Disney Store Corporate Office Headquarters

Disney Store Corporate Office Headquarters
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-818-560-1000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-328-0368

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  1. So disapointed with Disney store Ontario mills CA. The manager Party was so rude and I will never take my 2year old lil girl back there again!! So sad because Disney should represent happiness and kindness!!!! All we wanted was to make an Exchange and my family n I were treated awfully! So disappointed!!

  2. The manager Patty is the name not party.

  3. We visited a store in Sevierville , TN . We bought my daughter a Halloween costume which we spent 60 dollars that day the lady that checked us out was so rude ! No kindness at all and she left the security tag on the costume lucky we set the alarm off or I would have drove 45 min and then had to come back . Her name was Leisia not sure if I spelled it right but underneath her name was Mickey Mouse I do remember that ! She didn't even smile ! UHG !


  5. I am about ready to stop giving Disney any of my hard earned money!!! Being one of the largest corporations in the world, they sure do not do a very good job at keeping customers satisfied! I am very disgruntled!!! Every time I try to order something or purchase something, there is some kind of problems, and all you get from Disney is an "I'm Sorry." It is like we were all taught as children, "sorry" eventually loses it's meaning when no actions are taken to fix the problem, it ends up just being another word!

  6. Disney store has THE worst customer service in the world...They would not exchange a dress that they sent broken and was sent back 3 DAYS after we got it and never wore it. They keep saying they talk to the "fairy godmother" and she says we have to purchase it again, even though we did once and they said they'll send a new one as soon as they get the old one.
    You would think Disney is all about kids...SO disappointing!

  7. The Valencia town center store here in Valencia CA is the worst customer service from the entire staff I have ever seen. Yesterday they released the princess dolls and they wouldn't let anyone see their doll before purchase to check it and hurried the line horribly. It was the most unpleasant environment Ive ever been in. The staff is fake and very rude with rolling their eyes at you and talking to one another about you etc..this store has been reported and it will be followed up with. These people should all be taught how to treat people with respect. I would suggest closing this store.

  8. I absolutely LOVE The Disney Store in Round Rock, Tx. I have never had a Bad experience in this store & the cast members r very nice & I will brag on this location 2 any1 who will Listen!

  9. Disney Costumer Service,
    I am writing you in regards to your character Commander Crusher on Doc McStuffins’ holiday show. For the past two years now my son, who is now four, has been asking for this toy and it is not sold anywhere. When I try to explain to him that it is not something that is made, he tells me “it’s ok Mommy Santa will make it at his workshop.” Well that won’t happen as I am not Santa and I can’t make toys. Last year after Christmas was over he was sitting in the back seat of the car with the saddest look upon his face. When I asked him what was the matter he told me “Santa didn’t bring me a commander crusher.” I have now heard for the past year that SANTA is going to bring him one this year. I have also asked him if Santa could bring him a transformer instead if Santa runs out of time trying to make the commander crusher. His response is always “No Santa has magic he can make it.” I am asking you to please make this product so that SANTA can actually bring him his wish (as your show was the one that put this wish in his head). Please understand my frustration and anger when I have to see my kid’s sad face again this year because Santa is not bringing him a commander crusher. Thank you.
    Sincerely frustrated mother,
    Michelle Haines

  10. To Disney Customer Service,

    I am writing in regards to the Disney Store in the Staten Mall, Staten Island NY. Just wondering why it's so difficult to purchase toys/clothes/dresses/etc. of a Princess of Color in this store (ex: Princess Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan). When my daughter asked employees about this, she was told that most of their items are sold on the online store. Even then, when they are selling their merchandise in the store, there's not a large quantity and it's not on display up front.. You have lots of children of color that enjoy a Disney shopping experience, so I feel it would be best to make all Princesses available for their fans.

    Sincerely Yours.

