Zaxby's Corporate Office Headquarters

Zaxby's Corporate Office Headquarters 
Zaxby's Franchising, Inc. (Zaxby's chicken)
1040 Founders Blvd.
Athens, GA 30606 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-706-353-8107
Fax Number: 1-706-548-6002
Customer Service Number: 1-866-892-9297 

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  1. I work at zaxbys in Ellenwood Georgia and they have been treating there employees with disrespect and the managers have been bullying all the employees and it is not a friendly place to work please do something about this im afraid to contact the dm about it because im afraid she wont do anything everyone of us employees is getting so fed up with this and we shouldn't be coming in the job being so stressed out

  2. I've been to the location in New Port Richey Florida it is kind of appalling to me because there is a man named Edward who is the GMw is basically a pedophile in charge of a bunch of 16 year old kids and it is disgusting to me this man tells girls that he is going to take off his belt and spank their sweetbottoms there's something wrong with this GM how could he still be in a sorority figure when he is a pedophile there is something wrong with this picture their stores disgusting he does not give a shit and he's around 16 year old girl who sits there and threatens to grab their boobs their butts and spank them something is wrong with him why do you still have somebody like that working for your company

  3. I am very annoyed. I visited the Zaxbys in Jacksonville, Fl at the TOWN center and the large cups are so flimsy that when I was try to get the lid on , which was so hard to get on the cup bent and tea went all over me and my expensive watch. I went to counter and the employee told me management was aware and offered me a cookie. Really. I'm soaked from my hands down and a cookie is what I'm offered. I want a cup that doesn't collapse. The email below is not what I use as much as this one: [email protected]


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