Hotel Indigo Corporate Office Headquarters

Hotel Indigo Corporate Office Headquarters
InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-877-846-3446

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  1. I stayed at your Nashville West end location. This was my first stay at your hotel. My sixth visit to Nashville. I had a class that was located at your hotel. This was, by far, my worst stay in Nashville. I would never stay nor refer anyone to your hotel .

    Let me explain why. First, when made the reservation, no one told me that you did not accept cash. So, when I arrived with cash and was denied a room I was shocked. I then had to spend the next hour plus on the phone with my bank transferring money onto my credit card that I had not planned on using.

    In my first room.....which was directly next to the elevator........was a nice room. I had had so many problems with the front desk people that it was difficult just being there.

    The next day I was switched to another room on the 10 th floor. There was one face cloth so I had to call and request more. The phone did not work. The alarm did not work. And to top off my stay, when I went to take a shower I got a cold shower. There was no hot water in the shower. Considering in the first room I took a shower, it was not a misunderstanding of how to use the shower control.

    On Sat., I requested the front desk to have the manager call me. This request was made around 7:30 AM. Around lunch I stopped at the front desk to see if the manager received my message. They assured me yes.......I spoke with the gentleman who took the call from me and he assured me the manager did receive the call. The reason for the request was because the first morning that I awoke in room 1005 the cleaning woman used a loud article on the door to wake me up. It was 9 AM. Her statement was, " do you want your room cleaned"? I could not believe this hotel would allow that. The second person at the front desk at noon found nothing wrong with her doing that. She was in her 20's with long blonde hair. She is also the one who gave me such a difficult time at check in. I would fire her.

    I think it is time to send someone to this hotel without the hotel knowing who they are. This is the worst hotel that I have stayed at. They were extremely unfriendly, non caring, and overall incompetent and allowing brash employees. I travel all the time . This was the worst. My previous stays at other hotels are positive memories. This was a nightmare.

    To end, I would seriously look at who is managing this hotel. Obviously, they are falling down on their job. And , the fact that I requested a call from the manager, knowing he/ she received my request, and to receive no phone call, says it all. This is a poorly uncaring hotel.

    Mary Romaine 904-502-2438 BTW, I do not want to hear from the manager now. He/ she had the opportunity.

    My room was changed to get away from the elevator.

    1. Gross ,,,never stay there again Mary.

    2. Their location in Newark NJ is a disgrace. Never stay There. Dirty, musty, hotel staff was not friendly or helpful.

  2. I had the worst vacation of my life when I stayed at the Hotel Indigo Downtown Nashville.

    I booked three rooms for four nights Aug. 3 to 7th. I booked the rooms under three different names and got three confirmation #'s and I told the hotel the rooms would be paid for upon arrival by each individual party. Even before I left my home of Friday Aug. 3rd. my credit card was charged for the full amount for three rooms for four nights. My account was now overdrawn, my bank put a hold on my account and my bill payments bounced....the hotel couldn't release my money back to me until Monday...

    I leave Nashville on Tuesday Aug. 7th, try to use my credit card at the airport it's declined.
    Call my bank...Hotel Indigo DID IT AGAIN charged my credit card for three rooms for four nights....OMG.

    I spent the next day doing damage control with my bank...

    Hotel Indigo Downtown manager Mindy Tenant is useless...(was laughing while on the phone) saw this as no problem....dismissed it entirely...

    Now I have late fees being charged to me because of the hotels stupidity...Mindy just says to call my bank and work it out with them....

    Called Guest Relations Case # 29526788, they say I have to deal with Mindy...

    I will never stay or recommended A Hotel Indigo property...

    I received absolutely no compensation for my trouble and in fact it is costing me money to fix the problems caused by this hotel.

    Maria Massimiano

  3. I previously booked Hotel Indigo Alamo dtwn San Antonio on for the weekend of 09.21.12 - 09.23.12. Let me just start off by saying this was one of the worst stays I have ever experienced with any hotel. There were so many negatives coming from the staff that is was unreal. To start off there was no indication that they wanted to hold a total of $50.00 a day for incidentals to the room. Once my card was given to them to hold this fee, they ended up holding a total of $166.30 and no one could tell me what the extra $66.30 was for when asked. Basically it was I don't know know and there is nothing we can do about it. I preceded to get answers from someone in charge only to find out that she allowed the maintenance man to speak with me instead of her. Being that this was an inconvience for me, no one even offered to accomodate me (THE CUSTOMER). The elevator took ages to come, the AC unit was loud as hell made it very hard to sleep and to top it all off they wanted to charge a $25.00 fee for valet per day (which was also not included at time of reservation). This is something also that I am taking up with This by far has been the worst experience ever for me. Upon check out they held another fee of $41.30 to my card and once again no one knew why!!!! I spoke wih the general manger who for some reason was trying to speak over me and defend her lousy stafff instead of listening to my concerns (THE CUSTOMER. Once I got her to understand my frusration she offered to comp me a weekend but the problem is, that I would never stay at that hotel again. The staff was horrible and inconsiderate of one's issues. I'm not the type that needs here hand held but I do need respect, which was not given. Upon check out, I called to retrieve my vehicle and I was told it would be a 10 to 15 minute wait. Ok, that's fine. I preceded downstairs around 12 minutes later only to find out that no one went to retrieve my vehicle so I now had to wait another 15 minutes. There needs to be a new staff that knows how to handle the public because clearly this ne doesn't. Y. Bowser 09.25.12


    The $200.00 hold is still on my card.