    1. yes I was in your Valencia store about a week ago when I walked in there was no one to help me all there employees were just talking among each other and I ask if they had a tee shirt in my size they said no and they were just so rude about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they never check the back .and then I saw to employee talking about other customers and it was not nice what they were saying and to of them were management couldn't see there names but I did see manager on one of them and I think the other said lead .the people that work there are just so rude and this is not the first time this has happen so I'm hoping something gets done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will no longer shop at your Valencia store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something has to be done with there employees and management team

  11. Hello, my name is Nicholas Castro and on 11/01/2015 I visited and purchased two costume princess dresses and a few other accessories from store #00832 at 10:25am from Adriana B. My sales receipt transaction #00832001053120151101 and the cashier #938161 and all items were purchased via cash. The items were purchased for my nieces 3rd Birthday and I personally asked that if my niece did not want the item, could the items be returned or exchanged as a closer Disney Store because store #00832 is over an hour away. The employees response was yes!

    As I returned home, the tag was removed for packaging and I noticed that the alarm sensor was still attached. I looked at the other dress and the alarm sensor was attached to the other dress as well. So, today 11/02/2015 at 1:45pm, I went to the closes Disney Store to my location which is store #722 at International Plaza in Tampa, Fl to actually return or exchange both costume dress items since they both had the store alarm sensors on them. The store manager Cynthia K. rudely approached me and not wanting to assist. Granted, I was in a suit, I felt like I was racially profiled. Cynthia K. identified herself as the store manager and refused to help me because their particular store did not utilize sensors and that I go back to the original store #00832 and have them take care of it. Then she insisted that I walk around to other stores in the mall to see if they can remove the sensors for me. I did do that and two different stores refused because they could not remove sensor from items that are not theirs. I returned back to the Disney Store #722 and mentioned what the other stores mentioned and if she can call the store manager at store #00832 to see what other issues could be resolved. After Cynthia K. made the call, she had this look of discussed on her face as if I was really inconveniencing her. At this point, i just wanted to swap out the items without the alarm sensors and Cynthia said no. So, then I said, well can I just have the items returned and asked for my cash back since i paid with cash and she said no. She gave me attitude and said I can only give you store credit for only one dress because I removed the tag from the other dress, even though I had the tag in the bag with the dress and the receipt of purchase. So, now I have partial store credit for one dress and another dress with the alarm sensor still attached that I can't do nothing with. The store #722 transaction receipt #00722003190920151102. I am extremely disappointed as I have been a loyal customer for many years and I have never felt so disturbed from any Disney Store employee, including the store manager.

    Disney has been a long time partner with my company and we have even have Disney Executives who are Board of Director members who support my company. I am reaching out to the Guest Services line before I escalate this issue to a Board of Director Member. I already called and left a message on the Guest Relations line. Please advise on how to handle this issue.

    Thank you.

    Nicholas Castro
    [email protected]

  12. I live in Canada and I am an Adult collector of the Star Wars die-cast figures, Monday Dec 7, 2015 I visited the Disney store in Upper Canada Mall, Newmarket Ontario. I found out from store employees that Disney has made a decision to only allow 8-15 figures per certain stores once every Monday for purchase , Disney does not understand that these store are a fair distance from each other and their community's. Took me over 25 minutes of driving to arrive and if I didn't drive at least 1 and a half hours on a bus. When I got their I went into the store and had to put my name in for a raffle in order to try to win the right to purchase. I was not able to purchase one as my name was not called. 6 family members walk in, 3 out of the 6 won the purchase. 4 people put their names in and when one won they left leaving a few more to be raffled. Not very fair!! why can't you the Disney Store send at least 25-30 figures to each of the stores. Don't understand what you are thinking!!. By doing it this way at least a customers like me would have a better chance to buy one. I don't understand your thinking you would make more of a profit when you sell more. I tried to tell Disney Store my concerns they said it is out of there hands as it was the Disney Store Marketing department decision, I called the customer service head office number and got Disney Online, without listening to my concern they brushed me off and were only interested in trying to sell me something online, then they told that they were sold out of Star War figures anyway, I insisted for a proper number customer service, they gave me another phone number, I was told this was the main customer service,I phoned the number and was told that I called Online customer service again .Then this customer service rep said their is no such customer service number available to call, only online . Very frustrating. This is not like Disney!!!or is it?

