Holiday Inn Express Corporate Office Headquarters

Holiday Inn Express Corporate Office Headquarters
InterContinental Hotels Group IHG
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-888-465-4329

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  1. June 28, 2012

    Re: Holiday Inn Express
    Location: Arlington Heights, ILL
    General Manager: Justina
    Asst manager: Hanna Kim

    Attention Corp Office,

    I would like to state that as a new employee for the above hotel mention, i was appall with the standards of house keeping. I was train to clean the bathrooms / rooms with NO disinfecting /
    Anti-Bacterial supplies... They only use soap and water, no scrubbing.

    The bathtubs are not properly cleaned. No gloves where provided, i had to request the use of gloves. Towels and sheets where not available on the shelves for the housekeeping department. in the laundry room. I was assign (42) rooms on my first day. The management belittles the employees in front of the guests, whether it's in the lobby area or in the hallways... Your employees have been told that if they don't like their jobs to leave and find another job, i received complaints within the first twenty min's of my arrival. The employee moral is really low and bad.

    The third floor is expose with mold. looks like a war zone there. The sad truth is that they have booked guest there as well. The paper work for new hires employees are not being handle properly.

    I resign the following day, i refuse work under those unsafe conditions. if the Media or Television station was to get wind of this, I strongly feel that the Holiday Inn express in Arlington Heights, Chicago will be shut down...

    The Hotel has so much potential, however you do need to send someone there undercover in order to experience what i experience in ONE day. Hire or train new management as well.

    Hope that some one takes action soon to this matter in question.

    No wonder there is such a bad turn around in the house keeping dept. And perhaps the front desk as well.

    1. Everything In Your First & Second Paragraphs I Can Relate To At The Hotel I worked In, In Toledo Ohio! Smh

    2. Wow sounds like the Holiday Inn Express in Anderson Indiana!! And their manager Angela Williams is a convicted felon for THEFT!!!

    3. Im writing this in regards to the Holiday Inn Express in Canton Mississippi , for starters the hotels first floor is coverd in black mold and has hade mushrooms growing from out the baseboards .The new paint covers it so you cant see the mold but its there ,even in the kitchen .The second floor is not much better than the first ,the hotel also has a rat problem as well . The cab service business cards on the front desk is actually a cover for the escort service thats being run out of the hotel . The manager Kenneth Stoval is rude to his employes and lies like a rug to everybody ,he is not fit to manage at all and i hope corporate steps in and gets a manager in there that knows how to manage a business and treat his employes

    4. I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Rochester NH because they allow pets which is great our furry friens came travel with us, however no one picks up poop and it was everywhere very unsanitary.
      The rooms were very dirty and after a few dayscwhen I asked for clean sheets the houskeeper said "didn't know I was doing sheets today" whats that all about.
      I was falsely accused of smooking pot in my room manager tried to charge 150. dollars for cleaning fee I think someone wanted a few extra bucks that day, when I offered to call the police and do a drug test she waived the fee. Can I sue Holidayinn for false accusation?

    5. Well, that is nothing. I called the Selma, Texas Holiday Inn Express to speak to my husband that is out there working and the hotel clerk answered the phone and asked what my name was before she connected me to the room and then hung up on me. I called back and she asked me what my name was again, and if we had the same last name, very upset. Come to find out, she is having an affair with him, sleeping with my husband. Apparently they also must run an escort service. Why would a family friendly hotel hire and condone such unprofessional conduct. She needs terminated from her job for destroying families.

    6. I have a friend that has been a housekeeper for many years. She is very good at what she does. She recently was hired by Holiday Inn Express in Perry,Ga. They pay her 7.25 an hour and will not pay for more than 6 hours a day yet many times she has to work 8-12 hours a day without extra pay. She is basically paying them for the job. Thank God she has turned in her notice and has 2 other jobs to fall back on. I question if this is even legal.

    7. yes I did experience the almost the same at the hotel I was employed at. Management has no respect and does be little employees,, then they promise to do something special for you and then they fire you. There has been a tremendous amount of turn around in the short 6 months I worked there. I left because of the bullying plus the schedule would be posted and emailed, then the schedule would change with no notice and then POOF, you are written up ( although) the schedule you were sent via email shows that either you were scheduled on (on your off day) or the time to start your shift was different from the schedule you were emailed. This is priceless mis-management. I moved on to another Hospitality opportunity.. much much better...

  2. This letter is to the corporate offices of Holiday Inn Express. This past weekend I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Ft. Montgomery, NY to attend a function at West Point. For the price I paid, I should have gotten a discount, because I could not take a shower. I complained at checkout, but was told the shower worked and I didn't know how to work it. Well, there was absolutely no signage for instructions as to how to make it work. To me, this is totally unexcaptable, especially since I paid well over $200. I have stayed in flea bag hotels, but was always able to shower. Management should be reprimanded.

