Kraft Corporate Office Headquarters

Kraft Corporate Office Headquarters
Kraft Foods Inc. Address:
Three Lakes Drive
Northfield, IL 60093-2753 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-847-646-2000
Fax Number: 1-847-646-6005
Customer Service Number: 1-877-535-5666

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  1. I grew up on Royal milk crackers and am disappointed that after Nabisco was purchased by Kraft, the crackers were discontinued. If Kraft doesn't want to make this product because it is not profitable, why couldn't they sell the rights to a other company that would be willing to continue the product and satisfy the consumers' desires to have it continue? I've read several websites with comments stating they just realized this product is no longer available and would like to see its return. Thank you.

  2. I Purchased your product belVita, and was very impressed. Very tasty and took the place of a bowl of cereal. However, I tried a new flavor and unfortunately while eating I bit down on something very hard. I thought I may have broken a tooth but on examination I found two small items that I cannot identify. I Tried to smash then with a spoon but this did not happen. They are very small, I have them on a piece of Scotch Tape and would like you to take a look at them. Could I hear from someone on this matter . I used to work in quality control and I am aware that some things get through. Unfortunatly, when It comes to food, this could be dangerous. As I say I cannot identify these small bits. How do we handle this problem?. My phone number is


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