    1. I understand your stress and concerns. I booked a room here and canceled it too. Because some of the staff is dry, and they seem to have issues with explaining their handicap parking or how it is to be used by the guest. I got a "You park in the back", well I wont be parking on the back, front , side ever. Make sure you tell every body about this not just here. Go to face-book, Instagram, and all other public media so all can know. I actually watched a brand new restaurant close here after being here only 3 years because every one got the word out about the service. The sad part is the leaders here take up for the employees when they cause issues.

  4. I received a gift card for Hotel Indigo in Baton Rouge La from my employees. It was a $250 value. When we decided to use it I was told it was expired. How is it that they can keep the money and not allow me to use the gift card? The staff member who answered my call was not helpful at all and made me feel like I was wasting her time. I will never stay or recommended A Hotel Indigo property...

  5. As an Airline Crew Member, Hotels are extremely important to us for a number of reasons. I always look forward to staying in Indigo Hotels. On a recent visit to Houston Texas, We had an extended stay at the Hotel. The Hotel Staff could not have been more accommodating absolutely wonderful customer service. On the day we were leaving to the Airport are scheduled van service was a no show. Gene Sullivent the F/D Manager went absolutely above and beyond. It was almost time for his shift to end, but with no hesitation he said he would drive myself and my crew to the Airport, during rush hour traffic no less. this trip was easily a 2 hour round trip for Gene. I cannot thank Gene enough for this and his devoted service to your Hotel he is truly a wonderful employee and certainly deserves credit for this.

    Thank you Gene for saving the day.

  6. I mad a reservation to stay at the new Tuscaloosa, Alabama location and cancelled to reservation within 12 minutes after making it. Why? Because I called the motel to confirm that I made the reservation correctly and to get information on the parking, and how the motel assist guest with parking, I was told that, "You park in the back" how ever that employee never explained that nothing more than , I must park in the back. This is unacceptable. I needed to know about handicap parking. Dry.....

  7. I booked a room at your hotel on line and was charged two different time upon arriving at the hotel guest services charged me again and then told me that I did not have enough to pay for the room which it came out to be in the amount $203I ask why she said the rate change because ofvthe show that was going on at the Prudential Cenyet in downtown. Newark ,NJ on February 10,2017and I was stood that I will get my money back wanted to down grade and guest services told me No so now money is not returned and had no way back home guest services told me to take a tuber cab back home after they took all my money off my card (mind you that was my paycheck from my job) I will never do this again OT recommend. This hotel to anyone decided to move my wedding. Reception to somewhere with better services and won't take my party's money

  8. Our conference and attendees had a major problem with amenities and parking while staying in Hotel Indigo Atlanta Midtown. The food & beverage manager was very nice, but could not solve the problem. We asked to speak with the hotel manager, who was SO very NON-caring, short and downright rude. While on the phone, this woman actually hung-up on me. Unbelievable and extremely unacceptable. In all my travels, she is the nastiest _ITCH I have ever done business with. Although Atlanta is a hotbed for business and she will lose your company lots of money.

  9. Attempted to make a reservation this am. I asked for early check in. I was told that Indigo will accommodate if possible. Then the agent proceeded to tell me that no hotel offers guaranteed early check in. I know this is not true, and I told him so. His response? “I’ve already told you no. Do you want to continue the reservation or not?” My response? Hung up and called another neighboring hotel. Guaranteed early check in- no problem. I don’t deal with rude customer service. And why he is speaking for other hotel chains- I don’t know. But, I will never consider this property again.

  10. My name is Tara Snowden I stayed at your property located at 3581 Park East Drive Beachwood Ohio August 23rd-25th.
    Shortly after check in I pulled back the bed spread to check my sheets as I normally do when staying at a hotel to discover that the bed had bee been slept in prior to my check in,I called the front desk and requested a linen change Jerel said no problem. Sam the maintenance man brought me the clean sheets and told me to make the bed myself. I asked him if this was a policy he told me he is maintenance not housekeeping I was appalled. I took pictures of both beds in the room for comparison. I let Jerel who was working the front desk at that time know that I was not happy, he apologized, I also let him know that Sam needs to learn how to speak to people and he needs a lesson on what good customer service is.
    Later that evening I spoke with the front desk manager Ronnie to state the same thing and he apologized also he even offered to make the bed for me however I had already made the bed. I am an older woman who needs back surgery and this was totally unacceptable.
    On a better note Ronnie,Carmen,Vanessa,Jerel,Mylo and the rest of the staff were fantastic.
    I would like for it to be known that this is a corporate complaint and that I would like an apology and a response.
    Thank you


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