  3. I'm staying at the Hoilday Inn Express at park plaza in Sherveport La. I had 200.00 stolen from my room while at breakfast! I've made a police report! And of course the general manger wa really no help! Looks like maid get by with it and. It's okay for them
    To open up my purse and take what they want! And it not be returned! I'm
    So mad! That nothing's being done! I really would like to talk to someone higher up! My husband stays frequently through our the year, we are priority club members! This is the way were treated! Wow!

  4. I surprised my wife this past weekend for her birthday. I arranged for a surpirse breakfast at a local diner with 3 of our grandchildren. Included in the weekend was a sleepover at the Morton, Il. Holiday Inn Exprerss. When I asked about reserving a room, I asked first if they had a swimming pool for us to use with our gradnchildren. I was told that they did. When we checked in I was given the keys to our room. My grandchildren were paricularly happy to learn that our room was directly across the hall for the pool. This was impressive to me, because all I had asked for was if they had a pool. This, to me, was service above and beyond. We found the facility to be very clean and the staff were always very helpful and pleasant. The breakfast area provided a nice place for us to play games with our grandchildren in the evening and the breakfast was very tasty and ample the next morning. I believe that your corporate office can be particularly pleased with the efforts of your staff at the Morton hotel. We usually stay at Holiday Inn Express hotels when traveling and will continue to do so. The new Holiday Inn Express is a great addition to Morton, Illinois.

  5. We recently stayed at Holiday Inn Express Sports Complex in Kansas City. On our first night there, our car window was smashed in as well as the car's window parked beside us. Both cars were parked in front of the hotel in plain sight of the front desk. The night clerk heard our alarm going off, waited 5 minutes until it quit, then went outside to check and saw nothing. The next night, 2 other cars were vandalized and goods were stolen out of their cars. This hotel is located near a busy 4 lane highway with lots of lights in the parking lot. Although the hotel staff was helpful with glass clean up, no offer was made to lower our 2nd night's rate or to offer any other help or compensation. Didn't expect to have our $288.00 glass repair paid for by Holiday Inn, but a little effort to help with room expense might have swayed our decision to avoid Holiday Inn Express in the future!

  6. My niece and I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. We checked in around 3:00 pm on August 31st. I was told of all the amenities that Holiday Inn had to offer and was told of the hours for breakfast. Like everything else in life if I don't write it down, I tend to believe in what I thought I heard. So you guessed it we were late for breakfast. I was approached by one of the staff named Mary and told her I completely blew the hours for breakfast, but it was no big deal we would go out elsewhere to eat. She immediately said “We are not letting you out of here without eating breakfast, and we were to follow her. Then we met Yvonne, another wonderful staff member who right away started listing the breakfast items they had left and she immediately started handing us plates, bagels, cream cheese, yogurt, cereal and milk. As they went on with their clean-up duties they were constantly making sure we were doing fine. Mary and Yvonne didn’t treat us like guests they treated us like family. I can’t thank them enough for their hospitality and kindness. Please recognize them for making me feel like I was at my mom’s house. This hotel will always be on my number one list of hotels to revisit, thanks to Mary and Yvonne.

  7. My family and I were considering a trip to London to attend the Olympics. As a school administrator, I had had good experiences with Holiday Inn Express in the past - clean rooms, good breakfast and nice service - so I called the central reservation number in November to inquire about rooms. I was told about the Park Royal location but she said that for the Olympics there was a no cancellation policy. I said that I was not prepared to committ that amount for the trip this early. She said put me on hold for a few moments then came back and said that I could reserve the room for the 8 days and it would cost me one day's rate if I cancelled. I said that was acceptable so I gave my name and debit card information. I was given a confirmation number but received no contract which has happened to me in the past. When a private home was made available, I called central reservation to cancel in February (6 months out) and it was accepted. The next day, I received an email from the reservationist in London saying I could cancel but there would be no refund. I emailed her what my original agreement had been. She said to basically "prove it" which I had no documentation or name of the original central reservation lady. Emails to the general manager and the person over Great Britain were futile as I made 15 different calls and emails up and down the chain of command to get this resolved and my money refunded. I am disappointed the HIE would fall on their sword in this issue and lose a devoted customer and I know that in the end, this room was rented out for more than I was expected to pay.


  8. I would like to say this.
    Yesterday was 9/11 all flag were suppose to flow at Half Staff/Mast
    Will the Holiday Inn Express 9790 North by Northeast Blvd
    Fishers In. Did not fly their flag at half staff/mast
    The Governor of Indiana/the President of the United State put out a that flags at half-staff 9/11.
    Lot lives was lost that day we owe them respect an their family.

