Marriott Corporate Office Headquarters

Marriott Corporate Office Headquarters
Marriott International, Inc.
10400 Fernwood Road
Bethesda, MD 20817 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
Email: Online Only
Customer Service Number: 1-800-721-7033
Marriott Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427

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  1. Courtyard Cleveland Willoughby requires closer oversight. The amount I was charged on my credit card, I checked my credit card balance after I returned home, - was not what I was quoted when I reserved the room or the amount that was on the bill placed under my door which was the same as the reservation quote. When I called I was told this was for incidentals. I never charged any "incidentals" to my room. How do I get a refund and I will never stay at any Marriott again if "deception" is now your corporate policy.

  2. Rewards scam phone harassment pre recorded messages sent too my phone. I call them back and it is a non working number. I think the people whom work for Marriott is using peoples information too commit crimes. I think we need settlement and free hotel stays.

  3. My daughter was injured at the Atlanta Marriott-Galleria (Aug.25) after stepping on a rusty nail in their hot tub! She required medical treatment to a local hospital. Front desk guaranteed me they would handle this correctly and several weeks later, I have still yet to hear from anyone. When I call the hotel they tell me to be patient. Is the hospital going to be patient when I tell them I am not responsible for the bill?? Heck....the hotel did not even cover my hotel stay, why am I surprised they aren't handling the medical bills? Probably the worst customer service experience ever!

  4. it's non-stop robo calls from any and every number including local cell and home numbers. How can I get this to stop.....tired of it.

  5. Vacations by Marriott are not Vacations by Marriott

    AND reply from FTC

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: [email protected]
    Subject: Response to your complaint Ref No. 94626859
    Date: April 16, 2018 at 1:14:36 PM CDT
    Reply-To: [email protected]

    Thank you for contacting the Federal Trade Commission. We have reviewed your complaint and have determined that the following information may assist you.

    Travel Scams -

    Travel Tips -

    We just want you and others to be aware of this change in the Marriott vacation packages.

    One should be aware that no points or visits accrue to your Marriott account when booking through the website for a Marriott “vacation”.

    We are a Ritz-Carlton Credit Card holder and booked flights to and hotel at Ritz-Carlton Naples, Fl in Nov 2017 for a Feb 2018 visit. We did this through the Ritz-Carlton website which sent us to the website. We received a confirmation email from Marriott with the Marriott logo attached to it

    I thought it strange that we did not get a welcome email from the hotel about a week before our arrival

    When we arrived I thought it peculiar that the receptionist, Michelle, was rather cool to us. We had asked for a club upgrade but she said we did not do book through Marriott and thus we were not eligible.

    When I got home after the trip I noticed they failed to send us an electronic bill as we requested.

    The paper bill we got had my name and address wrong.

    I contacted Ritz-Carlton concierge and was informed that while I booked through the website, the hotel and flights were booked by a third party, possibly Expedia.

    Thus they could not help me with the mistake OR anything else about the booking.

    Also she told us we would not earn points or receive ANY credits for the four nights we stayed there.

    Nothing on the site at the time we booked informed us of any of this.

    Indeed they stated we would get an ADDITIONAL 5,000 points for booking through

    Which also probably explains why we did not receive a hotel survey.

    I reviewed the confirmation email after my phone call to them and at the bottom in very small type it says:

    "You are receiving this transactional email based on a recent booking on [email protected] "

  6. Regarding our stay at the Residence Inn in Des Moines, Iowa.

    We understand unforeseen circumstances arise in the middle of the night, that are beyond the hotel's control, (Air Conditioning failure). But it's how you respond that makes a difference. They stepped up to the plate...worked quickly to get us to another room (without having to move our belongings) We thank you for that.

  7. My family stayed @ the Renaissance Sea World Aug 9-20. On the 10th we went to our first theme park. Just before we left I looked at the night stand and told myself not to forget my wedding band. I did, and of course when we got back it was missing. We searched & searched, nothing. I reported it to the hotel, and Mr. D. Lewis, the “Security Ambassador” took my statement. After a very quick investigation he called me the next evening to let me know there were no confessions, and the cleaning lady had worked for them a long time. On to the claims adjuster, who it took 14 days to just talk to her. She tells me right away that my claim is void because the ring actually had to be in the hotels possession physically, like for safe keeping. So in other words the non english speaking cleaning lady gets a pass, and my wedding band. That ring has been with me for over 31 yrs., along with military deployments, 6 kids, cancer, a career in the fire service, etc.. So much for keeping a Bible, & Book of Mormon in the room. I would much rather have my ring back than the compensation that they did not offer. I do wonder if they would have leaned on the illegal resident cleaning staff a little more I could have gotten my ring back. Do not stay @ that Renaissance hotel.

  8. Several months ago we stayed at the Marriott Medical Center Hotel in Houston We were treated magnificently. My wife very recent wrote a letter which said.
    Dear Mr. Sorenson, I think that it should be noted that Brent Richardson, who works as the Senior Rooms Manager at the Houston Marriott Medical Center is a most outstanding member of the Marriott family.
    My husband and I were going through some procedures at the hospital and stayed at the Marriott nearby. Brent treated us as valued members of his family and made sure that our every comfort was insured before we could ask.
    We have never experienced more loving care in all of our long years of hotel experience.
    He is a real star and I hope he will receive the accolades that he so deservers. We intend to return often and know that our stay will be exceptional do to his presence.
    With sincere thanks. Lynne Gleaso

  9. i called marriott to complain about the manager at marriott downtown syracuse and was told i would get an e-mail back in 3-5 days. no e-mail. how unresponsive of you. i had a terrible experience and was hoping would acknowledge it. so much for marriott. i have been a very loyal customer for years and expected better. diana mahler

  10. I would like to make a formal complaint regarding the general manager at Towne Place Suites Airport location in Cheektowaga NY,Andrea. She is very degrading and belittling to her employees especially the African American women who work there. She makes the working conditions very hostile and difficult. There are never any supplies or enough staff. The hotel has very poor rating and I believe it's because of management. Thank you.

  11. I would like to make a complaint about the Eden Prairie MN Marriott. The manager Mike at this location takes rudeness to his customers to a new level. I was charged for 2 nights which cleared my bank and the next day a charge in the same amount for a 2 day stay was pended on my account. I initially thought that simeone had used my card but found out it wss pended in error. When I contacted Mike about the situation I was told that I am no longer welcome at this hotel because I am argumentative. No apology for the problem. Mike also has stated that this Marriot is guided by Sharia response was that this would be a violation of Federal law as well as some state laws. Imao...this entailed a difference of opinion & I let it go, of the housekeepers Juanna entered my room and rifled my things, then had the audacity to tell me as I was loading my car that it was time to leave. Juanna also stood at the front desk and told the clerk that I didnt qualify for the rate she was guving me aaa rate. I was already staying in the room and added another day the clerk told me that she had to have my ID & credit card again...I told her the last stay when I added a day the clerk just used what was on file...she insisted. Michael has treated me extremely poor, condescending, argumentative, refusing to put my rewards number on some of my reservations as well as refusing to use my AAA or ARP discounts...any arguments on my part have ensued due to these behaviors. a hotel being guided by Sharia Law in the US makes me really uncomfortable....Michael didnt think twice about this.

  12. I don't like to get robocalls. Mariott just called me. OK. I won't be staying at a Mariott for 2 years.


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