  13. What happened to the 'magic of Disney' ...
    I recently purchased a pair of Tinkerbell light up wings (batteries included) My daughter was thrilled, until we opened them and found that they didn't work.
    When we contacted the Disneystore customer services, they just told me to change the batteries and get back to them if that didn't work.
    Er, great response, but these are those flat round cell batteries, 3 of them and I just don't have those piled up in my house. Obviously, it might be an idea to determine if it's the batteries or the whole thing the problem. Only, when I buy a genuine Disney product with batteries, in this case light up Tinkerbell wings, I expect them to light up, to work and I certainly don't expect to change the batteries myself as soon as I got them! My daughter was so disappointed, terrible, just terrible.


  14. SO DISAPOINTED WITH DISNEYSTORE.COM. I am a DVC member and annual passholder. After this experience I am NOT renewing my annual pass for next year. I ordered SEVERAL items from the disneystore.com on 11/26/2016. After 11 business days I reached out to them asking for an update on my order (considering they say they will notify me in 24 hours if something is not available and allow 9-11 business days for delivery). The CSR said my order was still processing and she will call me back in 1-2 business days. Two and a half business days pass and no response from them as promised. I call them again on business day 13. The CSR I spoke with had no idea why "it's still processing". Today, on business day 14, I get an email saying three of my seven items are no longer available. I tried calling corporate and gave me the same customer service number to call. So, now, 10 days away from Christmas, I do not have what I need and cannot get it online. Disney claims to be so concerned about making everything "magical". How about living up to your end of the bargain?

  15. I ordered items in October 2016, on sale. When I received my credit card statement in December, I was charged the retail price of two items instead of the sale price. I have spoken with three customer service reps on three different occasions concerning the pricing errors and believed they were working to correct the erroneous prices. Upon speaking to a fourth rep just a few days ago, there is nothing they can do about the pricing errors since I did not notify them of the error within 10 days of my order. I will try my best to never order from Disney if they will not honor sale prices. But if I do, you can bet I'll watch any email confirmations like a hawk. I suggest everyone watch your order confirmations to make sure you are getting the correct pricing.

  16. I'm from the uk and i was visiting America and I was enjoying a cake pop but when I took another bite I found 50 dollars in it and I don't know what to do and iv tried calling the number but no answer

  17. I am very disappointed with the Disney company. I visited the Disney Store in Grapevine Mills in Grapevine Texas on Sunday August 26. I had my 3 year old granddaughter with me. She chose a couple of items for me to purchase for her. Once we got to the check out, I was informed by the cashier that Disney has decided to go "green" (I applauded this effort) however; in doing so I was informed by the cashier that I would either have to purchase a reusable bag being sold by Disney for $.99 or carry my items out in my hand. It's not the $.99 price of the bag that bothers me, it's the principal of the matter. I think Disney should have been offering a biodegradable bag in the place of the plastic bag for customers that chose not to purchase the reusable bag. I don't think customers should be forced to purchase the bag in question. Needless to say I left the items in the store and had a very disappointed 3 year old with me. I did however go to another store and found the exact same items and purchase them at which time my items were placed in a bag as a service to me. I can not see why the generation now has chosen to order on line. Get your act together Disney, there's a better way to handle this matter. I guess all the Magic is gone....

  18. My son was denied entry to your store in the Cherry Hill Mall today. Shame on you for denying a child with special needs entry even when he had his mouth and nose covered. He entered the mall with is gaiter on, walked around, and even went in various stores without any issues. He went to enter the Disney store and was told that he was not allowed in because he was wearing a gaiter. Having special needs and many sensory integration challenges, he can barely tolerate a gaiter let alone a paper mask. Shame on you for not accommodating him considering he was following the proper guidelines for the mall by having his mouth and nose covered. We were offered the paper masks but at this point he had a meltdown and we had to leave immediately. No Disney magic for us today. As loyal Disney customers, we are beyond disappointed.


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