Republican Headquarters

Republican Headquarters
The Republican National Committee (RNC)
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003 USA
Phone Number: 202-863-8600


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  1. Please do not support Jeb Bush. We need competent folks to win the White House in 2016. Last night on Fox News, someone mentioned Americans are looking for fresh, new candidates. What about Lee and Chavetz from Utah? Certainly there are other new faces that are easy to promote. Please help us succeed in "16". Provide us with some new faces. Don't let Hilary walk into the White House.

  2. The Republicans were swept into power in both Houses this year because the American people want Obama and the Democrats stopped from inflicting further damage on the Country, and for the obstruction of Obama's onerous policies. We want Obama-Care repealed, pulled out by the roots, and want every means at our disposal for stopping his criminal, unconstitutional conduct 'on the table', including cutting off funding and impeachment. I for one will be watching what the leadership does. Do not merely hold your breath and bloviate as in the past. I want to see some hard ball. If I see some spine from you Party leaders I will start writing checks to the RNC again.

    1. The R's were "swept" into both Houses of Congress last year because the lowest percentage of the population actually voted in over 70 years. Yes, that's 70 years. Government is not working FOR THE PEOPLE, and hasn't since the Republicans decided to OPPOSE EVERYTHING. "Country 1st" ? ? ? Oh, sure, as long as it doesn't mean you have to turn down the FEAR FACTOR. Pitiful!!!!

    2. As a longtime Republican I am very disappointed with the party. We elected them to stop Obama's destruction of American and his blatant violations of our constitution and our controlling party does absolutely nothing. I don't appreciate the party trying to dictate to the people who should be our choice for president on the Republican ticket. We have a house full of corrupt good old boys club and the country is fed up with this spineless group.
      I am Voting for Trump and he will be our next President, even as the party denounces him. He has the balls to get things done and he will for the betterment of the USA.
      Hillaary should be indicted and not even eligible to be our president, however with the help of the Republican she may well be and then you can kiss this country as we know it goodbye.
      ON a further note I will be leaving the party and register as an Independent.

    3. I think the Republican has lost their way and has become a bunch of cowards

    4. It's sad to say I lost all respect for the party it's so split...and they have become a bunch of cowards afraid of the Prez really! of tweets....and you thought Obama was evil...well I say be careful what you wish for...This circus belong to the Republicans..

    5. I was a strong Democrat since I was able to vote, 50+ years. I turned when I heard President Trumps' speech He made when joined the race in 2016. He spoke of what the people want. Not what the scum in Washington wants. Big mistake not standing together to challenge the electoral vote. I am starting to think I made a mistake thinking you people want the same as the voters want. You are not showing it. Also Mitch McConnell was almost crying that he needed more money to be able beat his challenger. Trump supported his reelection so I contributed. I am not in his district or state but I contributed. I am now wanting my contribution back. What a FAKE he is. If the Republicans can't stick together they should leave the party.
      VERY DISAPPOINTED in the 10 that voted to impeach. Until the party starts to support their voters and fellow republicans I will not donate one cent.


  3. When are the Republicans going to do their job? All this posturing, belittling and negativity is sad, sad, sad. Where's Regan and Tip O'Neil when we need them ... or their kind? Merry Christmas.

    1. Get rid of McConnell all he wants the Republicans in the senate to do is become the minority party and BITCH about what the Democrats do. He is a big part of the establishment and doesn't want Trump to be successful

    2. I am extremely disappointed in the Republican party, their lack of
      concern or care for most Americans is appalling. It is highly unlikely that I will ever vote the Republican ticket - - I did not vote for the, in my opinion, racist homophobe now in office. My father was a rabid Republican and small town newspaper publisher and, I'm sure, is now
      rolling over in his grave! And the Republicans in Congress - -I don't have enuff tranquilizers to address most of those overpaid, well fed, stuffed suits!

