PagePlus Corporate Office Headquarters

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PagePlus Corporate Office Headquarters
1615 Timberwolf Drive
Holland, Ohio 43528 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-550-2436
Fax Number: 1-419-382-8729
Activations: 1-800-550-2436
Email: [email protected]
Customer Service Number: 1-800-550-2436

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  1. PagePlus offers the worst customer service/technical support ever. I literally dread having to make a call for any assistance because it has always been a waste of time. My most recent experience was unbelievable. I wasted three hours of time talking with four or five people who were supposedly going to resolve a problem with my phone. All I did was take the sim card in and out of my phone and turn the phone on and off. To add insult to injury the last person with whom I spoke asked me was I told by one of the support people to dial *22890, if so I needed to purchase a new sim card because that was the problem. After 3 hours and due to no fault of my own I was out money for a plan plus I needed to purchase another plan and a sim card. Terrible company to deal with, if you ever need any type of assistance.


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