PNC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

PNC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
PNC Financial Services
One PNC Plaza 249 Fifth Avenue, Allegheny
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222-2707 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-412-7622000
Customer Service Number: 1-888-762-2265

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  1. The "corporate phone number" sends you to customer service.

  2. PNC - you need to change the name of your Golf sponsored tournament - Father/Son to Father/Children or Father/Siblings --- show some respect to the daughters of these players

  3. I had a 1:30 interview today at the Kankakee, IL branch. Basically, the regional came off like a typical ugly bigot. They would not even meet with me. At 1:30 the regional should have come out, introduced herself and inform me that the interview would be late. She became nervous because I filmed her turning her head, making eye contact and flipping her head back again. That type of egregious behavior happen THREE times. Then she came out. 20 mins. later. She still did not introduce herself, shake my hand or anything.

    She stood several yards away to let me know that she was running late. A bank? How disgustingly sad.

    This was by far the ugliest experience I have ever had. And it came off as racist bigotry. I have all of it on my phone camera and I will most definately be posting it on youtube.

  4. My father listed me on his checking account for emergency purposes only-and when he passed away towards the end of October I notified the bank of his passing immediately-they said when I received the death certificate to bring that in. I received it the week of Christmas and took it to them the week after Christmas-I assumed they would close out his account-I still got letters from PNC bank but being overwhelmed with a barge of mail I did not open every letter that came to him on a timely basis-however not one piece of mail came in my name so imagine my surprise when one did saying that my account was overdrafted!!!! First of all it was NOT my account, and second it should have been closed out when I supplied a death certificate!! PNC bank overdrafted it by taking out my dads house note knowing he had passed away and there were no funds going into account-I had multiple encounters with bank branches stating this. Then at end of January I received a phone call from a debt collector telling me that PNC had turned over MY account to them-I explained it was my dads account and the guy said "I only see your name on this account" OMG I am so mad--I mean seriously I have enough to deal with from the passing of my father not too mention I'm still grieving the loss of my father and I have to deal with this BS from your corporation. I would like an explanation why this happened!!!! I do not feel like I should be responsible for my dads checking account after PNC overdrafted it by taking his mortgage out automatically and I feel they should have cancelled his account soon as I produced the death certificate


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