Kids Foot Locker Corporate Office Headquarters

Kids Foot Locker Corporate Office Headquarters
Foot Locker, Inc. Address:
112 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10120 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-720-3700
Fax Number: 1-212-553-7026
Customer Service Number: 1-800-991-6684
International Customers: 1-715-261-9588

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  1. I think it is ridiculous that a raffle needs to be done in order for me to get the 12s for my son. It should be based off first come first serve bases. This is how it used to be back then and I was able to purchase all the new Jordan releases. My child asked me for these sneakers so I went to the mall near me and was not called for the raffle which now means I will NOT be able to purchase these for him. Trying to purchase online is even worse when trying to purchase new releases.

    An upset parent!

  2. I'm not happy o order the Jordan retro 11 low gold and white they took my money but declined me getting the shoe so now I'm upset and would like to get a hold of corporate but it keep saying no one is able to come to the phone this is bullshit never order from them again

  3. I placed an order over the phone on 8/7. I was told that the shoes were on back order until 8/15. I called the customer service on 8/17 because I hadn't heard anything or gotten an email. I was told by the rep that they would not contact Addidas(the seller) until 8/29. I didn't understand that. The rep told me that when an order is on back order they don't contact the seller until 2 weeks after the date that the item was promised. I explained to her that the rep did not explain that to me initially because I would have not placed the order if I cannot get a definite date. She said that the reps have training that they go thru and that he was suppose to tell me all of the pertinent information. I told her that I have not received any status emails concerning my order. She asked if I wanted to just cancel my order and I said No. I told her that I do not appreciate the first rep not giving me all of the information. She said that I should get email updates and she would make sure that I would from then on. I received an email on 8/24 saying that my order would ship in 24 hours. I have not received anything so I called customer service today. The rep looked up the order and said that it would ship on 9/12 So unacceptable. I've been going back and forth and of course he asked me if I would like to cancel my order and I said Yes this time. I'm tired of waiting on the shoes. I'm tired of the lack of customer service. They are all programmed to say "Would you like to cancel your order" instead of a different alternative to a least soothe the customer.

  4. Upset customer!!! Will NOT order again.... Ordered online and tried to return to a kids footlocker store for a refund and was informed I have to mail them back. Clearly not what is on back of the invoice/receipt received with the shoes. Kids footlocker does not honor what is on this invoice/receipt. Never heard of not being able to return something at the actual store location if ordered online!!! Ridiculous and inconvenient!! Will not get my business again. Called customer service and they were clueless and not helpful at all. Horrible business ethics!!!!!


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