ADP Corporate Office Headquarters

ADP Corporate Office Headquarters
(Automatic Data Processing)
One ADP Boulevard
Roseland, NJ 07068
United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-974-5000
Fax: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-225-5237
Email:  Online Only

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  1. I moved and notified my employer so as to receive my 1099 from 2013 tax year.. apparently upon follow up, my form was already mailed out to my previous residence and I was told to wait until it was returned to them.. well upon follow up .. I waited for a few days for a response.. followed up again and received an email reply that others were asking about obtaining this document as an attachment via email like I was and that I will hear back soon.. A few days go by and I hear nothing, so I email again and then receive a reply that it would be better for me to contact ADP .. I call ADP and the automated system prevents me from speaking to a live individual.. and instead of helping me obtain my much needed 1099 I get told on the automated line that I should just contact my employer. It's like a game of ping pong.. My employer does not have a copy of my 1099 apparently.. not sure why.. but either way this is really holding me up from filing taxes.. I have every other form needed to file but this one 1099 which was only a job I had from Oct to December.. I didnt make all that much but I cannot file until I get this one stupid piece of paper.. why the heck am I being put through all this.. why cant I just contact someone at ADP and receive this document! It's now Feb 12th.. I have been waiting for this for a while now. It's not right and it's really inconveniencing me AND my family. What can be done ? I need this paper like yesterday ! cant you please implement a live person to answer the calls? are you that inundated with things you cannot take a personal approach to something urgent like this ?

    1. I represent a company called LegalShield that provides low cost/high value legal services. For less than $20 per month you get unlimited legal consultation and they will make phone calls and write letters on your behalf. If you would like to learn more and possibly sign up go to

  2. The employee at ADP I spoke with can best be described as : IDIOT !!! I have an "aline card" for payroll. I call, get told by ADP I need to contact employer. I then call employer. employer tells me money will be on card Friday, today. So, I call again... ADP and get connected to some %#$^&* that can't speak English. I know how hard it is in the USA to find someone who speakes English. I don't usually have difficulties, having studied French, German, latin, chinese, Arabic and russian. however, the girl who'
    s name i can't even come close to repeating, couldn't understand me no matter what. Of course, I've been a DJ on the radio, sang in bands and somehow, people have no difficulty understanding me. So, i ask for a supervisor. 20 minutes later, I still have no supervisor. So, i call the corp. office and get worse treatment than the girl on the phone. I would NEVER use idiots to do business this way.

  3. why I cannot get a return call from pension services in a day or too is beyond me after calling to get important info that I need!!!!

  4. Dr. O’Shea:

    This will be my final email communication to you.

    I was not in the office Monday at all (9/29/14) so please review your information.

    I have faxed the return, which I got approval to do since it does not have to pass through the email filters (which are built in and beyond my control).

    Thank you,

    Ms. Micky Marotta, FPC, CPP

    Client Support Consultant

    Amendments & Special Filings

    Phone – 877-603-7162

    Fax – 855-760-8941

    [email protected]

  5. Why, because I finally forced you to do your job, after 3 weeks? Poor baby. So entitled. Why didn't you think of "asking permission" the first time it didn't work?

    Yes I did receive the fax, after 2 weeks of your evasive and ridiculous emails.. But of course your time is more valuable than mine.

    It will be the final communication, Micky, when your clients are finished requiring your assistance. We'll let you know. That's what customer service is. After 2 weeks, I still am waiting for the elusive mystical "support phone call", which i have no evidence is possible from ADP. I have several other question regarding the operation of the back up documentation and reports on my ADP site.

    Is there anyone there who will not be playing the martyr, and will actually do the work that the customer is paying you for without being so put upon? What is their name and direct number?

    Dr Tim O'Shea
    408 600 7521

  6. This f-ed up company conveniently doesn't have any employees that can talk with employees. It serves the employERs and itself only. After my (and hopefully other peoples that read this tirade) letters to their Better Business Bureau, maybe they'll start putting some people in their employ. I can't reset my password and have been locked out...and have to contact my EX-employer as a channel to get through to ADP?... Really!?

