Extended Stay Deluxe Corporate Office Headquarters

Extended Stay Deluxe Corporate Office Headquarters
11525 N. Community House Rd., Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28277 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-980-345-1600
Fax Number: 1-864-573-1695
Customer Service Number: 1-980-345-1600
Reservations: 1-800-804-3724

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  1. We stayed at the hotel in Woburn MA from 5-27-13 until 5-31-13 for the fourth time for our annual visit to MA. Cindy the receptionist was there each time and was always extremely pleasant and helpful. we also had need of the Maintenance man who I believe was named Kevin, he was also a great help to us.
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morris

  2. Attention: Wayne Geld-Atlanta Regional Operations Director & Michelle Thigpen-Atlanta Director, There is currently an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible concerning an overcharge to my credit card. I've bee a resident of the Extended Stay Deluxe-Vinings 2474 Cumberland Parkway SE Atlanta Georgia 30339 (#323) Please contact Randle Jackson, Jr.

    1. Is this the same Randle Jackson, Jr who sells ADT Home Security? I'm confused to as why someone who makes over 10k/mth is staying in an extended stay.

  3. My Daughter And IStayed In The Wilmingto Extended Stay. And IPromise It Will Be The LAST Time I EVER Stay In ANY Extended Stay.It Was Beyond Nasty, It Was Filthy. I Have Pictues Of The.Showerhead, The Commode, And All The Other Gross Crap We Encountered In The Room. I Ask For A Non Smoking But The First Room Smelled Of CigeretfAnd The 2Nd RoomWas No Better. You Should Be Ashamed Entendsd Stay For ChargingPeople For This.Lesson Learned. You'llNever Get Another Dime Of.my Hard Earnsd.Money. ShameOn You. That Place Isn'tFit For Animals.

  4. We had two rooms for our stay. The 1st room 262, had mildrew in the air conditions, there was a blood stain on the mattress cover the floor had black ants all over it and the kitchen was nasty, the refigator was steeky, the bathroom had mildrew on the corners, bathtub was dirty, 2nd room as soon as you open the door the smell of smoke hit you in your face, the dish watcher was filled with water, and when you sit on the end of the bed the whole bed raised up . the head boards had knife wholes in it and the ceiling had knife marks in it. we reported it and the maid came and tried to clean some of the mildrew using clorex bleach I took pictures. this place is in Kansas City 87th st. The clerk tried to get smart and said if you have complaints you could go some where else. the pan that they had in the kitchen was so nasty .the iron was burned out/ the ironing board was broken.

  5. Well I worked at one of the hotels and for weeks now have tried to get in contact with the CEO of the company since trying to go to management chain in a right way I believe u did I went to the manager above mines to which did not go any where cause those two were friends for years so went to the next in line to which once again lead to nothing or no where now have tried to reach out to headquarter and no luck. It's crazy how the conduct of the unprofessional of a manager can go on with nothing done time and time again I've seen her do things to make her empoyee want to leave. But as for my situation I asked for help before making thing worst or bad cause of the disrespectful way she was treating her employee with went as fare as her using foul language. Now I went up the chain for help in this issues and can you believe it no luck. WHO DO YOU GO TO FOR help when wrongly done by a manager go to one and then the next in line and then CEO and no luck????!

  6. I am having same problems . I am a business person getting ready for a surgery so have to be by the hospital. The housekeepers do not clean they gossip etc. 1/2 office staff good managers and others bad. filty and a lot of drug people mooching money.They had better do something because my attorney will be involved. We are her because it has a kitchen that's it. This property is in Puyallup, Washington. I will be happy to take it to the news they can come look or i can send them the photos i took and list of witness statements, including the Boilermakers union there biggest account, my x husband whom i get his pension is out of the 154 BM union so? I had better get a call from the CEO.


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