Jenn-Air Corporate Office Headquarters

Jenn-Air Corporate Office Headquarters
Whirlpool Corporation
2000 North M63
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022-2692 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-269-923-5000
Fax Number: 1-269-923-3525
Customer Service Number: 1-800-536-6247
Jenn-Air Canada: 1-800-536-6247

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  1. Dear Sir, My husband and I bought a JennAir grill in 2005 from Lowes. We purchased the Stainless STeel Natural gas grill model no 720-0151-NG Item no. 168912 . This grill came with a lifetime warrenty on the burners. Lowes will not honor this due to the fact they can not find the prof of purchase. I have not been able to purchase the burners due to the expense. We purchased this item due to the quality of Jenn-Air but I have been very disappointed in Lowes and refuse to buy anything else from them. I hope you can help me with the problem. I have called your customer service line but I don't seem to get any where. Please let me know what can be done. My telephone number is my name is Ellen . I hope you can help me. This is my last hope.

  2. We remodeled our kitchen in the Spring of 2013. We purchased all Jenn Air appliance based upon the installation allowance rebate program. Wall oven JJW2730, Cooktop JGC1536 and Dishwasher JDB8200. The total purchase price was $4,853. Now Jenn Air will not honor $450.00 in Master prepaid card. Needless to say I will nver buy Jenn Aor or Whirlpool products. i called customer service and talked to Nathan he said the postmark was after the July 30, 2013 deadline. Are you kidding me the program runs through 12/31/2013!!! they are like the insurance companies that deny the claim until you call them then they will approve it! DON'T BUT JENN AIR OR WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTS!! BAIT AND SWITCH!!

    1. Jenn air's management sent me a check for $450.00 in response to my letter. I appreciate upholding their obligation in this program. I would like to thank Mr. Fettig and Ms. Nicole Facet of Whirlpool for their assistance to this matter. Needless to say I will continue to recommend their products and purchase them in the future.

      Bart Ung





  4. What the hell is wrong with your company? Part 2

    It is September 17 and I am amazed by the level of incompetence of your customer care and poor quality control of your products.

    Old product info… Model JS 42PPDBDA Serial 11813000JN – scrapped by Jenn Air
    New product info Model JS42PPDUDB15 Serial K32304214 – installed July 3, 2013

    After months of non operation Jenn-Air proved incapable of providing key parts (condenser, evaporator etc..) to fix my refrigerator under warrantee terms. Jenn-Air gave authorization to completely scrap it and install a new model. That in itself is a pretty sad commentary on your support for products still under warrantee. My expectation was to move forward from this debacle and never deal with this bullshit again.
    I was sadly mistaken. The new unit arrived on July 3 and was installed by factory selected company Direct Appliance and Air in Plano TX. I was told to not turn it on for 24 hours while certain fluids settled…so I waited 36 hours and turned it on. On day 2 I awoke to a puddle on my kitchen floor…the brand new refrigerator was leaking all over the place and the ice maker didn’t work.

    I called Direct Appliance and they said they cannot get involved..they only install. The manager told me to call A&E Services in Dallas...I did and told me to call Jenn Air so they can authorize warrantee service. Holy shit….what a crappy system..they don’t know by the serial number that it is new and under warrantee? I called my contact at Jenn Air who was involved with the replacement process – his name is Greg at 866.640.7146 ext 6035. He confirmed and authroized I can get service from A&E. A&E came out to the house a week later (July 9)…meanwhile I clean up water on the floor several times a day. Service guy says it’s a leaky valve…need a new one…happens all the time. BUT the part is on back order!! Does Jenn Air have any stock of anything in the United States?? I call Greg ext 6035…the guy who says call him with any issues….to try and expedite..he never calls back. I call him 3 more times over several weeks and leave messages…he never calls back..not once…I give up trying to call Greg. I figure he quit his job because there is so much stress from all the unsatisfied customers (and Jenn Air left all his open tickets hanging forever) or he doesn’t give a shit and Jenn Air has no real accountability for customer satisfaction.
    4 weeks and 60+ puddle cleanups later the part arrives and only this week Sept 16, 2013…can A&E install the part. Part is installed and guess what I see the next morning – no ice and two puddles on the floor!! OMG this is a brand new product and it simply doesn’t work. I call A&E and of course they tell me I need to call Jenn Air to get authorization again....but wait Jenn Air now says that A&E doesn’t service my area despite the fact that Jenn Air authroized A&E from July when the new product was defective. WTF is wrong with your company!! Now who should I call…the lady at A&E cannot even put an appointment in her system!! Should I fly up to your HQ and give you all a piece of mind…because at this point I am ready to do that!!

