DLG70064)
    United Airlines Million Miler
    1080 Mesa Road
    Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904
    (719) 492-3990

  10. Your attack on the NRA is reprehensible. No NRA member has been involved in any mass shootings and as a matter of fact an NRA instructor shot the Texas church shooter before he could kill more innocent churchgoers. I'm a retired veterinarian and my wife, a retired physician plan to travel much in the next few years. As NRA members we will avoid your airline.

    Thank Yo
    Mitch Tedeschi DVM

  11. United Airlines caves to the Left and no longer supports NRA. As a UAMM member, I will no longer fly or support this airline or Delta. Your loss

  12. Stop killing the animals. If you cannot do any better, then let the passengers know before they book. And, don't understand why the flight attendant could not understand the passenger, she was very easy to understand on CBS. Perhaps you should upgrade your employee requirements. I hope they file criminal charges against the airline and the flight attendant, who was obviously ignorant.

  13. So disappointed, planned a trip to Disney, purchased 8 tickets, my nephew was called out to the Navy, won't let me bring someone in his place. I offered to pay price difference, etc, won't let me. No response from customer service. So now on Thursday, I will have a seat next to me that they are going to sell, even though I paid for it. Now I have to purchase a $1500 ticket for the person taking my nephew's spot.

  14. Shame on #UnitedAirlines and #UnitedAirlinesCostomerService!! Taking part in a 25 billion dollar bailout of U.S. tax dollars while informing passengers they are currently no longer willing to compensate those whose flights were cancelled under EU Regulation 261/2004.
    A 26 hour delay, notification of approval after claim filed and even asked for bank info.-and NOW they want to weasel out of payment.
    (United case ID 18704877).

  15. Hi, can you please inbox me your corporate email and address to submit a proposal for GSA service in Africa.

    Thank you

  16. Going woke will make you go broke....the worse thing any corporation can do is infer that color or ethnicity is more important then competence. It puts a question mark over the actual achievement or skill.

  17. We were over billed thousands of dollars and have been trying to resolve for four days but just keep getting . We wanted to change our flight to another day (too late - lost flight). We are tired of United lack of customer service. They have outsourced their customer service to a company without any option to supervisors, managers or anyone who is responsible or has any authority to resolve anything. SUB-ZERO customer service! Only option is to have bank deal with their billing issues which could cost us another flight because United no longer resolves their own issues.

  18. SEE YOU IN COURT. Make sure you come prepared. We will be. And we're coming at you like a tsunami. They create a lot of damage. Just sayin! Have a nice day!

  19. Carole Ruff DLJZMKMay 3, 2022 at 1:42 PM

    Dear Executive Team of United Airlines:
    After a cascade of problems that would not even be credible in a comedy, I believe that Congress should issue a travel advisory about booking transportation with your company – an airline that, until recently, I have been able to rely on over decades of business and personal travel.
    I reached this conclusion after many hours spent over several days that it took to reschedule my original flight from Indianapolis to Hawaii, (cancelled because of COVID-19 the day before scheduled departure), to the new destination of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. For three solid days I was on the phone with United agents – and being put on hold 20 to 30 minutes each time – to determine why United had voided my confirmation DLJZMZ. The issue was finally resolved on the third day. A copy of my confirmation is attached.
    Once that was resolved, I prepared for my trip. As an elderly woman traveling home alone who has had a lifetime of good experience with United Airlines, I had every reason to believe my flights would be uneventful. What follows is a summary of what happened instead:
    • After landing in Chicago from South Bend on the first leg of my trip, I attempted to use the printout of my confirmation (DLJZMK) to obtain a boarding pass, as I had done in South Bend. But I was denied entry to the plane when United agents said my ticket to Puerto Vallarta did not exist. While I was discussing the impossibility of this, the flight left without me.
    • Several customer service agents worked for over an hour on the issue and still could not explain what happened to that portion of my roundtrip flight.
    • An agent finally put me on a flight to Puerto Vallarta via Houston, which delayed my arrival by 4-5 hours, resulting in me missing the shuttle to the hotel.
    • Preparing for my return to Indiana, I made sure that I arrived early at the airport, as I wanted to have time to address any problems that may arise with my return flight. TO MY DELIGHT, MY SEAT WAS UPGRADED AND MY ENTIRE LUGGAGE WAS TAKEN AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Thank you, United Airlines.
    • My flight to Chicago arrived at 5:54 p.m. and was smooth and uneventful.
    • I spoke with my grandson to confirm that he would pick me up in South Bend at 9:56 eastern time. I asked about the weather, and he said it was fine.
    • At 7:48 pm, I received a notice from United that my 8 p.m. flight to South Bend had been cancelled due to a weather ADVISORY.
    • The next hours were spent trying to figure out how I was going to get home, as the agent told me United no longer arranges for accommodations for stranded passengers.
    • The agent finally arranged for a ticket on the Amtrak train, which would get me home around midnight. My instructions from the agent were to take the Blue Line CTA into downtown Chicago, go to the Amtrak station and make the connection there.
    • The cold downpour and my unfamiliarity with the area made it difficult for me to navigate.
    • Upon arriving at the Amtrak station, I discovered that not only had the train already left, but the ticket the United Airlines agent had issued for me was erroneously for the NEXT evening, February 17, at 9:30 pm.
    • I walked around in downtown Chicago in heavy rain to find a hotel, which ended up costing me $187.
    • Thursday, February 17, I was finally able to secure a train ticket home. It left the South Shore Station at 7 p.m., arriving in South Bend three hours later.
    In summary, multiple mistakes by United Air Lines personnel and systems cost me not just $250 in additional charges (hotel + food), but stress to a level I have never previously experienced during travel.
    As a faithful and satisfied customer for many years, I ask you to restore my confidence and trust in United Airlines with reimbursement for the additional and unnecessary costs I incurred, as well as remuneration that conveys a respect for the problems I endured throughout this trip because of United Airlines.

  20. With the current extremely contagious Covid variant, united should bring back the mask mandate. You are going to have many people on your planes with Covid.


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