    I hope I didn't hurt any body feeling
    I am a Veteran also retired 38 Years Service

    Thank You

  9. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Braintree, MA and received a present..."Bed Bug bites". Now I have to tear up my house to see if any of them are in my home. I can't sleep due to the stress. I would really like to have some advice.

  10. Mickey Horrocks

    After all the negative comment I have read I would like to report two resent positive experiences in the last two months and like other I have also had some very poor experiences with Holiday Inns in general within the United State

    Holiday Inn Quuote San Luis Potosi Mx September 2012 (Hotel Exceeded Expectation Staff, Accommodations and Services)
    I work for a major automotive company and travel extensively and in the last two months August and September 2012. It was necessary for me to travel to San Luis Potosi Mx. in Sept where I stayed at the Holiday Inn Quuote. The Hotel and service were exceptional and exceeded all expectations. The reason I am sharing this experience is the remainder of the week was the trip from HELL.

    Someone (Airlines, Customs or Immigrations) lost my luggage including my briefcase and computer in Mexico City and I truly feel if it was not for the Holiday in Staff (primarily but ant limited to) the “Bell Boy” my belonging would never have been recovered and retrieved their persistence and literally hour by hour follow up with the Airport in San Luis Potosi and the Airlines paid off approximately 30 hr’s later.

    When it looked like a lost cause the “Bell Boys” even escorted me the a couple of the local store while assistance me in translating and purchasing new cloths to complete my business trip successfully. If it would not have been for the Staff at Holiday Inn Quuote my trip would have been a complete failure.
    I would like to thank all the Holiday Inn Team Member (With Special Mention and an outstanding Job well done to (Alex) Mr Alejandro Barron) Thank you

    Holiday Inn Express Salamaca Mx. August 2012 (Hotel Exceeded Expectation Staff, Accommodations and Services)
    As mentioned above I’m employed by a major automotive company and my travels required me to put on a Major Presentation for over 160 supplier in Mexico at the Holiday Inn Express Salamaca Mx.. Upon my arrival the day before the major presentation it came to my attention that due to some (Lack of or Miss Communications) between other members of my company and Holiday Inn. The Hotel we not aware of the service required for Presentation Room plus equipment and materials, Snacks and Lunch for over 160 people.

    To make a long story short the Staff and Team members of Holiday Inn Express Salamaca successfully and professional met all challenges head on and expertly coordinated a excellent display of professionalism with a Lunching designed for royalty. (A Thank you and Job well done for all)

  11. It seems that every year when VSU Alumni book rooms at the Holiday Inn on Roslyn Rd in Colonial Heights, VA we somehow get moved to another hotel (one/two weeks before) due to so called unforseen circumstances. Although they are honoring the room reserved, it is located in Chester miles 15-20 minutes away from campus. I find it strange that this isn't happening at other hotelsin the area just this one. We bring a lot of money to the area and should not be treated like this. Word of mouth is powerful and this is bad business.

  12. The Holiday Inn in Cartersville GA restaurant was a disaster when my family & i was there last weekend plus i could swear i smelled marijuana coming from the kitchen. Then as we were leaving i believe one of the restaurant workers were smoking it in her little black car. She wasn't being very discreet about it.
    Is this how you run your restaurant?? She should be fired or at least drug tested.

  13. Attention Holiday Express Cooperate
    Regarding: Holiday Inn Express
    9333 Springbrook Drive NW
    Coon Raids,MN 55433