    You have so many holes in your processes someone needs to do some serious work on your workflows and quality a customer and manufacturing executive I am embarrassed for your company. A brand new product goes into the field and is defective…you need to be doing everything you can with all your partners to get it sorted immediately. This has gone on for months without resolution. For the second time…..

    SHAME on your customer service, your management, and your company for allowing this to happen.

  5. My 17 year old Jenn Air range just failed for the 5th time. Same problem as before. I've replaced the relay (computer) board twice and the control panel twice. I was looking to replace the range with a new Jenn Air but I see from many recent customer reviews that, 17 years later, the same parts are still failing!!! 17 YEARS and the same problems are still occurring?!?!? You would think their engineers would have solved this years ago. I'm looking elsewhere to replace my range. We should all be glad Jenn Air doesn't build airplanes.

    Jeff M. Fettig, CEO
    Dear Sir,
    On 1/13/14 I called Jenn Air customer service because the downdraft switch on my stove, Model # JES9800CAS, had stopped working.

    The level of service was unsatisfactory. I escalated to the agent’s supervisor, whose response (attached) was essentially “your lack of knowledge of our products is your problem.” Even more maddening, was the fact that the supervisor, in her response, displayed an advanced level of knowledge of the product. So, clearly the problem is not a lack of information, but an apparent unwillingness to share it with customers.

    I understand that you may have business reasons for wanting to encourage customers to contact local service agents. But, for something as apparently simple as a replacement switch, and with such an unhelpful and argumentative Jenn Air- branded service department, such a policy does your business no favors.

    What I expected, and found at Sears (see attached transcript), was someone at least willing to help, and so I ordered from them. One wonders why you have a service department.

    I am deeply disappointed with the Jenn Air level of service, to the point that I doubt I will ever purchase another Jenn Air product, nor recommend that anyone else do so, and in fact I’ll actively discourage everyone I know from using the brand. And to be clear, my dissatisfaction came about not from your broken product, but your broken customer service.


    Maxwell Wells

  7. I have an 8 year old Jenn air propane BBQ and when the burners finally failed I called the warranty number in my owner's manual and the customer service agent cheerfully said that the burners were on a lifetime warranty and sent me 3 new ones. I don't know who these other people have talked to.

  8. 10k 48' Jennair refrigerator model JS48SEDBDA purchased in 2006. Repairs every year starting 2007 in reference to the same part. Obviously part is manufactured consistently defective. Asked them repeatedly to replace the refrigerator...they refused. 2013 Jennair, now that appliance is out of warranty, they offered prorated exchange but of course w/additional 4k attached. This is unreasonable as I spent 10k on this high end appliance and as this clearly was a manufacturer issue I should have had a replacement at no cost years ago. Whirlpool Product Review Board now handles this process and they have been nothing short of horrendous basically redundant robots stating "its out of warranty and we are doing you a favor with this offer". I am now living out of a 4" cubic refrigerator. I would like them to stand by their products and replace my defected appliance now 7 years later...All they did was delay this process so that the appliance would be out of warranty to retrieve MORE money.

  9. I purchased 3 Jenn-Air appliances on 9/26/2014 ($10,000+). I filled out the paperwork for the Jenn-Air Fire & Ice promotion which is supposed to rebate me $600. I received a postcard from Jenn-Air saying that they are missing some serial numbers, which I ignored until now since I knew that i had filled out all the necessary info and was swamped with work. After speaking with consumer service (Jonella id 1169) today, she said I made a mistake on one of the serial numbers and instead filled in the model number. The postcard frankly should have explained that the serial number for the refrigerator was incorrect and that I had incorrectly listed the model #. Now Jonella says they can't provide the rebate since it is past the cutoff date of April 2nd. I am shocked that Jenn-Air would take that stance to a customer who is only 11 days past the cut off and had thought they had provided all the necessary info. I am hoping that you will make an exception to this cut off since there was miscommunication in the correspondence and the fact that I redid my entire kitchen with Jenn-Air.

    Please respond. My id # is 343278278 and you can reach me at [email protected]

  10. I have a Jen-Air refrigerator freezer were the ice maker just failed in 16 months after purchase. I realize I'm out of warranty but felt I bought a quality product with my new home and very dissatisfied.

    The model number is JFC2290VPY5. My neighbor had to replace the ice maker in the same model I have 5 times till he got a ice maker that worked correctly. They where replaced with a failure rate of about every 4 months. He finally got one that has worked correctly.

    I have a service call in this week to have it looked at and hope the faulty parts replacement's have been solved.

    I will be calling Jen-Air to discuss this further.

