Foot Locker Corporate Office Headquarters

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Foot Locker Corporate Office Headquarters
Foot Locker, Inc. Address:
112 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10120 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-720-3700
Fax Number: 1-212-553-7026
Customer Service Number: 1-800-991-6815

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  1. On 11-01-14 I purchased a pair of sneakers for my younger son via my debit card using my pin number. The next day 11-02-14 I found a nicer pair of sneakers at a different store and decided to return the previous ones back to Footlocker.
    Went to a store in Harvey Illinois, returned the sneakers,completing the return process I was advised to sign to receive credit. I asked the clerk why am I signing when I used debit(like cash) for the original purchase. He advised their policy is if using debit a return is then used as a credit transaction, which is not immediate,,,,0_0 takes a while to receive the funds... Craziness you took the money same day why cant it be either put back to the card same day or cash.
    Decided to call the customer service #800 at 1:30 pm ,to verify, after leaving the store because that policy is not anywhere on the receipt.
    Jake a CSR, answered and I explained my issue. He promptly told me yes that is what they do.. I asked why ... then he proceeded to say he really didn't know he was only trained for online assistance.
    Now I'm angry because instead of just saying... i'm unsure but I can try to find out for you. he lied....then said you need to go back to the store manager....0_0. Why when I'm speaking with you now, I then asked for a supervisor, but while asking for one he was talking over me( definite CSR don't) then placed me on HOLD... WITHOUT WARNING!!!!! That's like hanging up on a customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jake then came back trying to explain information he received from his supervisor....I didn't want to hear it .now he has an irriate customer,,,, kept asking to speak directly with him... while he continued to be hesitant. I also advised if you place me on hold w/o warning OR hang up, I promise you may not have a job. Where do they do customer service like that!!!!!!!!!
    I ended up speaking with Eve, who apologized,,, explained the answer to my question.
    However when I asked for the corporate number or address to write in a complaint.......she gave me THE CALL CENTER PO BOX 8066 in Wausau,WI ADDRESS!!! Really I worked in a call centers before and usually those addresses are just blanket addresses, which may filter into a file any some never get addressed!!
    This is one of the reasons why I DO NOT give Footlocker my business, the sales associates have ALWAYS been unprofessional , now the CSR for their online service as well*****from what I've seen lately most are extremely empty. Maybe you need to retrain ALLLL associates in store and online. But you will never get my business. This is a wake up call Footocker to revamp your training with ALLL employees of your company .


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