    My husband,myself and my disabled 33 year old son just spent 3 nights at your hotel from Oct 12-15th. When I directly booked the room I had very specifec questions regarding the bathroom situation because of my son's disabilites. Upon a prior arranged late arrival time we found out the bathroom was nothing like described. The room set up was perfect but he could not use the bathroom. Seeing as this was a 3 night reservation this was very important to us. The bathroom was not a wheel in flat floor surface-but a regualar bathtub. He could not possibly begin to get over the tub height. Secondly the shower seat in the tub faced the wrong way and could not even fit the width of the tub. Making the person sit sideways on the rim if he even could get in the tub. The seat was to big for the width and couldn't be turned. We unpacked and put food in the refrig and went to bed saying we could deal with it in the morning. In the morning come to find out the refrig didn't work and we had to through out our food we had in it overnight. We proceeded to go speak to the front desk by means of the elevator. The three of us(one in a wheelchair) and three other people were in the elevator when it got stuck and we had to call on the phone for help. The air and the lights went out in the elevator causing the kids and adults great stress. After 5 minutes we were left out. I proceeded to the front desk and was told there is one room in the enitre hotel that has a wheel in shower and flat floor,unfortunately it could not accomodate the 3 of us and the adjoining room to it was booked. A room exchange for that room was not possible I was told even though they were not checking in and the room was the same as our existing room. The following day we got stuck in the elevator again. We had to use the elevator given the wheelchair. The third day I asked if the real handicap bathroom room was available and the adjoining room so we could bathe our son and be by him because of his epilepsy. Yes it was and we gladly moved only to find out the shower was broke in the bathroom we needed. It was fixed later that morning. I asked why the elevator is not working and the answer was it will be fixed on Monday-the next day after the past two days of being stuck twice. On our final day I even stuck in it with the manager of the hotel who said it will be fixed later that day(Monday). During my 3 night stay I was stuck 5 times in the elevator with a wheelchair and other scared people. The last time I tripped onto the first floor because the elevator stopped 5 inches short of even. Here are my points of this e- mail. Handicap rooms should be on the first floor because of fire evacuation plans. If we had had a fire during our stay and the elevator was acting the way it was my son would have been trapped. How can you allow a non working elevator just to wait for a Monday? How do disabled and elderly have a chance if they can not walk? Secondly-no bath for 3 days because of misinformation of handicap bathroom. Handicap bathrooms should not be remade regular bathrooms with a tub that people can not clear and shower seats don't even fit in them! Just because bars are put in does not make it handicap usable. We could not rely on the elevators which scared all three of us during our visit. How would we get him out of the building? Please address your bathrooms and their location in your hotels and please have elevators serviced promptly when not functioning so people who can use the stairs are not trapped. When staff tells they know there are problems but help is 3 days out, is not an exceptable answer. We tried to re-book with others hotels but it was to short of notice for a handicap room-which go quickly. Please take this to heart and keep your clients safe,we did not feel so. I loof forward to your reply.

  14. Dwight Barton
    I am currently staying in the Holiday Inn express in Plantation at 1701 University Blvd. I am assigned to a 2 week job assignment per my employer. I would like to share some concerns with you in regards to my stay within the first 3 days. I’ll list them and comment on each. In the end, we (and others whom work of the company which travels the U.S.) have moved and made recommendations that certain motels / hotels not be utilized in the future due to the quality and disposition of a facilities staff. This one is now on that list. It comes down from the top how a business conducts itself; from ownership to management, to its operations. If it is seen to the customer as NOT befitting then it has failed from the top level – you cannot blame anyone but yourselves.
     Employee attitude – the front desk is consistent I’ll give them that. Each one has a ‘sour puss’ face and look / sound annoyed that they have to deal with you from check-in, your stay, and check-out. The one who checked me and (2) others in claimed to be new when unable to answer some questions but was an ‘expert’ when telling of company policy on point redemption. The amount to be made at our stay is - $3,600.00 for us to stay. When I asked if there was a hot tub on the premise, she (Nicola) with a frown, responded - “I believe you already asked me that”. I had not, but what if I had? What kind of response is that?

     Room / building quality – the building is obviously a remodel as the old was joined onto a new section. The hallway and stairwells smell heavily of paint to the point of a sickening odor. It’s quality is that of a city apartment building renovated into a hotel. My room in particular had a lamp out, a bad receptacle, and a bathroom fan that screeched loudly upon turning it on (1 switch for light and fan).

     Elevators – Despite it being inspected by Broward County versus the state, there was inconsistency with the inspection certificates. Some displayed them and others stated they were on file. I couldn’t help but doubt the validity of either, as the operation of them was sketchy. Some floor buttons did not illuminate, others were jumpy at the start and stopping of movement, and another rumbled like loud thunder when moving. When pressing for an elevator, both would show up denoting there was no coordination / communication between the two. Finally, there are ‘NO’ Elevator designations of the four I was on to indicate which one I was on should it get stuck and you would need help. The only thing I hadn’t done was check the emergency phones.

     Flooring Choice – I had the unfortunate chance of being assigned a room on the 2nd floor near the elevator. The hallways are carpeted unlike the tile floor by the elevators. I got to hear constant traffic up until 2 am as people shuffled by with their baggage, screaming kids, and the cleaning folks using non-rubberized wheels which caused loud activity by the elevators. The housekeeping staff talk loudly in the hall and bang up against the walls as they navigate through the narrow passages.

     Pool – aside form it being too cold to use, understandable for November, I couldn’t help notice it was still green and slimy to the touch. Are you kidding me?!? Perhaps if it were heated and better maintained it would be a better draw.

     Meals – I have stayed in a lot of Marriots and most provide a breakfast like my stay here but they also provide free dinners, and evening cookies, popcorn, and candy. It’s the little things that make a difference. If you consider this too costly, well, they figured a way to deliver it for the same price with a hot tub and well maintained amenities’.

