Homestead Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Homestead Suites Corporate Office Headquarters
11525 N. Community House Rd., Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28277 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-980-345-1600
Fax Number: 1-864-573-1695
Customer Service Number: 1-980-345-1600
Reservations: 1-800-804-3724

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  1. I have tried to contact the manager at the North Addison TX location, but on the first call the person (could not understand his name at all), they first hung up on me. On the second call, they said that I could do whatever I wanted, if I wanted to call the police that was fine, etc. The tenant there has been living by stealing from various stores, then selling the goods, they have drugs and drug stuff in their room, pets, his wife is currently running from the law with warrants out for her and I believe for him as well. Bottom line, I was NOT able to speak to a manager about this, your employee hung up on me when I tried to let them know what was going on saying "that's what you say". It is sad that the employees don't seem to care what the people staying in their rooms are doing.

  2. I have been waiting on a manager since 9:30am July 27 2013. at the Tamarac facility and no one have showed up yet. I am very unhappy.The rooms are very dirty have dead roaches, I paid for a week. I. want to.leave andgo to a different facility. But don't have money caused I used it all at this facility. Manager never showed up yet its now 2:12pm. Please. Help. I need a place to stay paid. $427.28 on 7/26/13 and can't get no help to. resolved this issue. I want to go to an extended.stay but neeSirrena email rsirrenad money

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    1. Well I worked at one of the hotels and for weeks now have tried to get in contact with the CEO of the company since trying to go to management chain in a right way I believe u did I went to the manager above mines to which did not go any where cause those two were friends for years so went to the next in line to which once again lead to nothing or no where now have tried to reach out to headquarter and no luck. It's crazy how the conduct of the unprofessional of a manager can go on with nothing done time and time again I've seen her do things to make her empoyee want to leave. But as for my situation I asked for help before making thing worst or bad cause of the disrespectful way she was treating her employee with went as fare as her using foul language. Now I went up the chain for help in this issues and can you believe it no luck. WHO DO YOU GO TO FOR help when wrongly done by a manager go to one and then the next in line and then CEO and no luck????!


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