Roy's Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters

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Roy's Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters
OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC
2202 N. West Shore Blvd., Ste. 500
Tampa, Florida 33607 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-282-1225

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  1. On Saturday 6/17 I called Roy's in Jacksonville Beach and made a reservation since my wife and I are celebrating our 50th anniversary. Te girl took our reservation and Ai asked for a table or booth on the side , not in the middle of the room. She said it wouldn't be a problem. when we arrived there were approximately 8 open booths. We were escorted to a table in the middle of the room near a large boisterous private party room. Our waiter managed to get us one of the open booths. The fish entree was $42.00 and my wife ordered the same thing. The fish was not cooked in the middle on my and I sent it back, My wife finished hers and really enjoyed it while I waited for my mine to be cooked.When mine arrived (she was finished) the mashed potatoes had some raw potato chunks in them. I told the waiter about this and the manager removed it from our bill. I was not very happy needless to say. The booth we sat in had ripped and cracked vinyl on the seats and the booth was full of crumbs. Our special evening was ruined. I'll await your reply. Roger
    [email protected]


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