    Well, take it with a grain of salt they say! But this is the first one of these I have ever written publicly about a hotel so it impressed upon me learly – its weakness’ and lack of standards.
    Dwight Barton

  15. We recently stayed at the HI Express in Garden City, Kansas and it was the worst experience of our lives! First, we made coffee in our room immediately upon arrival because we had just drove 13 hours from Phoenix, AZ. My husband poured the coffee in the standard paper cups in room and hot coffee spilled out the bottom of the cup, nearly burning my husband and 2 year old! Thinking someone played a cruel joke, he grabbed the other cup only resulting in the same thing happening! That was only the beginning of many problems. Not only did the room just "feel" dirty, you could smell dirty in the air, as if the room hadn't been cleaned properly! Later that night, I put our 10 month infant daughter to sleep in their crib they had furnished for us. Not sure if anyone has used their standard issued cribs, but they're horrible! They are the old, metal cribs. They must expect a baby to lay perfectly still and not touch the bars at all. After our infant fell many times in the crib and continually hit her head on the bars, my husband had to go to Walmart and buy a pack-n-play with the mesh siding. Much better, thanks to him!

    The next morning, I was taking a shower and was trying to figure out why my infant was in the bathroom crying. As I looked around the bathroom, I noticed the floor was flooded with water and she was soaking wet! Thinking that I didn't close the curtain well enough, I pulled it over more and quickly finished my shower. My husband took a shower after me, only to have the same thing happen. The bathroom conditions we horrendous!

    We called to front desk to complain about our experience and got nowhere with the front desk representative and requested to speak with the Manager. After waiting a few hours, she finally got back to us and only made excuse after excuse. She said the maids were terrified of my husband as we was raging in the hallway and cursing. I was absolutely appalled at this! I was with my husband the whole time and so were our 2 young girls. There is no way he would act like this! As I recall, we walked by a housekeeping maid and she said something under her breathe in Spanish. She (the manager) also said SHE was upset because he had accidentally left the bellman cart outside. We were so upset over the horrible conditions and treatment over this stay, we couldn't get out of there fast enough and simply forgot to bring it back to the front desk. The manager said she saw that on video. Ironically, she didn't have video of my husband being a raging lunatic in the hallway!! Because it didn't happen!!!

    We were scheduled to stay there the whole weekend but thankfully, we were able to make a reservation at another hotel and get out of this horrendous place! I will NEVER stay at this franchise again and if it was my only choice, I'd rather sleeo on the ground in the freezing cold!

  16. Mary Lou and DougDecember 13, 2012 at 4:41 PM

    Re: Holiday Inn Express
    Location: Burlingame, CA
    General Mgr: Luis Leon

    Attn. Corp. Office:

    My husband and I stayed the night of Dec. 10th, 2012. We were on a business trip.
    We want you to know that our stay was really perfect!! The room was clean and comfortable. The hot breakfast was tasty and fresh. The mgr., Luis greeted us at breakfast in the morning and asked if we were happy with everything (and he was very sincere). We replied that we were more than pleased. The value was exceptional for the price and we will seek out other Holiday Inn Express lodging when we travel. Be sure to
    see that Mr. Leon receives acknowledgement of our comments. He's a real gem.

  17. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Van Buren, Arkansas and would like to know what brand and which one they have in their hotel. Please give us the full info. about the mattress as we would like to purchase one for our own use.

  18. Nov-2012

    I stayed the holiday inn express, henderson , ky us rt 41 next door to the comfort Inn, both owned by the same person. Upon arrival, I had to change rooms immediately, becaue the room smelled like the sewer had been backed up in that particular room for days, not even fresh air could help that smell. our case mgr. had a suite with a jacuzzi, the problem was it was old, with a bedroom curtain seperating the bedroom from the shower. The hotel is in need of some serious updating. The second room I stayed in 326 also smelled like the sewer had been backed up. It only smelled when you run the water from the faucet, so I bought bottled water to brush my teeth, and drink. I reported this not once, but twice, I was told they were waiting on a plumer to check it out. When I left I let the owner know again someone seriously need to check the plumbing in room 326, because someone can get extremely sick drinking or smelling that on a daily basis it's toxcic.

  19. My husband and I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Turlock California. We found it very clean and comfortable. We had just checked in after being in a bad auto accident where we rolled our truck.The staff was very kind, curteous, professional, thoughtful and just true sunshine in a bad situation. They went out of their way to make us comfortable and to try to help us cheer up. They are a true testiment on how we should treat each other. We want to make sure the staff know's just what their kindness meant to us. We are truly blessed to have come through this experience without major injuries and then blessed by such professionalism and kindness. Thank you staff at the Holiday Inn Express in Turlock California!~ We would like to contact the district manager and let them know what an awesome team they have at this location.

  20. My family and I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Brookings SD and were very upset when we took our three small children to pool and having only been in there for a little while. We had to leave the pool because one of the male workers (tall, stocky dark haired guy) came down to the pool and poured a pitcher of powdered chloride in the pool and then washed out the pitcher in the pool as we were right there along with other families.. My children began coughing, my husband and I could feel our eyes burning.. Needless to say we didn't get to enjoy our vacation. We called Corporate and are still waiting for a result....