    3. All this talk about if you are Republican or Democrat is not what the fighting is about. I am for what is right and there are a lot of people in this country who needs to live in a 3rd world country for just 6 months. They would not be acting like they do. Our children do not even know the history of this country and there are a lot of parents who are responsible for the children who are in College now and not knowing anything when they finish. There are dishonest people in both parties I have been getting emails about not giving to the Republican Party. I guess that in this country if you do what you can they put it in there pocket and take your name of the list of being a good American. I am beginning to feel that I am a disable Veteran that should have not come back I have given my all for my country and I have to live in a place that I do because someone in Washington feels I do not deserve to have a home or good health care. I Love my country but it does not love people who have give everything to keep it free. You who have read the Bible knows that this country will be Destroyed from with in by its people who live here not from another country. The News Media is being used to stir up trouble and the people who let others think for them is saying things that they do not know anything about. Wake Up America and ask GOD IN Heaven to help heal out land. Mr Trump you are so busy trying to build a name for yourself you have forgot about those of us who have in the past supported you (the little people} that the country is going down and you are not seeing it. I pray for the President every day but I wonder how many times has he called on God to help the country.

    4. To whom it may concern;
      As I’m sure you know I have faithfully supported the Republican Party in donating money every time I was asked. I also gave to same party members in other states to help them.
      Words cannot express how disappointed I am having lost all faith in this party! I have witnessed the overthrow of our republic and constitution while our so called justice system and elected officials turn their backs on America and did nothing!
      I believe without a doubt that both parties’ Democrat and Republican are in name only. Both have for the love of money sold America out surrendering it to Globalist who all hates the American people and our constitution!
      I have decided that I will no longer give any support or even vote for Republicans again unless they fix their party by excluding unfaithful members. I’m now looking for a new party to support in the future one that offers a put America first agenda! I’m watching and listening and till is see changes I will be doing all I can to persuade all my friends church members to use every means possible to support and vote libertarian.
      Fact; Globalists are a big Anti-American bird. It has a left wing which is the democrat party! And it has a right wing which is the Republican Party! But it’s the same bird that craps on all of us!
      Below is a list of traitors that must be excluded! Stop giving our money to support them it’s offence to all of us!
      Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming
      Rep. Peter Meijer of Michigan
      Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio
      Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina
      Rep. David Valadao of California
      Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington
      Rep. John Katko of New York
      Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington
      Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
      Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan
      Rep. Denver Riggleman of Virginia
      Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida
      Sen.. Susan Collins of Maine
      Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
      Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska
      Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah
      Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
      Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
      Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska
      Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina
      Sen. John Thune of South Dakota
      Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri
      Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa
      Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio
      Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
      Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota

      Sincerely ;

  4. YOU JUST FAILED US! - The budget omnibus bill just announced by the Speaker of the House is very disappointing. We voted and gave you a landslide victory in Nov to STOP Obama and the Democrats not COMPROMISE with them! We wanted you to pass a short term budget (Not past Feb) so the new Congress could restructure the budget when the convene in Jan. By passing the bill to fund through next Sept, you have given away the farm - You have failed the voters who gave you the landslide victory!

  5. i've voted republican all my life but no more,nor will i ever!! vote for any demon!crat--ever. The repubic party is putricfying!! Count me out Bainer and the pubic anti americans parties

  6. The Republican Party will again in the future ask foe donations to elect more for congress. The best response should be just hang up. The party does not stand for much anymore. The Democrats and Republicans should just merge because the difference is very small. In reality we have only one party.

  7. Once again, the Republican Party is setting us up to lose another presidential election. First of all:
    1. Ted Cruz – Born in Canada, mother born USA, father born Cuba. He is not qualified to run as he is not a Natural Born Citizen.
    2. Marc Rubio – Born USA, mother born Cuba, father born Cuba. He is also not qualified to run for president as he is also not a Natural Born Citizen.
    3. Jeb Bush – Born USA, mother born USA, father born USA. BUT, not one black person will ever vote for another Bush. The media is elated over this choice as they know he doesn’t have a chance to win. You guys are idiots.
    4. Chris Christie is probably the only guy who could possibly win, that is why the socialist media tears him apart every chance they get.

    Do you Republicans really want to win the presidential election?

  8. I will never vote for or support you SOB's again. You're the democratic / socialists second string. Want to know the GOP agenda? ASK OBAMA. YOU PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Myrna Dell SamselJanuary 9, 2015 at 5:42 PM

    I stopped funding the Republicans when I realized that the party no longer stood for the people. They look and act just like the Democrats, maybe worse. All they want is control and power. For two years now they have shown that they will take no stand on protecting the constitution. They have proven that responsible for the constitutional oath they took. Until Boehner is out of leadership count me out for any support.

