Corporate Office Headquarters

8 comments Corporate Office Headquarters
Dollar Tree, Inc.
500 Volvo Parkway
Chesapeake, VA 23320 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-757-321-5000
Fax Number: 1-757-855-5555
Customer Service Number: 1-877-530-8733

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  1. I will be calling and informing you about two of your Managers Ms Beverly and Ivan from your store located at 6721 Westbank Expressway Marrero, La 70072 who are doing things at your store that I think you would not approve of. Such as on the spot hiring of individuals without checking work history or references, without giving writeups for no show no call and making other people work their shifts, Not posting and changing daily work schedules, standing around not performing their daily duties and making other people perform them. Only working with certain people on their shifts, texting employees when the are are scheduled off to come in, making certain individuals work three plus Saturdays in a row and letting other do like the want, making certain individuals work all the Holidays when others have the day off, singeing out the people who are loyal to the company and using them up and laughing behind their backs, letting certain people use their cell phones when others can't, having people come in for 5am trucks and have them standing out in the cold waiting for them to show up 15 to 20minutes late, send people to pick up their lunch and make them clock out to go get it, not giving proper 10 minute breaks then when it time for that person to get off making them punch for 30 minutes then punch back in so they can punch back out, never having people hours correct and try to justify them on their next check. asking people to lie for them when you were informed about 1 of your Managers quitting and when they said no started giving only a few hours trying to be mean then asking everybody to be a manager and no one wanted the position. What job do you know of where no one wants to be a Manager? Now you know something is wrong with this picture. When calling the store holding the phone in their hand and the person can hear them talking about them then laughing and saying the person has left when their ride can see them still on the Cash register. Always making certain people register com up short. Letting another person from your other store come work the when they could be giving your good employees the hours,You really need to roll back your cameras for the last 6 months so you can see whats really going on in your store, If you don't have cameras in your storage room you really need them there, you will be surprised to See whats really happening back there. Your Managers Ivan and Beverly are really doing a bad job representing Dollar Tree, You also need to roll back the cameras and see how a customer raised all kind of hell in the store saying your cashier stole $100.00 dollars from her when your Cashier told Beverly how unfair she was being treated and then her husband came in the store and said he had the money, what a coincidence, the person was kin to Beverly after humiliating and cussing the cashier out then her and Ivan were laughing about it. You also need to roll back your parking lot cameras, you just be be surprised at what you might find. In two weeks people on your payroll might get thirty plus hours being told who the boss is and the next week they have to work thirty-one plus hours in four days at the end of February. Whats really going on at this Store? I can go on and on. This is only a few unfair practices going on. Please I request that you check out your cameras and see whats really going on and certain people time sheet being changed. You really have poor Managers at this store and I would really appreciate you checking into this matter. I will be informing you of other matters occurring at your store.. Thanks in Advance .

  2. Cynthia RobertsJuly 17, 2015 at 2:23 PM

    I want to inform you of your Clifton park, new York and the way do business is NOT customer orientated. It's more employee orientated. I was standing in line for about 7 minutes, no problem there, as soon as I got up to register the cashier, semolina , informed me she was going on break and to go to the other register. Which wouldn't of been a problem but there was already 8 - 10 people in that line with quite of few in back of me. I said seriously in have been standing in this line almost 10 minutes and now you want me to go to the other line and wait another 10 minutes. She said I am on break, and she proceeded to close down register and walk away from me. Needless to say I threw my stuff down on her register lane and told her that when she comes back from break she can restock my stuff. I work in customer service and I would never to do that to customers. I have waited 4 hours to take my break. As long as there are customers you waited on them or you got someone to take over for you. You do not leave customers in a lurch standing there with an arm full of items ready to check out so you can take a break. Again you lost my sale and hopefully the people back of me to. This is a poor way to do business and if it keeps happening I foresee rental space opening soon.

  3. Jim Teeters in District 50 is a liar and does not deserve his position. He will not solve problems unless it benefits him. I have emailed him and Carmen Palmer about lies he has spread and neither will contact back.

  4. I visited your store#2132 4036 Victory Blvd...Portsmouth, Va 23701 . I find it strange that you have to put a quarter in thebasket to shop upon leaving your quarter is returned. however the other stores you dont have this practice. when asked the manager he says it to keep the patrons for leaving the baskets in lot however baskets is still left in lot with quarters in it. I see this bias practice because of location and Blacks patrons.In the other stores you have just as many Blacks patrons. The problem need to be addressed

  5. Sunday, March 6,2016 around 1:20 PM my family and I visited Dollar Tree at 109 Beck Lane in Lafayette, IN. The cashier yelled to the other cashier we have a line over the p.a.! I asked to speak to the supervisor two of them came out they said nothing. I phoned to get corporates number twice they hung up in my face. My daughter wanted to return her items because of the lack of respect they had towards me. It became I shouting match the manager Jeff comes to our car I couldn't pull off because I was blocked in by him and another car. It was all because of the color of my skin I will never return to that store! Other customers saw the incidents started yelling at the cashier and others were trying to comfort me. That's very bad business! I'm from out of town come to enjoy my shopping spree not to be attacked because of someone else's personal problem because I'm a prosperous woman of color enjoying the good life.

  6. Today March 21, 2016 at 12:51 pm at your Dollar Tree Store located in Dothan Alabama off Hwy 231 north,on 2731 Murphy Mill Rd, the cashier, Bruce, attempted to cheat my 88 year old Mother in law, out of change. She paid for her purchases with a $20 bill and a $10 bill and he said that it was 25.00 she gave him. When confronted by my grandson and granddaughter who saw the whole thing go down he gave the correct change. This is elder abuse and who knows how many people this cashier has swindled out of money.

  7. The store in Greenwood, S.C., near Wal-Mart is an absolute mess. Stock is all over the floor, no room left for shopping. The manager gets an attitude if
    someone says something about it. He does not deserve the position has.
    Something should be done to alleviate this and this manager and possibly the district manager for letting this store get in this condition.

  8. I am very frustrated with your customer service for online orders. I have called 4 times, as I still have not received my order number over a week after it should have arrived. I waitied for a long time on hold each time. I finally did get through to a rep, and I was told my order was accidently sent to another person. Then they asked me to hold again for a long time while they tried to figure this out. Are you kidding me? This should not be my problem to stay on hold again and again trying to get through to customer service or waiting while while customer service tries to figure this out. My order should have been just sent to me, since it was not my fault your company mixed up the orders. Why don’t you offer an email? Then I could state my problem and leave it is your hands to fix. Now I have to get my credit card company to stop payment to you.


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