  21. Christmas Day (2012),I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Humble, Texas near Bush Airport. I had to stay at a hotel because we lost power at home due to a storm. I chose this location because I had previously had my son's graduation party there in 2008. We also spent the night in a great room with a full kitchen with a stove, microwave and full size refrigerator. I was very satisfied with the service and facility at that time.

    However, during my last visit, someone kept coming into my room without knocking the next morning! This occurred at least three times!! I was in the room with the TV on!! I also had the deadbolt locked and the latch on the door!! I complained to the front office when I checked out and she apologized. She also spoke to the maid that was assigned to my room. I left as she spoke to her regarding my complaint.
    I will not stay there again and I will pass this info on to others. Be aware!! Stay at a four/five star hotel if you can afford it!

  22. Hello! Just wanted to let someone know how professional, personable and helpful the staff at the Holiday Inn Express in Salida, CO is. I am disabled and go with my husband, Pete, when he has to travel for his job. I just wanted someone...someone who can/will do something (just let these people know) how nice it is to be treated with such kindness & professionalism. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Salida, CO 1/30~2/1 and as usual, was treated VERY well. Before I became disabled, I worked with the public; its not always an easy job. These people go out of their way to answer questions, bring things to the room if needed,etc. The person who cleaned our room was so nice, professional & all around pleasant & personable. I always had to listen to the 'bad' things that supposedly happened; not many nice comments. But~when in Salida, we always stay at the Holiday Inn & will continue to do so because it has always been a pleasant stay. The person who cleaned our room went out of her way to help me, talk to me, recommended restaurants, etc. Her name is Wendy, and if possible, PLEASE let her know how much that is appreciated, respected. I usually keep to myself, but it was so pleasant to actually talk to someone; connect! This probably sounds pretty stupid. I very rarely take the time to comment...on most anything. Please let her know how much she is appreciated. I don't mean to go on & on, but you have a very special staff and I want someone to know about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully, let these people know how much they are appreciated (by me at least!). Also, I do not know how to redeem 'points' (?). I believe we have accumulated some, but I don't know how to use them.
    When someone has a chance, could some information please be sent to our home? My husband & I are planning a vacation for our 25th Anniversery, and if we have earned anything, please let us know? Not quite sure where we are planning to go, but probably towards California. Would like to know where Holiday Inns are along the way (Nevada, Oregan, Seattle). Anyway, please let these people know how much they are appreciated. I used to work with the public and its not an easy job. Thank you so much! Pam & Pete Brown, 2300 Mesa Drive, Olathe, CO 81425. I would much rather receive any info via USPS instead of an email or by phone.

  23. my resent stay at the holiday inn express,dimendale michigan,was less then pleasent rude people less then acomadating, front desk were not friendly just acted annoyed like they didnot care, rooms werent bad, but house staff were not very professinal one of your employees named lori(she was waring a name tag)anyways she was brae ting another,saying things like your to slow and if you cant keep up she was going to be wrote up the poor girl was almost in tears, latter i ran in to the house keeper who was being braeted came to my door and knocked in a very pleasent voice said housekeeping i was surpried too see the housekeeper from earlyer but i told her would not be needing anything today and apologized for the way she was treated come to find out lori is there superviser and shes like that with all housekeeper she thretens then and is not a very nice person i witnest this with my own eyes i was also told by another person in the kitchen that this lori was a bully and was abusing her so called power, please look in to these problems other wise the room was clean, just some of staff were very questionable

  24. Are you aware that you have a convicted sex offender working at the Ripley, WV location.

  25. At the Holiday Inn Express in Dillard Ga, it appears that part of the ceiling up front by the ice machine looks like it is ready to cave in. there is a crack running across the ceiling and there is what appears to be water damage around the crack. no doubt this is coming from the ice machine above it that never seems to be working whenever we stay at this location. just thought that someone should be made aware of this threatening issue since it seems that it is not going to be taken care of by hotel staff.

    1. The cleaning practices of the hotel chain is on par with the apathy of corporation. I have travled the globe for fourth years and stayed at thousands of hotels. It takes a great deal of effort to be the WORST hotel chain in the entire world(including third world countries. The room I checked in was simply cleaned with the same lame apathy that seems to permeate corporate. At least one thing is consistent. They don't care about anything but providing the minimum and charge the maximum for the utmost in inept service. I wish I could be more Postive but they suck from the CEO to the bowl scrubber that hates to clean. I have also liquidated ALL my stocks due to the omnipresent ineptitudet of this clown show of a company. Thanks but I will sleep in my lexus SUV at the rest stop no bed bugs there. Godspeed with your success as the WORST hotel in the world. That takes a good bit of work, congratulation, on being the epitone of ignorance.