  10. Melvin Yates - Retired Army - I am a Romney fan, other than that I would like to see the Republican party quit playing patty cakes, get organized, pick nor more than 4 people to represent your party, back them and get to work before you play around and loose to another Democrat in 2016.

  11. Muslim Immigration on the RISE...

    Barry's devotion to Islam and strategy is paying dividends.

    The United States could be traveling down the same path as France regarding Muslim immigration — a path that ultimately led to the Islamic terror attack at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris.

    For several decades France has invited Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa to enter the country, in part to bolster the labor force following World War II. Other European countries have seen large-scale Muslim immigration as well.

    "The United States seems increasingly to be turning toward Western Europe's most undesirable demographic trends," writes Ian Tuttle, a William F. Buckley Fellow in political journalism at the National Review Institute.

    In 1992, 41 percent of new permanent residents in the United States came from the Middle East and North Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, or sub-Saharan Africa. In 2002, the percentage was up to 53 percent.

    Over that period, the number of Muslim immigrants coming to America each year doubled from 50,000 to about 100,000.

    The number of Muslims in the United States is uncertain because religious affiliation is not tracked by the Census Bureau, but the Council on American-Islamic Relations claims there are about 7 million Muslims in the country.

    "Whatever the exact level, it can hardly be considered surprising that as the Muslim population in the country has expanded, so has the incidence of radicalism," Tuttle states, citing several examples.

    Accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother Tamerlan entered the country as refugees in 2002 and Tamerlan was radicalized at a mosque in Cambridge, Mass.

    That mosque was also attended by Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, who was raised in Yemen and in 2004 was sentenced to 23 years in jail in part due to his role in a plot to assassinate the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

    Also attending was Aafia Siddiqui, sentenced to 86 years in prison in 2010 for attempting to kill a U.S. Army officer in Afghanistan.

    In 2003, six naturalized citizens in Lackawanna, N.Y., were convicted of providing material support to al-Qaida.

    In March 2014, Mohammad Hassan Hamdan of Dearborn, a Michigan city where 40 percent of the population is of Arab descent, was arrested in Detroit on his way to join Hezbollah in Syria.

    Last October, Mohammed Hamzah Khan of Bolingbrook, Ill., son of Muslim immigrants from India, and two siblings were arrested in Chicago on their way to enlist in the Islamic State.

    Nidal Malik Hasan, whose parents came to the U.S. from the West Bank, fatally shot 13 people at Ford Hood in Texas in November 2009.

    It should also be noted, of course, that the 9/11 hijackers were allowed to enter the country with visas.

    "Whatever the percentage of Muslims who support or would ever consider supporting jihadism, the raw number obviously increases along with the total number of Muslims," Tuttle points out. "One percent of 10 million is much larger than 1 percent of 1 million."

    The most obvious remedy for the increased threat of Islamic militancy in the United States would be to reduce the numbers of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, he suggests — noting, however, that the move would meet with "fierce opposition from some quarters."

    Or, the United States could shift immigration priorities toward English-speaking nations and liberal democracies.

    "The potential problems associated with massive Muslim immigration, and potential solutions, must be addressed now," he concludes.

    "The attack on Charlie Hebdo was not inevitable, but years of permissive immigration policy made it more and more likely. If we want to reduce the probability of a similar attack inside America's borders, we should recognize France's mistake, and reform immigration policies that simply do not add up."

  12. it is time for everyone who was elected to do there jobs!! they should be PAYED LIKE OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN THE MILATARY!!! if that much!!!! no pay increases that are automatic!! NO TRADE DEAL UNLESS IT IS ABOVE BOARD THAT MEANS GOOD FOR THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE JOBS NOT LIKE NAFTA!!! Now how about a simple 10% tax with NO deductions!!! Oh I know that the lobiest will not like it nor the men and women in congress and senate but it would be fair!!

  13. Sirs, The back stabbing and snipping has already started. The party does not need to tear down each other. We will have enough trouble winning and we don't need to have to spend time patching up what we have done to ourselves.
    Please let me suggest, any candidate or friend of a candidate that personally attacks another candidate will not be allowed to participate in the next debate.
    Talk about the issues not the character of the candidate.

  14. Trump has not been a conservative I am afraid in the future he will run as a third party since the polls keep showing him leading. If so, the democrats win for sure.

