Gillette Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Gillette Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Gillette Company, Inc.
800 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02199
Corporate Phone:1-617-421-7000
Customer Support: 1-800-331-3774
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  1. Every day I see all these guys in advertisements and celebrities, with all that bacteria in their facial hair.

    Why doesn't Gillette start advertising on TV and everywhere, pictures of mustache and facial hair seen through a microscope? Then show video pictures of men with mustaches and facial hair, showing that every time he sneezes or has allergies, all that nasal fluid goes into his mustache and he does not even take a shower before meeting a girl, YUUUUUKKKKKK!

    Have you ever seen under a microscope how much bacteria a hair has? Do you think any woman is going to kiss that after they have seen a mustache hair under a microscope?

    In the case of the Clear Scalp Treatment, who wants a man sweaty from the extreme heat of the desert?

    Why can't they portray that they have a CLEAR therapy with a CLEAN looking guy?

    There is nothing sexier than a recently showered, freshly shaven man smelling of cologne.

    RUN THOSE ADS AND YOUR SALES WILL GO UP BY THE BILLIONS because after you show what facial hair looks like under a microscope, NO WOMAN is going to kiss or even go near a guy with facial hair! I sure do not, never have and never will.

    Tell advertisers that if they show filthy, scruffy un-bathed men, they are telling the public that is what they, themselves think of your own products!

  2. I purchased your blades through Costco for years and was a dedicated customer. However after returning my last purchase to Costco due to the terrible blade and disaster on my face. I went to a Norelco electric. Just today I tried Harry's Blades and have just received the best home shave of my life and I am almost 65. It is a shame that your product went from ok to bad. You lost along term client with little hope of renewing me. Sincerely,
    Douglas B Jones


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