  26. Sandi Dahlheimposted toHoliday Inn Express

    I am a mother of a 17 year old Army guy!..I live in Hastings, Nebraska. My son is in Lincoln Nebraska which is 2 hours east of here!. We are in a blizzard warning across most of the state. My son had stayed at your hotel for drill over the weekend. I called the Lincoln Hotel and asked if I could check him back in because of the blizzard. They BLUNTLY told me NO....we have a policy on age. I said excuse me but there is a blizzard and the interstate is CLOSED. Sorry Ma'am that is our policy....I was BEYOND speechless. My son is old enough to fight for your freedom and is denied a room?...We got in our car to make the journey to get him only to find we couldnt make it.....My daughter found him a hotel that was more the generous to give him a room....I think under the circumstance, there would have been no harm in you renting him a room. A service man, who had just checked out!..I will be putting the word out on how your help treated me and the armed service.....

  27. Andalusia AL only pays their housekeepers 3.75 per room to clean-or so the front desk attendant told me so-last time I looked, this was AMERICA, not some 3d world country-(BTW the hotel is managed by Indians (not native americans either)--this should be illegal and looked into by the US Dept of Labor!

  28. To Whom It May Concern,
    My husband & I are senior citizens who travel extensively. We recently attempted to make reservations at the Holiday Inn Express in Bradenton, Florida. The website immediately came up. We attempted to book Saturday, March 9.Intinerary Number: 110102797
    We were to visit family, so we needed two rooms, one for us and one for our daughter, son-in-law and two children.When we printed out the confirmation, it had been changed to Sunday, March 10. Since that is not the date we entered, we IMMEDIATELY canceled the reservation. We received an email within minutes confirming the cancelation. Cancelation Numbers: 111862620791-57852409,111862620791-57852410 We then called the hotel directly asking for reservations for the date we requested, Saturday, March 9. We were told that there were no rooms available on that date.On Wednesday, March 13, we received the following email:
    Hello Nancy Miller,

    Greetings from customer support.

    This is regarding your cancellation attempt under itinerary number 111862620791.

    Your reservation at Holiday Inn Express and Suites West - Bradenton has been
    cancelled. However we regret to inform you that we are unable to process any
    refund because this reservation was booked at a extremely low, negotiated rate.
    Part of the terms of that agreement that was made at the time of booking is that
    we are unable to cancel, change or refund this booking.


    The room type and rate selected are non-refundable. Should you change or cancel
    this reservation for any reason, your payment will not be refunded.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

    Thank you for using our services.

    Elijah T.
    Please include Itinerary # 110102797 when replying.
    Needless to say, we are devastated that Holiday Inn would attempt to SCAM us in such a way. We have stayed at your hotels many times. Many of our fellow senior travelers whom we keep in contact with on social networks have also stayed in your hotels. I have not mentioned this to all of them. I want to give you the opportunity to correct this mistake.
    Please respond correcting this obvious error.
    Thank You,
    Nancy L. Miller
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    1. Did u get charged twice for your room ? We payed cash then 5 days later 250 dollars is off my debit card and they claim. Its over a stain on the sheets n comforter my grandma is very old and sick and accidentally got something on it 250 dollars with no notics or anything I only noticed cuz of the money missing from the card

  29. Your company is a pathetic excuse for a chain. All these complaints and nothing done about it?

    1. I am on the same page with you about this. Im sickened.

  30. I went to the HIE in charleston, sc on march pattys wkend. The toilet in the room was not working. it took the staff forever to fix it. when we arrive back there was no parking. It seemed as though they were overbooked. we woke up in the middle of the night in the room with extremely hot. I I am highly disappointed. I could have gotten better service at a super 8. I will never ever go there again to any Holiday Inn.