  15. Most Republicans are excited by the straight talk of Donald Trump. He is reaching Independents and Democrats as well. Boehner and McConnell use the same old political playbook and never capitalized on our 2012 victory. Treat Trump fairly.
    Fiorina and Carson are also great. I do not favor Jeb Bush nor Rand Paul.

  16. Continue to fight amongst yourselves, you bunch of hateful selfish dopes. Voting for Sanders, no Republican will get my vote again. Age 58, White male

  17. The Republican establishment got us into this mess.
    Stop the bickering and support Trump he can beat Clinton.
    People of the US do not want anymore RINO Republicans in office.

  18. First off I am a Ted Cruz man but if you people don t listen to us when we place our votes I will leave to party. If Trump wins most of the electoral votes then he should be our guy. I am tired of the republican party acting like Dems. What I have been hearing about the people in charge makes me sick. THE PARTY NEEDS NEW LEADERSHIP SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT THE LITTLE PEOPLE YOU REMEMBER THEM DONT YOU? Let me give you a hint----------------------WE THE PEOPLE

  19. The leader of the Republican Party is an idiot. He led the poor candidates into a liberal trap during the debates on the worst liberal TV networks in the United States. Now he is letting the candidates eat each other alive like a flesh eating disease. Hillary will walk right into the white house. Look at the Mitt Romney campaign. The idiot leader of the Republican Party that election year, made Romney believe he will win. Republicans controlled the Senate. What did we get in return for that win? Absolutely nothing. Just chaos and gridlock. They will never learn by their own mistakes.

  20. I have been a republican voter for 40 years. I really thought "WE THE PEOPLE" got to vote for president not YOU THE RNC~!!!! If the RNC keeps trashing Trump ~~ who can win and beat Hillary ~~ I will no longer support the Republican Party. "WE THE PEOPLE", of every walk in life, will elect Trump if we are given a chance to do so by the RNC.

  21. If the RNC does not nominate Donald Trump as the Republican Candidate--I am sure the RNC and the Republican Party will go into History with the American people starting their own Party consisting of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents--and run Trump against any Republican or Democrat hand-picked candidate in 2020. Trump is the only candidate that has a chance to beat Hillary Clinton and because of the Voter Fraud that goes on--maybe even he cannot do it--but --at least --he deserves a chance--by being on the ballot in the General Election--I am registered as Republican but in our state we don`t have to vote any kind of way--they ask us which ballot do we want and in some of our elections--all candidates are on our ballots and we can vote Democrat, for some--Republican for some and Independent for others--I am telling everyone I know--to write Trump in if he is not on the ballot in the General Election



  23. Fellow Republicans. Due to the past lies and poorly shaped foreign policies of both Bush administrations the republican party has been severely damaged. They represent no candidate with the leadership qualities needed to govern. The American voter realizes this and wants to elect a Republican outsider with fresh ideas on matters that count.
    A leader that realizes that while government protects the rights of religion
    government can not get involved in religion. Those are matters best served at the private level. Those issues need not be addressed by this party.
    Elected officials can barely deal with problems like the debt or Social Security never mind abortion an issue to be resolved by the individual,not tie up the energy of our party. Its time for a no nonsense administration.
    Stop wasting the voters time and unit behind Donald J Trump. A no nonsense candidate that knows how to assemble a winning team. A team needed to save this country. We love our United States of America so lets save it in 2016.

  24. ppl want truth not speaches you can NOT please every one just to get the vote you need to respecte you real backers and stop trying to pander to the want-a-be need real awnsers need to define the borders (wall each potrals miltary ect...) it not a god problem if you can not garanty safety you can not let others in are fore fathers want are safty first and to help others with simler vales and wants in STOP fighting the wronge fight or you may loss more voters the you would gain WAKE UP GOP
    you might not like the message some of your canidets have but do not degrade them i am getting to the point of not even votine or voteing for trump if he run indapendt

  25. I am with the rest of the fed up Americans that want the fatal rhetoric and head hunting within the party to stop and lets put a stop to it immediately. Make them talk about policy an d how they can help our country become the country that we all love again and if they continue to throw out degrading remarks then demand that they stop their campaigns immediately so that the people can make an informative vote for the candidate that can do the best job as the leader of our nation.

  26. Why have none of the candidates asked or mentioned whether Hillary or Bernie are members of the American Communist Party? They, plus Obama and 70+ Democrat politicians are members. An avowed Communist should NEVER be allowed to run for President in America!

