Hilton Corporate Office Headquarters

Hilton Corporate Office Headquarters
Hilton Worldwide, Inc.
7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000
Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000
Customer Service Number:1-800-445-8667
Fax Number: n/a
Reservations: 1-800-445-8667
International Callers: 00-1-800-774-1500

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  1. I submitted a detailed complaint to Hilton Headquarters on Tuesday Feb 19th,2019 identifying targeted discrimination, harassment, stalking and ADA violations and to date a week later Hilton corporation has failed to contact me with any acknowledgement or apology or request for additional information to provide me with restitution and resolution.
    Ghosting patrons for reporting Hilton employees for civil and criminal violations does NOT make the issue go away instead it makes the issue worse as THIS patron is going to people who accredit the Hilton and for litigation resolution.

  2. Satisfaction ended at the door: people were smoking right outside the front door; 3 staff were wearing masks (an African-American male at the front desk and the two from the kitchen); a woman with no mask was eating her meal while waiting on guests at the front desk; doors banging and shaking the rooms; a woman banging on an adjoining wall and a herd of children stomping above; moved to another room and a man did STOMPING exercises above (running in place, jumping jacks, squat thrusts for over an hour beginning 6:30 am); electric panel exposed by the bed and the panel lying on the floor; electric sockets didn't work; NO ONE was wearing masks - including on the elevators (guests nor staff); toilet seat (had to hold on for dear life because it was defective); LOUD traffic noise; they should PAY ME to stay there!  I will be requesting a complete refund.  This site is NOT representative of any Hilton I stayed in for decades. 

  3. P.S. Bath tub drain plug broken, top mirror not cleaned and a gazillion more troubles at this hotel.

  4. On June 3, 2021, I am staying at your location below:

    Homewood Suites by Hilton San Diego Hotel Circle/SeaWorld Area
    2201 Hotel Circle S,
    San Diego, CA, 92108

    The fire alarm start going off at 7P (PST)and nothing the engineer or front desk did to resolve the issue. It is now 9:33P(PST) and the alarm is going off. I at this hotel because my company selected this place to stay while doing a job assignment at a nearby hospital. I have get up at 3:30A (PST) to go to the hospital to work. Besides that, the room smell like funk and engineer came to sprayed air freshener, turned on ceiling fan, and air conditioner so I can freeze and get sick. I kept calling front desk and nothing was done about the alarm. I video taped the fire alarm going off and will upload to social media sites to people know not to stay at this location; especially, if work where need to get up early in the morning and only answer to the alarm going off is: “Are you cooking”. Then, the hotel engineer tells you the cure for a funky smelling room is:“Freezing and air fresher”. This is a waste of guests money to stay at this hotel. Guests must use their money wisely and go to many other hotels located in the area.

  5. I want to thank you for making housekeeping a request only service. I am a Diamond and have alway done request only. This may be a big money saver and also perhaps make some Hilton properties more affordable for families. Thanks Hilton!!

  6. I believe that the Hilton Reservation site has been hacked with the purpose of charging credit cards for dates not requested and then not allowing a correction or cancellation. I had to report the fraud to the credit card company and cancel the card to stop a fraudulent charge.


  7. Mr. Nassetta,

    Incident at Hilton Penn's landing Philadelphia : My Family Tessa Coffelt, Holden Coffelt, Carrie DeCriscio, and Zachery DeCriscio was stuck in the elevator for over 45 minutes, it was at least 110 degrees in the elevator. We called the front desk over 7 times on our cell phones, because the safety systems were not working they put us on hold at the front desk at the hotel and I waited for four minutes for them to actually get on the phone to get us out of the hotel the hotel elevator had no safety features in it none of the communication equipment was working. We had to call the fire company to come. If it was not for the Fireman we would still have been stuck in the elevator. We talked to the front desk and they told us the general manager was coming down to see us . He never showed up. We talked to a fellow by the name of Philip Director of room services and he was very rude and he would only comps for one night each for rooms 913 and 904. I asked him to talk to the GM. and he disappeared. After 2 /12 hours he came back to the lobby and asked us what we were still doing in the lobby. I told him we were waiting for the GM. He told us that the GM left for the day and he was sent to handle it. We were told two hours prior that he was still in his office and he was emailed to help us out with this issue by Johanna sales manager . I asked for something in writing from Philip showing the refund and he was rude again as he went to the front desk to give us a receipt. I told him we were going to call corporate and he said i'm not telling you not to call go ahead. and we did on 7/11/21. We talked to Marrissa Hilton escalations on phone # 703-883-1000. She gave us a case # 93864293 and told us that she would email the GM to contact us . After 3 days we still did not have a response or an email about the case and any actions taken. We contacted escalations again and talked to Sharice and we had to start all over because the system was down. as of 7/18/21 still no response via email or telephone. I'm shocked that a world class hotel wout have this type of poor communication. I frequently stayed at Hiltons for the past 30 years for business and pleasure. I just wanted you to know that George, the food manager at the hotel was so good to my family and took care of our meals that evening.
    Have a blessed day
    Joe DeCriscio


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