VistaPrint USA Corporate Office Headquarters

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VistaPrint USA Corporate Office Headquarters
95 Hayden Ave,
Lexington, MA 02421 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-781-676-7310
Customer Service Number: 1-866-614-8002

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  1. I placed a online order Thursday may 5,2022. At 6 pm And went in to get it and there was a line which was fine so I waited. There was a young girl at the Register that obviously Hated her job, she took the people in front of me’s order and when it was my turn she went to the back and just stood there. And never came back. The manager was taking pizzas out of the oven and boxing them real fast like really she was on some thing. The kid in front of me said dad look at her man she is really fast and we looked around and she was the only one doing anything everyone else was wandering in the back like a zombie. And then I said looks like she is the only one workin.. and the guy said yeah looks like it and she heard us and got pissed. And started making faces at us. So I walked closer to the register hoping that someone one would come ask me if they could help me seeing how I had already ordered my pizza and it had been a long time. And I said to the guy I guess no one is going to come ask if they could help me and he said it doesn’t look like it. And then the manager that was putting the pizzas in the box yells and say “ will someone help the “( and starts making retarted noises at me” )at the front”! The girl from the back finally comes back says my pizza isn’t ready and I wait 20 more minutes… then the manager yell that “ someone that is in the fronts pizza is ready” and gives it to the young girl and the young girl throws it up on the right side of the register and then starts texting on her phone… like I’m invisible so 5 minutes pass and I say.. is that my pizza? And rudely she puts her phone down and say yeah.. and I have no idea what else u ordered so ur gonna have to tell me! Which was just a hot and ready! And the app had even said it had given me my pizza way before they would even give me my pizza… this whole start my order to finish with my pizza in my hand process was almost 1 hour. And this service was uncalled for! What kind of manager does that? I will Never be back there again and I will be telling my story to my friends and family which were very upset because no one was rude to them and no one should ever be talked to like I was retarted and making the retarted noises as if I was. its disrespectful. And this is the people you have in charge??


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