Kansas City Chiefs Corporate Office Headquarters

Kansas City Chiefs Corporate Office Headquarters
Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, Inc.
1 Arrowhead Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64129 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-816-920-9300
Fax: 816-923-4719
Email: Online Only
Ticket Information: 816-920-9400 (phone) 816-924-4570 (fax)
Request Player/Cheerleader Appearance: Online Only

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  1. Please stop sucking

  2. I remember the statement made that NO member of the Chiefs team would protest during the anthem on your stage or be fired! So we will expect to see several firings today!! Put your money where your mouth was and keep your promise. I'm SURE this wasn't a lie to the fans right?

  3. I recently had a total bad experience de as long with the so called fans first when they called me back they wouldn't help to remedy any of the problems nor did they care

  4. I seen the Hunt video. There is no way Hunt committed a crime. The drunken white skank should have been arrested. Hunt tried to tell the bitch to leave. Like most bitches she refuses and continues to go at Hunt. He pushes her away. (NO CRIME). Like MOST females she thinks she can antagonize a man until she can bait the man to push her away. And still she doesn't leave.
    NOW WATCG HER!!! That bitch tries to go after Hunt (A F##Ken CRIME)
    A man trying to keep the drunken skank away from Hunt is attacked(pushed hard,like a two fisted punch in the chest).That drunken piece of crap assaulted that man who was trying to keep her away from Hunt. ANOTHER CRIME!! Now Hunt comes out because she won't leave and then she assaulted his friend. Hunt comes out because she two fist punched a innocent person. A good police officer would had grabbed and threw that skank to the ground,handcuffed and arrested her. Hunt did not KICK her. As he went toward the slut the man grabbed Hunt and he made a "get out of her gesture kick toward her. Not to actually hurt the drunken slut. But a gesture to get the check out of here.
    THAT'S IT!!! No harm, no foul.
    Not by Hunt. But the female dog should be arrested. It look like the other slut was filming the whole thing. It really looked like the two female sluts was trying to set Hunt up for a blackmail or a lawsuit. DAMN.
    Women can't be treated as little 5 year old children. They are suppose to be treated as adults sometime in their life. Hunt has NOTHING to apologize for. Hunt should use that video and have that drunken female and her friend arrested. Hunt. Sign with the 49ers fast.


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