John Deere Corporate Office Headquarters

John Deere Corporate Office Headquarters
Deere & Company
One John Deere Place
Moline, Illinois 61265-8098 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-309-765-8000
Fax Number: 1-309-765-8000

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  1. Junk Deere, I purchased a 790 with loader in 2005 to move snow, dirt, and haul fire wood. I live on 5 acres and never used this for heavy field work. I had my first front axel brake at 100 hours my second axle brake at 203 hours june of 2012 (both were from suing the loader to scoop dirt) and got the tractor back in July and had my third axle brake with 208 hours (bucket not even loaded just going up a incline). This tractor is not even broke in)cost to repair is between $700. and $800. each time. I was told it would be the last tractor I would buy. It will be the last John Deere I will buy.

    1. I bought A John Deere Mower D -110 on8/21/13- Since Then My 2 front tires went Bald. I am still using them, because I can't afford 2 new tires.
      They went bald at 125 Hrs, But I am still using them, at this time the hour meter shows 180 hrs, all my other riding mowers had plenty of good thread
      on them. this is the first time the front tires on my mower went bald.
      I would like to have John Deere Show me that this is consistant with usage like all other tires On Troybilt; & any other mowers. John Deere may be a great Mower, But The parts on this mower are not worthy to be on a good Machine like John Deere.. Why are these parts on a John Deere Mower.
      They really Suck.. Also my Spindles went out at 130 Hours and I Am getting them replaced at 178 Hours Also an Idler, & a Deck Belt. Cost $ 293.67 W/tax--Why are they going out at this early stage.. They should last a lot longer. I would like to have You Brainy people at John Deere explain why this is happening.. Of Course You all will come up with all kinds of excuses
      But none of this will be You admitting using Inferior Materials used in your Machines. RIGHT???!!

  2. I purchased a zero turn mower from the Summit,Missippi location. I took my mower for service, a broken belt, oil change, and starting problem. they replaced the solenoid. What I don't understand is I was late picking it up because of family illness, I spoke with service and explained this.When I did go to pick it up the guy with pony tail in service was sitting on his cell phone. He did not offer to load my mower. I'm a 71 year old female. I said I don't know which one is mine, his comment was your name is on it. The girl in office went to help me , but mower would not start, therefore the guy had to get up and help.They also have signs that say if you leave your key we are not responsible, we do not secure equipment. My mower was sitting outside in rain. I thought they would at least try and protect it from weather until I could pick it up. My understanding from their we do not secure equipment is if it is stolen it is not their responsibility.My bill was $475.00. I was really disappointed and surprised because I thought John Deere was considered the top of the line for mowers, I was treated like I was in their way. Thank you for listening.I will never take my mower there again for service.

  3. To replace a small fuse spent about 2 hours on the phone, with local and corporate office to order a new one After visiting two dealership. Their service could not be worse. Finally may get it tomorrow but will drive another 50 miles to pick up.


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