Tumblr Corporate Office Headquarters

Tumblr Corporate Office Headquarters
35 E. 21st St., 9th Floor
New York, New York 10010 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-678-439-8862
Fax Number: 1-212-779-2143

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  1. I woke up this morning to find these random images on my blog that I did not post....they are totally our of sync with my blog and is messing up my entire blog. they look so out of place. I know tumblr was down for awhile last night...i cannot delete these images tumblr.....why cant I ??? Youve got to fix this....I cannot have this lesbian crap on my blog.....Please respond to all of the tumblrs out here with their blogs messed up. You caused it.....at least you can respond to us


  2. can I visit the tumblr building?

  3. His handle is horny26thickcock.

  4. My tumblr was terminated for no reason and I tried contacting you guys via email and ask on tumblr support blog. All I want is my blog back and I've done nothing wrong or inappropriate to tumblr and it's one of the creators fault ,

    1. Who ever was running tumblr support blog yesterday the 27 of February of 2015 at the time around 5:30 - 6ish is their fault

  5. Hello ,

    I email you like two months ago about a fake profile that was created on tumbler with my email and event name saying that I was an escort . etc .etc.

    I email you the link the picture and you haven't taken It out down what does it take for you to get it down. This is ruining my image and fashion and art name . I'm too old for this high school behavior ,

    Please delete it


    Fad LA .

    This has been there since 2012

  6. Your terms of agreement flatly state you will sell the content of my blog to anyone anywhere at any time. Further, you have totally erased some content including my logo and opening statements for starting the blog.
    I tried to close my account and the format flatly refuses by denying my username and password.
    What's up with this crazy platform! CLOSE MY ACCOUNT NOW!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Please respond to my MANY attempts to contact you about my being locked out on blogs created before 2012. I thought it was just my one main blog, I have now discovered it was several blogs. I am talking tons of work here, hundreds of hours and dozens of blogs. But what I am really upset about is the main blog. I am really heartbroken over the main one as I have poured 6 years of my life into that blog. IT has thousands of hours of my life into it. I know you really don't seem to care about this. But to me this was my life. IT was what kept me sane. Just use the email. Well 5 plus years is alot of time. Not all of us are at a place where we were 5 years ago. Nor have access to emails we did 5 years ago. Why do we need to have access to an email when we can just go onto tumblr with it, and that's all we were using it for? You need to create a solution for this. You NEED to address this. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. haven't used the site for years still got banned for spam - how desperate do you have to be to use this site for anything?

  11. How can I contact tumblr ?? I already wrote to support but they don't help me. I was in hurry to make an amazing blog, I was working so much so many weeks on it, and of course I had lots of problems, queue wasn't working properly, posted at random minutes, when I wanted to like posts I was unliking (they didn't appear liked, I wanted to change the email I used (I used random email because I couldn't remember about the blog I wasn't using, I used random email because I was in hurry to realise my idea of making an amazing blog. I wanted to change that email later but I had lots of problems, errors, didn't work... I thought if I wait they will be fixed but they have actually fixed my dream deleting it. I didn't use my email, I wanted to change it but I couldn't because of all the errors, now my blog is deleted and they don't want to give my blog back!!

  12. What is your mailing address for your legal department?


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