  27. I am 52 years old and have always voted republican, I strongly support TRUMP, he will win against cruz and rubio and should get the nomination, if the republican party doesnt stand with and support him for president I will never vote for another republican, the majority of people are tired of the career politicians that will tell you anything to get elected and then do nothing. I believe cruz and rubio are doing just that, saying anything to get the nomination.

  28. I'm a lifelong Republican. I intend to vote for the Republican nominee. The primary voters should decide on the nominee and the party elders should stay out of the fight. The Republican Party will go down to defeat if it attempts to stop Trump or any other candidate. If you want Hillary elected keep on interfering with the primary process. The party isn't smarter than the people.

  29. March 2 2016
    I am 63 years old and I have never seen our United States in such a terrible mess that it is in
    . I voted for Donald Trump believing he is what we need to get this nation back on track. Leave him alone and let him get it back on track. The Republican Party needs to support the one that is doing the best instead of knick picking Trump to death.

  30. I am the 70 year old man that made the comment about my 90 year old father in law that was a die hard democrat. Thanks to me he has voted republican in the last few presidential elections. We support Trump. I put another comment on here right before the 63 year old person and I was wondering how come it never was printed. I put my whole heart in that statement. Not a happy camper right now.

  31. You MUST want Clinton to win the election ! How stupid can you people be? The "People", We "Americans" WILL decide who we want our nominee to be!!! This IS NOT YOUR DECISION ! If Trump is our choice & you try a "Brokered Convention" everyone of us who is voting Trump will not be voting for Romney of that I can promise. Time for you to get on board with what AMERICANS WANT !!! Stay out of OUR Election !!!

  32. Donald Trump brought you 30,000 Independents who converted to the Repub Party just to Vote for him in 1 day !!! You keep trying to bring him down, clearly you do not give a damn about the American people!! You can count if you try in any more ways to get Trump out of the running, he will run in a 3rd party and his followers will vote in that 3rd party, not the Repub Party ! Now bring him in to your so called Inner Circle and lets Win this Race!! Stop attacking him ! No one is going to vote Romney, Cruz or Rubio for President !!! If you want a winning ticket support Trump & try to get Carson on track to be his running mate! That combination will win Over Clinton! BTW why is NO ONE but Trump going after Clinton? She should be in jail! Are you to afraid of her?? Are you Cowards? Those of us who are Vets or Married to a Vet is for sure a vote for Trump and would gladly like to see one of you cowards stand up to Clinton! Apparently only Trump has the guts to do it. Just remember, where Trump goes We go !

  33. Let the people decide who they want for the nominee. Maybe if the Republicans banded together like this against Obama,we would not be in the bad shape we are in today. Based on the behavior of Cruz and Rubio and their buddies, I am now 1000% for Trump. The Republican Party reminds me school yard bullies. Shame on them!

  34. Stop it you self righteous, greedy civil servants... REALLY, you're going to try and stop Trump? You work for us.. You've been getting away with making backroom deals, giving away taxpayers money to non citizens and countries that want to kill us... We know what you're doing, and why...You're going to take away the American dream from our children and grandchildren.. wipe out the middles class.. no JOBS... not comply with the constitution, help our Vets. our Military, our school systems. I could go on...Go after OBAMA....for what he's done in 7 years to this country.. WE WILL SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT... WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE NOT YOU>>> NOT YOU sleezy people ...You've been exposed for what you are.. TRAITORS.....

  35. It is difficult to believe that things have come this far that one's own party would sabotage the one who looks like they will, indeed, be the Republican Presidential candidate. You have sunk too low...I am unregistered, unaffiliated, used to be Republican but saw this coming a long time ago. How dare you? Where to you get off taking the choice away from the American people? So corrupt! Karma never loses an address.....Go after Obama, go after something right for a change.