  31. Holiday Inn Express in Clear Water. Address 2580 Gulf to Bay Blvd.

    I went down there on business on January 28th and was not due to check out until the morning of the 1st of February. I stayed the one night, the 28th of January and when I woke the next morning and was getting ready, there was a silver fish on the wall. I killed it and hoped that was it. That night I came back and was on the edge of the bed talking on my phone and out came a huge cock roach. It ran behind the TV and I called the front desk immediately, she (manager) told me she would call me right back. 15-20 minutes later she called and told me to calm down and that they use Orkin. Really, I don’t care what they use it obviously wasn’t working and frankly as a customer I don’t need to know that. She then proceeded to tell me that they were going to move me to a different room. All the while I was watching the roach so I knew where it was. I packed my stuff and went out in the hallway. She sent two guys up and they proceeded to take me three doors down from where I was staying. I refused stating that the roach was three doors down, and if there is one there was more. The one guy ran down and the moved me from 3rd floor to 4th floor. I called my boss who told me to check out. I was able to get in at a Marriott. I went down and told them I was checking out. The guy that was behind the desk, Aaron, said that he was going to charge me for one night, I told him no way, and I wasn’t leaving until I had a receipt showing no charges, I also made him write on the slip that I would not have any other charges, see attached. The manager came out and it took them about 20 minutes to get my receipt. The manager went in the back room and would not come back out. No apologizes from either the manager or Aaron. When I received my bank statement they charged me for two nights. When I have called they say that they have issued a credit and when I tell them it is not on my card statement they say they will research and call me back but never do. I called today and spoke with the manager, she is from India, can’t understand her name she hung up on my twice. There is a sign in every Holiday Inn which states: “making your stay a complete success is our goal. Just let our Manager/ Front Desk staff know if any part of your stay isn’t satisfactory. We promise to make it right or you won’t pay for that part of your stay.” They not only have not given me my credit they promised but then charged me for two nights!

    I just want them to credit me for their crappy hotel. I understand and get that there are bugs but I don’t need them in my hotel room. I have been to Florida many times and never had a problem like this. They told me I would not be charged and they need to live up to what they said they would do. I also think that there needs to be an inspection of this place, they are very clever and have dark carpet and dark base board so if I wouldn’t have been looking at the floor when I did I would have missed the roach. Like I said earlier, if there is one there are more and I feel for their other customers. After this experience I will never stay at a Holiday Inn or Express again. I think other people should know about this place and how they treat their customers.

  32. I stayed one night at HIE Kansas City Spirt Complex. All was well until two days later I had a $250 charge on my acct. I called and the front desk person stated the Mgr smelled smoke in my room. This Accusation is false. My room was two doors from the front desk and I am fully aware of the smoking policy. I am also appauled that after 3 days of reaching out to them I am unsuccessful in receiving a response. I will share with everyone I know to never stay at a Holiday Inn if this is how they arw going to treat their customers. I believe this is a scam as I have found over 173 other complaints.

  33. I had booked through Expedia (never again, paid my hotel room with them for a HIE in Miami Oklahoma... stay was pretty pleasant but when I finally made it home I had seen a near 200 dollar charge to my debit card. Not only did I pay Expedia my fee, but apparently HIE decided to double charge me. When I finally after 6 phone calls to HIE to ask for a refund to be placed back on my card... they decided to charge me 84 dollars more instead of refunding. I called as soon as I noticed this and all I heard was " this is why we hate using expedia, and it looks like they booked you another room for the night" NO ONE CAN GET THEIR BUTT IN GEAR THERE AND FIX THIS ISSUE. I am furious! they debited my card without my concent and I am more than angry with the situation. THEY better stop stealing my money and give me whats rightfully mine. Im glad I have a friend who is an attorney ( although never thought I would ever need him for legal advice).... he will have a field day when I tell him about this one!

    ATTENTION CORPORATE OFFICE.... You need to get that place looked over and I demand my refund. no more nice playing, I have been burned to a crisp with lies and not to mention them stealing money from me that I dont even have in my account. If my vehicle payment bounces over this mess... this will result in a huge legal mess.Not everyone has a load of money in the bank to just give away. Every little red cent I earn is used up on bills and my kids. STOP THE THEFT! C.L.G

    1. Same happened here 250 dollar's for a tiny stain on the sheet and comforter. Call ur bank and tell them it's a double fraudulent charge hopefully getting ur money back

  34. Travel every week for 17 years, very inconsistent one HIE to the next. I would have to say this is a corporate management over sight problem. Stay away from the Hillside IL location off 290 at Mannheim, lights off in the parking lot, very unsafe!!

  35. As an Employee of the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Rockingham NC I would like to say that the GM that we have needs to be replaced and looked into because he is an alcoholic and he has a really bad attitude problem! I am tired of being mistreated by this man and him thinking he can talk to me how ever he wants to and I will no longer put up with it! He has made me work under doctors notes and because he doesnt have me any reliable coverage for the audit shift! I love my job dont get me wrong but when it comes to being sick and having to go to the emergency room they all blow up bc no one will work for me when i have worked for many of the other emplyees here at this hotel I have pulled a double one morning because my first shift relief decided she would come into work drunk and pass out at the time clock and that was okay with my managers but when i have a doctors note everything is a prblem and i am tired of it. Something needs to be done asap.

  36. I would like to compliment the Mackinaw City HIE, They have some of the best Staff that I have ever dealt with. I have worked for several professional hockey teams and traveled all across north America. They are the best!

  37. Holiday Inn is one of the most Americal companys that I can think of. Why do they have a call center in Asia (Philipiens)? They never know what you are talking about and always screw up your reservations.