GNC Corporate Office Headquarters

GNC Corporate Office Headquarters
300 Sixth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-412-288-4600
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-877-462-4700

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  1. Today on the early show they did a story on protein powders. They say 3 scoops have more heavy metals in them than the FDA’s limit.
    They found arsenic, cadmium and lead, and Muscle Milk and Myoplex were the brands with the most.But so were your products. I take AMP Pro Performance. I was told that it was clean of any thing like this.

    Based on 3 servings per day:

    The worst:
    EAS Mysoplex Original
    Muscle Milk - Chocolate
    Muscle Milk - Vanilla Creme

    In the middle:
    Muscle Milk - Chocolate (liquid)
    BSN Syntha-6
    GNC pro performance wheybolic extreme

    Muscle Tech Nitro-Tech Hardcore
    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard
    Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro whey (cleaner than Gold Standard)
    Six Star professional strength whey

    The cleanest of all:
    Solgar whey to go natural vanilla

    Please tell me what is going to be done. And why you would put these things in there to begin with. WHY. I am waiting for your answer.

    Thank you


  2. I went to two of your stores in Rockville MD that resulted in poor service. You have two stores in Rockville pike, one in the Whilte Flynt Mall and one in Federal Plaza. The sales associate at the White Flynt mall is not fluent in English and she was unable to help me. She had an Indian complection and she kept calling a friend and spoke in Indian language in order to operate the cash register! The other customer rep was in the Federal Triangle store in the Rockville MD. He claimed that he is has hearing problems and could not hear a workd that I said! I don't know how you guys stay in business in this economy! LOL!

  3. I went to a retail store in West Babylon, NY. I was returning a protein drink that my husband and son used. Although the container still had some product in it, the sales associate would not return the item regardless of GNC's policy that there was a 30-day guarantee. I had the receipt and he was extremely rude to me. He said that I was commiting an abuse of the policy. As I was leaving the store, he yelled that he wanted to meet the people that used the product I was trying to return and he stated he would put them on a list that they could never return anything again to GNC for the rest of their lives. I was dumbfounded. I just left. He was so out of line, I couldn't believe it.

  4. On a beautiful winter afternoon, 02/22/2014 (approx. 5:00 pm) my children and I were exploring the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. Initially, we walked by the store, but then I remembered that I needed some vitamins so, we turned back around to enter the store. Typically, I do not shop at GNC, but it was there and thought, might as well check it off while it is a thought. Well, to my surprise two employees were being disrupted. They (male and female associate) were very close and she was hoisted on the back counter with him placed between her legs. Needless to say, they were just as shocked as I was! He jumped away and she maintained her position; on the counter with legs opened. This was so mind-blowing, that I just stood there for a moment filtering what was attempting to come out of my mouth. I asked a pocket question and rushed out of there with my kids hoping that they would not have noticed what just happened! These associates are clearly partaking in inappropriate behavior!! I myself work in Human Resources and this would be the worst thing to hear. My company is a major key when it comes to lending and building success in our client’s lives... This was an opportunity for a new customer, but wow, I have not stopped thinking about this incident. Thank you for your time and I hope that you follow up on this before some Sexual Harassment claim or Hostile Work Environment claim is filed.

  5. Your store in Picayune, Ms is a nice store but I have been in on several occasions and the lady who works there is constantly talking about the customer before me after they leave, tells me about how she never gets a lunch till late in the day and how her husband is constantly calling and texting her. I cant imagine what she says about me after I leave as all I do is nod and smile like I care. If she is there the next time, I will not be returning and will wait till I go into louisiana to get what I need. She is wayyyyy too negative for me anymore!!