  7. E-Mails go unanswered especially from the El Paso, Texas office and the employees at the other locations are clueless. For the service charges we pay put live people to answer the phones and give correct answers. Frustrating to deal with ADP and this is my second try to build a relationship, but I am done with ADP. There customer service is horrendous to say the least.. Newell and Talarico Title Agency/718-948-6300

  8. ADP has to have the worst customer service I have ever experienced, I had 2 employees hang up on me because they could not help me and every time I call there is a 30 minute wait time "minimum"

  9. Wow, And I work for a company that has 47,000 employees. These results are at best questionable. sucks

  10. I would like to voice a complaint about the services provided to employees through your company. I recently left employment and needed to complete my COBRA paperwork for benefits continuation. Despite emails and calls requesting the documentation, I did not receive it for over 30 days. I received an email with a complaint claim number saying I would hear back with a response within 3 days and never did. After I received the paperwork, I submitted it and payment for two months immediately. The check cleared on April 5 in your system. As of April 14 my insurance carrier nor the dental insurance provider had been notified to re-activate my benefits. I called the service center and was told the matter would be put in an emergency status. I specifically asked if that included dental as well as health and was told yes. As of today, April 19, the health benefits have been reactivated but not the dental. When I called ADP today I was told it takes 15 days after the check clears to notify the carriers, which quite honestly is ridiculous. People need their coverage. Now I am being told Dental Dental has been notified as of today and should be active by the end of the week. I realize that any services secured during this time period will be covered but in the meantime I have to pay out of pocket and then submit for reimbursement.

    I was a corporate employee and still have ownership in the company. I know there have been problems with payroll and deductions in our facilities on ADP's part on more than one occasion. As for COBRA, employees need to receive their paperwork expeditiously, especially when the employee requests it. An employee should not have to call multiple times after payment is made and paperwork submitted to have benefits re-activated. Also, if an employee is told they will receive a response to a complaint in 3 days, then they should receive a response!

    Our company has a choice in selecting ADP services. I have expressed my concerns to the other owners and have recommended when it comes time to renew our contract we seek alternative providers other than ADP. As a former CEO I would be personally embarrassed if I though our patients received the type of poor customer service that I have received and our facilities have received from your company.

  11. hello I work for a large food service company which has contracts with several cafes all over the country and they have a contract with your company to provide HSA,transit and our health benefits and I just signed up for the Hsa and my employer told me any questions to call them so I did and I was on hold for 2 to 3 hrs so when I finally got a hold of them the csr told their supervisor about the long hold times they said they would take into consideration that mneans to me ADP hsa division does not care about the employers they have HUGE CONTRACTS with or the EMPLOYEES of those LARGE COMPANY'S so in my view ADP has the WORST customer service I am going to suggest to my employer to drop ADP

  12. Dear ADP,
    I am a busy business owner whom has hired ADP in January. From January to present there has been NUMEROUS mistakes made by ADP which all involve
    un-authorized withdrawals from my Business payroll account. I AM FURIOUS!!! This continuously going on. Each and every time it was an ADP error!!! I am firing ADP and will never return again. And to my colleagues thank you for firing ADP as well as we all need to stick together since it is US whom have created our businesses and worked hard to get to where we are today

  13. How, oh how, has this inept company survived for so long? We have four companies for which we have used ADP to process payroll and the various difficulties we've had with them over the past few years have been too many to recount here. But then we ran into a problem where our bank would not honor our overdraft agreement with them on select occasions, causing our payroll tax EFTs to reject, and they threaten us with putting up a $6K cash bond. I explained we're in our offseason and can not do this but would not do it even if we could. It wound up happening 3 times, and the amount in question was $84.06. So now they give us an ultimatum to put up the bond or agree to a permanent wire transfer arrangement, neither of which we are willing to do. Our business has been worth well over $100K to these geniuses over the past 5 years but they are willing to punt it all over $84. I could see it if there was a threshold, some amount well above $84, but they have no flexibility on this. They are complete fools. Ultimate case of someone cutting off their nose to spite their face.
    SMH in disbelief and extremely steamed from dealing with this complete imbeciles.

    James C. Taylor, CPA

  14. It has been a year and three months and ADP has not responded to me regarding an HSA that we are having. I have spoke with nine different representatives from ADP and no one will help. Another rep tells me my case has been closed, which doesn't make since if the issue was never resolved. Even the Client Services Manager will not help. Her response is "someone with ADP will give you a call. I have put in an email through their support system in payroll and still no response. CASE NO. 44473427

  15. This company has the WORST customer service I have ever experienced. I do not recommend them to any business thinking of signing up for there services.



    I am a small company of fifty employees and after nothing but frustration with their payroll service and management of our 401k Plan I decide to switch. They offer no help and are horrible to deal with,

    They were also miserable to deal with when I tried to roll over retirement assets from their plan to an IRA. They lost a $100,000 check of mine. Awful.

  17. The Vegas office is worthless. NO customer service what so ever. Just sent my third email requesting to speak with someone above our current HR person and she refuses to reply.

  18. Our company changed their EIN at the beginning of December and we submitted a request to update our Workforce Now platform. At that time, they stated it would be end of February before having a functioning payroll platform which is unbelievable. NOW, they are telling us it will be April before our platform will be functioning. I am baffled as to how it takes FOUR months to set up a payroll platform......for an existing client.


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