Kaiser Corporate Office Headquarters

Kaiser Corporate Office Headquarters
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. Address:
1 Kaiser Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-510-271-5800
Fax Number: 1-510-271-6493
Customer Service Number: 1-800-464-4000

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  1. I dislike Kaiser So much its ridiculous!You build buildings that Have lights as decorations that burn all nigh.you have 2000 dollar benches that no one uses at Market street.Your co pays keep going up and your service keeps getting worse.Have any of your"doctors" ever graduated with higher than a 1.5 gpa, i doubt it.I know two people that have died under your neglegent care,and several more that have not even been diagnosed correctly.You must have great liars i mean attorneys!You should be out of closed. I wonder if you lovely lovely corpoate leaders use Kaiser,I doubt it becayse thwy are still healthy unfortunately.I really hope Karma comes around for you all! you are very greedy and do not provide patients with real medical care I would rather go to my local vetrinarian!You are a typical example of why America is imploding.I am not mad i just am not a SHEEP like a lot of people who put up with your lack of real medical knowledge.Please have the president call me at home to discuss if hes not too busy with his stock broker you have my phone number but i bet you cant even find that in your illogical computer systems that don't work half the time either.If he does have the intelligence to call me i would say guts but ive seen his picture he needs to cut back on the fried chicken hes got plenty of guts!Anyway i see all the people everywhere that are digusted with your terrible medical care!I hope a really good lawyer has a bad experice like thousands of others and sues you all out of work,Oh yeah send your "doctors" to medical school please.That would help.Please have the courage to call me at home i would love to give thr pres a list of problems from one of the "sheep" or patients as i call them! Thanks Again! for nothing but an ulcer which ill have to find a doctor to take care outside of Kaiser.

    1. I think he is totally right Amen Brother

    2. Thats an understatement! They do not provide adequate medical care for anything more than the common cold!I agree they should be out of buisness and sued by thosands!

  2. Sorry for the typos its hard to type when you are trying to tell a company how bad they are in so many ways!


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