Pilgrims Pride Corporate Office Headquarters

Pilgrims Pride Corporate Office Headquarters
Pilgrim's Pride Corporation
1770 Promontory Circle
Greeley, Colorado 80634 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-970-506-8000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-727-5366
Customer Relations: 1-800-321-1470

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  1. I recently purchased a package of split chicken breasts. It was labeled on the back side as "Hatched, Raised, Harvested in USA" That's all well and good but I would like to know where it was PROCESSED. Interesting how you left that word out.....

    1. Connie this Company seems to go to great effort to conceal the abuse and the fact their Chickens are half plucked with hair and feather stubble all over the bird no more of these for my family. The Customer service hung up on me twice,..... don't try to complain online they ask for non existent numbers on package then will not let you register complaint without the numbers. DIRTY DIRTY Chickens abuse to animals BEWARE

  2. I bought 2 Chickens double bagged at Sams Club in Indianapolis In, I saw some dirty Chickens in my time but this is FULL of Feather remnants stubs,hair it is FILTHY I had to cut of the tail and other parts of the skin, I have to have dinner for my family or I would return this to Sams. Someone is NOT doing their JOB I also read where Pilgrims is on PETAS list for abusing Chickens, hitting them kicking them,even spray painted a poor little birds face before killing it NO MORE This is unacceptable,I'm not a vegan but I am an Animal lover and do not believe in abusing animals

  3. Three times I had to take packages of chicken legs back to Elba Meat Market in Gretna Va. for broken legs in the package. The last time, the package of five legs had two broken ones. I can not eat broken up chicken. Who are the inspectors for this company?

  4. Why does it take FOREVER for someone to answer the phone at their corporate office? jeepers

  5. Sumter plant need to be under investigation. They treat their employees like trash. Supervisor talk to them and do them any kind of way. Sad to say it but its true

  6. we the moorefield plant cant get a pin numberfromunemployment office to file a clam


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