Google Fiber Corporate Office Headquarters

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Google Fiber Corporate Office Headquarters
1814 Westport Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64111 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-777-7550

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  1. Hello I'm currently working for a Red Roof Inn and we just recently found out that our property was being sold because (2) of our employees were changing shifts when a couple of foreigners came to look at the property and spilled the beans. First of all I am disgusted to know I have dilligently worked for a company that didn't give a damn about their employees, I worked hard to represent your name and you just underhanded us like this!!! I'm so pissed because worst case we might loose our benefits or even our jobs, so now its just a waiting game. We have kids and families to take care of and this crooked ass company pulls this bullshit!!! WORD OF MOUTH IS SERIOUS...I will be telling everyone how this company is full of shit!!!!!!!!!!


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