Liberty Mutual Corporate Office Headquarters

Liberty Mutual Corporate Office Headquarters
Liberty Mutual Holding Company Inc.
175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA 02116 USA
Corporate Phone Number; 1-617-357-9500
Fax Number: 1-617-350-7648
Email: Online Only
Customer Service Auto & Home: 1-888-398-8924
Customer Service Life Insurance: 1-800-451-7065
Insurance Claims: 1-800-225-2467

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  3. Claims call in: Your phone prompt to an extension is ridiculous, it doesn't send you directly to the extension that you want instead it sends you into the call center who then has to transfer you to the extension you request. Is there anything that can be done.

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  5. July 5th, my husband was in an motor vehicle accident. Everyone is okay except for the vehicles. Took our truck to the body shop same day and started the claim process. For awhile Liberty was very responsive then activity stopped. After some phone calls, come to find out the adjuster was no longer an employee of Liberty. We were assigned another adjuster and payment from Liberty to the body shop was received on the 17th. Well our claim was stalled again and still nothing happened. After more calls again, come to find out that this person was on vacation. So twice our claim set in limbo. Now we have spoken to another adjuster and they finally contacted to body shop and asked for all the information. So the process is starting again. We have no idea when our truck will be fixed. My husband uses the truck for work and no truck means no money!! Sadly when the truck is fixed we have to pay the $1000 deductible. We pay Liberty our monthly on time always and for what, to have a loyal customer fall through your cracks!!! Thanks for nothing!! Very disappointed!!!

  6. 2+ years ago my car was hit by insured LM, they were ticketed for failure to stop. pretty cut and dry. Car was moved from the tow yard under their instruction to 30 miles to their storage yars, without my permission. after 2 + yearsand push back on medical bills. couple & 2 children, the first offer had her and kids owning about 2k. nothing for pain & suffering. 2nd was no big improvement but after that long and no surgery approved for a driver shoulder injury hit on his side. just wanted to close. there was lien placed for back support which they were authorized from dat one to send all to them. 90 days after settlement LM will not release payment just becaus lien shows in 2 states same child. They have been authorized to send to Atty General. It appears no matter the situarion LM is not going to be humanian enough to make sure all injuries parties through no fault of their own are taken care of. Also the child in the carseat was cut out by police, LM thought it could be reused, until I pointed aout the law that clearly prohibits.sounds like they are on a very tight string

  7. 2+years ago a LM insured driver ran into the side of my car, was cited failure to stop. the car was not drivable so it was towed & couple & children transport to Hospital. The child in an infant seat the whole seat was cut out with her in it. LM thought the carseat was ok to resue, it took 2 weeks to replace and they were pointed out carseats were not reusable after car accident. So on the first pass at payment mom & kid oweed money, refused to cover medical. the driver suffered a injury to his shoulder from the impact, again push back on bills. so finally reached settlement nothing for pain & suffering but this time frame was insane. his did not cover surgery to shoulder still injured, lien was placed to send to some back support, which they were authorized to do. today are refusing to release payment, as it shows in 2 states but samething it has been explained and authorized to release to either state makes no difference. still at a standstill sent to letter AG to stating it was over 90 days demand payment. All this tells me LM is running on very tight string, and has no humaity to make whole the non-responsible persons and pay for injuries, bills pain and suffering. Inconceivable


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