  6. Yesterday afternoon I drove over to the GNC store located in Chester, New York, to purchase a case of "Isopure" Zero Carb - blue raspberry protein drink. The sales person told me that he had just received a delivery of boxes which were presently stacked in front of the display containing the protein drinks and that he needed to unpack the recent deliveries to get access to the drinks. He suggested I come back later in the day, assured me that the boxes containing the delivery would be unpacked and that he would be able to sell me the Isopure then. I told him that I would attempt to get back later but failing that, I would return today. At about 11:00 this morning, I took a lunch break from work, along with another co-worker who is a member of the same gym I attend who was in the market for protein powder. I drove back over to the Chester GNC store where I again spoke with the same sales person. I saw that the delivery from the prior day was still as it was yesterday. He told me that he had not unpacked the delivery but that he would move a box for me to get access to the shelf with the Isopure. He moved one (1), yes one, box and the display was now magically accessible. I asked for a case of the Isopure Zero carb in blue raspberry flavor. He took a look at the display and told me that he only had one open case containing ten (10)bottles and that he could not sell it to me as a case. I suggested that he take two bottles from another flavor such as fruit punch and include it together to make a full case. He said he couldn't do that as it would "mess up his inventory" but that he would sell me the ten (10) bottles individually at a higher price as it would cost more per individual bottle. He then suggested I purchase another flavor. I told him that the only flavor I was interested in was the blue raspberry but he remained firm stating "Sorry, then there is nothing that I can do for you"... and suggested I try another store. He suggested two stores. one in Monroe and another in Middletown NY and that I could drive over to see if they had it available.

    Two trips over two days, 15 miles from where I work, a lost lunch hour and he wouldn't toss in two (2) bottles from another flavor to complete a case that I was willing to pay for?...I wasn't looking for anything for free; and I'm a GNC club member. Bottom line, although he was polite throughout he made it apparently clear that he rather see me walk out the door buying nothing than make an attempt to satisfy a regular I did! I'm not looking for anything but information...Here's what I need to know. Please let me know where to send back my GNC club membership card or should I just cut it up and throw it in the garbage?

  7. I am very upset that the most helpful, knowledgeable and kind employee was released for being just that! Ben has helped me make several purchases! I found out that he was let go for giving a discount to a customer whom he was sure would be becoming a Gold Member. Not only was he let go the discounted amount was deducted from his final check! Portsmouth, NH Fox Run Mall store! Ben has brought in a lot of business to that store. BOYCOTTING!!!!!!

  8. i shop continuously in your Kentlands, North Potomac store in Maryland. Unfortunately when I was there a while back I had the distinct mispleasure of running into the absolute worst associate you have. She is a Chinese lady who barely understands English. After trying to explain the reason for a return she attempted to do the return and a purchase. What a mistake. First she could not get the return to work. Next she could not get the printer to work. She said it would not run. She played with this printer for 30 minutes while I was waiting in line along with others. She then called your tech support and did not understand anything they were saying. The other customers left. They put down their order and walked out. I complained at that time. Finally after almost an hour she got it. Duh.

    About a month later I went back to the store to purchase more product and guess who was there. Asked if there was any in the back since it was an empty space on the shelf. She told me she could not check it. No one else was in the store. I left and found out that she only works on Tuesdays. Guess who does not go there on Tuesdays.

    You really need to have people who understand English and care about the customers working for you. I know enough about HR to possibly be dangerous.

    My boyfriend started taking High T as indicated and after about one week starting having severe abdominal pain. We didn't immediately make the connection and went with all of the "obvious" potential issues - possible virus, possibly bound up (took Dulcolax) - - after 4 days of severe pain he put 2 and 2 together on what was newly introduced to his system. I GOOGLE'd for side effects of GNC High T" and found several sites that indicate ( "complaints about it’s side effects. According to our Research Editor, “Some users have complained of negative reactions. These included rash, stomachache, nausea and abdominal discomfort." He immediately stopped taking HighT - it has taken 4 days for the pain to finally subside. We returned the product to GNC and I checked the box shocked and actually furious that this product DOES NOT indicate any possible side effects. For a company who sells products that are ingested I am shocked you aren't more concerned about providing as much information about a product as possible; good and potential issues.

  10. So we went to GNC on mcmullen both, there was this dizzy ass young girl Diana Rayder who was working, every time we asked a question she would giggle, no answer just a giggle. So we got $109 worth of product and she is just giggling like a moron, so we got frustrated and asked for a refund. She said no, she would like us to leave, this lil moron called the police, we waited the police officer was like, she can refuse to give u a refund, there's another GNC down the street, you can return it there, so we left, but its the audacity of her calling the police that pisses me off, like the police have nothing better to do SMH, this was the GNC on mcmullen booth rd in Florida

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