Radio Shack Corporate Office Headquarters

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Radio Shack Corporate Office Headquarters
RadioShack Corporation
300 RadioShack Circle, Mail Stop CF3-201
Fort Worth, TX 76102-1964 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-415-3011
Fax Number: 1-817-415-2647
Customer Service Number: 1-800-843-7422

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  1. Today I was very disappointed in the Dawsonville, Ga location. My wallet was stolen out of state and I had to get an ID from out of state with my Ga address on it because I was driving a rental car. Instead of letting me explain, the cashier yelled for the manager and was laughing the entire time. I went through hell to get an ID so that I could get home. There is nothing more scary than the thought of having no ID and no money in a place you have never been. The clerk acted very unprofessional and disrespectful to me causing a scene and then telling me he couldn't accept my "ID." All while continue laughing. Needless to say, I dont care how cheap the gas is. They lost a customer today.


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