  11. Called yesterday to set up an appointment to have a repairman sent out to fix our Jennair dishwasher (2nd time in 4 years). Was told that the request would be sent to their locator department to find someone to send out and it would take up to 2 days for them to call us. 2 days to set up an appointment is absurd. When I asked to speak to the locator department, I was told that they don't accept incoming calls. I paid a fortune for what is supposed to be top of the line appliances (fridge, oven & dishwasher) and I've had to have each one serviced on more than one occasion. You should be able to set up an appointment when you call or at least the same day. Frustrated again with Jennair.

    1. Diane, I feel your pain........ please read my comment on my range

  12. I have a PRG3610LP its almost 10 years old. About a year ago the igniters for the stove top started ticking while the burner is on, after hearing about the HORRIBLE customer service I just put up with the issue, last month the broiler stopped working, and today the over stopped working. I spoke to a customer service rep via live chat, I got no resolve, she could care less and at the end of the day 1995.00 is what I have to spend to fix this POS. Hey Jeff Fettig get a clue you guy are installing shitty parts which is why they fail. Oh, your warranty SUCKS just like my stove.

  13. I will never buy another Jenn-Air
    Purchased refrigerator, stove top oven, dishwasher, and microwave.
    All 4 have broken for good this time after several repairs on all of them we are no longer able to afford to have them fixed. Been less than 10 years on all of the items.
    Had to replace dishwasher 3 months ago, just replaced refrigerator 1 month ago, microwave went out 6 mons ago still have not replaced (not a necessity + no money)
    Now the oven is done for good this time after having it fixed 4 times.
    Suffice to say I will never even look at another Jenn-Air

  14. I suppose this will be tossed in the bin with all the rest. Your stovetop is defective. It clicks as if it is being lit without even being touched. No service provider can fix as the Spark Ignition Module is NOT IN STOCK!!!!!!!! I will NEVER purchase another Jenn Air Product. I will Facebook, Tweet, Text and Tell EVERYONE I can about the poor service and quality of Jenn Air!!!

  15. when you get around to building a stove that can boil water properly please let me know

  16. WE DON’T HAVE TO OFFER YOU AN INCENTIVE! … That’s the response I received from Hailey in Customer Care when I asked why --- after 8-weeks --- the set of induction-ready cookware that was promoted as an incentive with the purchase of my new Jenn-Air induction cooktop had not arrived yet.

    Sorry you feel that way Hailey. And you are right; you don’t have to, but you did. You did incent me with the offer of a set of cookware. In fact, had you not, I would have purchased my own cookware. But you did. And I don’t have it after 8-weeks. We all know that the only type of cookware that works with an induction cooktop is induction-ready cookware, and I don't have any.

    And now that I thoroughly dissatisfied with the Jenn-Air brand and your attitude toward your customers, why in the world would you make a customer wait 4-6 weeks (as it states in the promotion) to receive a set of cookware knowing full well we can’t use the cooktop without the proper cookware. Whoever is managing this incentive hasn’t given it much thought.

    So Hailey, instead of telling me I should feel privileged to get the incentive offered to me, with or without the cookware, I guess you should know I don’t feel privileged. I don’t feel excited to own the Jenn-air brand. And I can’t say that this has been a positive experience.

  17. I regret buying an appliance from Jenn Air. I was told by customer service that I didn't do "enough" research before I purchased the product. I was relying on the dealer especially to stand behind their product. All I have seen and read since is that Jenn Air doesn't stand behind their products---especially when customer service tells me that I should have read the legal description before I purchased the refrigerator.

  18. I purchased a Jennair stove top with a downdraft kit at PC Richards& Sons in Nanuet, New York. This purchase was done in Oct., delivery of stove was 11/29 without the down draft. The downdraft was finally brought for installation 12/19, at which time the installers had to borrow duck tape from me to tape the mid are to the lower vent because they said the clamp in the box was too large.. Because of the nature of the ducktape, on removal to replace the clamp, this area will be very sticky atc, I was told a new downdraft kit would be sent to me from Jennair, then I should call them then they will return to properly install it. I am appalled that such an expensive item is being handled so carelessly by your distributer in Nanuet, N.Y. They however says the lag in all the deliveries, from the stove to the down draft kit, has been from your end. Needless to say I am very angry and disappointed and wished I had never purchased a Jennair stove. I thought I was receiving the best on all levels. Alas it was just a 'thought'. Is it possible for you to expidite the delivery of down draft kit, so that I may be able to ventilate when cooking? I am J. Patterson and you could have the downdraft kit delivered to PC Richards & Sons at Nanuet Stor #67, 293 West Route 59, Nanuet, NY 10954


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