  36. I don't understand the republican party at all first the want to win the 2016 Election and Mr. Trump is the front runner. And now the GOP is letting this get away from them by trying to get rid of Mr. Trump. instead of trying to help him. And further more I called my local GOP office and they stated and I quote" are you going to believe the media or us" To wit he stated that all the media is lying about the GOP trying to get rid of Donald Trump and I said all the new agencies are lying and I was told not to believe the media.
    Well guess what everyone the GOP is lying all new agencies can't be lying. I have been a Republican for 38 years and come for a large family of republicans NOT ONE DEMOCRAT IN THE BUNCH. Now with that said the GOP in General in my humble opinion is no better than the democratic party. Since I was out and out lied to by my own political party. I let this be know to my family 0n3-2-16 my family had extended conversations via telephone and My family will no longer be members of the republican party! But we all agree on one thing Donald Trump for the Office of President of the United States of America and we are all leaving the republican party for good and will not return but continue to vote for who we feel are qualified for offices don't listen to the GOP or Mitt Romney's rhetoric who pops up all of a sudden. anyone who tries to derail there own party member is a spoiled looser in my book and yes MR. Donald Trump is WINNER!!!

    1. Absolutely, the GOP is acting like a scared little brat that wants to take its ball and go home if they can't get a GOOD-OL-BOY Professional Political Bum as the front runner, instead of supporting Donald Trump and the favor of the Americans, they instead oppose him which is the same as saying to the voters; "We oppose you!". The GOP will go with frauds like John McCain, Mitt Romney or the likes of Carly Fiorina (who is a stupid impersonator of a Candidate), Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley, Gendal, Jeb Bush and worst of all Ben Carson and put on an act like they want to do what the PEOPLE want and then betray the PEOPLE when they speak at the polls! Wake up GOP of become a thing of the past !!!

  37. I am so upset the way the gop is handling this election. .what the hell are you trying to do? I'm guessing you want killary in the wh since Trump looks like the only man to stop her and you are against him! I'm from NY living in Miami & can tell ya most hispanics want Trump. Rubio is not liked here! Why aren't you lis tending to the American people? We are fed up with the downward spiral this country is in. Obama is not respected in other countries & either are we. I am the daughter and wife of veterans, my Dad died on the day of his long awaited appt with the VA. My son has been in the service for 14 years and we see the dismantling of our armed forces, the push out of career vets & lack of respect for our military by the potus.we had scandal after scandal, VA, IRS,fast & furious, bengazi, lack of respect for law enforcement officers,who are gunned down in our streets everyday. But if Obama had a son...what bs! Tired of blm,black panthers, white privilege, riots,burnings,looting! I can sit here for hours & go on. The point is that WE THE PEOPLE, have the right to nominate who we believe can do the job. Instead of backing us, you are against us? Afraid of losing all those perks & lobbyists? I am now registered as an independent, as most of my hispanic family..the general election I'd coming & we will select the one you hate the most!

  38. I am so upset the way the gop is handling this election. .what the hell are you trying to do? I'm guessing you want killary in the wh since Trump looks like the only man to stop her and you are against him! I'm from NY living in Miami & can tell ya most hispanics want Trump. Rubio is not liked here! Why aren't you lis tending to the American people? We are fed up with the downward spiral this country is in. Obama is not respected in other countries & either are we. I am the daughter and wife of veterans, my Dad died on the day of his long awaited appt with the VA. My son has been in the service for 14 years and we see the dismantling of our armed forces, the push out of career vets & lack of respect for our military by the potus.we had scandal after scandal, VA, IRS,fast & furious, bengazi, lack of respect for law enforcement officers,who are gunned down in our streets everyday. But if Obama had a son...what bs! Tired of blm,black panthers, white privilege, riots,burnings,looting! I can sit here for hours & go on. The point is that WE THE PEOPLE, have the right to nominate who we believe can do the job. Instead of backing us, you are against us? Afraid of losing all those perks & lobbyists? I am now registered as an independent, as most of my hispanic family..the general election I'd coming & we will select the one you hate the most!

  39. I just watched Mitt Romney expound his vitriole. What a crock. The RNC is not helping their are trying to beat Trump down when the people have spoken/ They are tired of Clintons, Cruz is a religious nut and Rubio acts like a second grader. Back the canadate that the people have chosen and start now!

  40. I am going to tell you . . . you are going to hand this election to Hillary. Give it to her. If Trump is the nominee he is the nominee. If you push for a "brokered convention" and deny Trump the nomination, two things happen as sure as anything: (a) Hillary will attack calling our convention a smoke filled room of brokers and (b) Trump immediately runs independently. We have now lost the Presidency. Possibly the congress. I was never a big supporter of DT. But one thing about him, he's not going to Chamberlain us on deals with Iran. BTW the RNC leadership was opposed to TR as well.