Dick's Sporting Goods Corporate Office Headquarters

Dick's Sporting Goods Corporate Office Headquarters
300 Industry Drive RIDC Park West
Pittsburgh, PA 15275 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-724-273-3400
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-846-9997

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  1. As a parent and grandparent, I would like to congradulate you on your decision to remove specific guns from your inventory. On behalf of those who know you did the right thing, Thank you.

    Darlene Wynn

    1. As someone that has spent literally tens of thousands of dollars at various Dick’s Sporting Goods locations, specifically in the firearm/hunting departments, I was deeply disturbed by your corporation’s recent reaction to the tragedy in Sandy Hook. Your company presents itself as an advocate for sportsmen and the second amendment yet you were among the first businesses to remove the semi-automatic sporting rifles from your shelves. I have no other cause but to believe that this was based on the ignorant, knee-jerk reactions of an aggrieved mass that called for an irrational and ineffective solution, much like a child screaming for their blanket to protect them from the Boogey Man.
      In doing this, you have undermined the rights of not only American sportsmen, but EVERY American, as the constitution does not pertain only to the exclusive rights of the precious elite, but those of every citizen. Your actions have given false weight to the words of those that would have us stripped of our ability to effectively challenge a deeply tyrannical or invading regime, as per the second amendment and the writings of our founding fathers. This has been a clear and concise exhibition of your company’s true stance on the matter and how you will renege on your word and support at the slightest bump in the road.
      As a hunter I fire maybe 100 rounds per year. That’s about five boxes of ammunition. As a competition and recreational shooter (shooting AR and other tactical style rifles that you no longer sell), I fire 3,000 rounds a year easily. While you may retain you cliental that purchase a hand-full of boxes of ammunition annually, you have lost the loyalty of the crowd that buys it by the case.
      If you believe these to be the impotent words of a single, disgruntled (former) customer, I suggest that you do a quick Google search of your company. You have betrayed a group of people that are not very flexible when it comes to their rights and those that would falsify their support of said rights. I say these things as someone that has served in law enforcement, the military and as an avid supporter of sportsmen’s rights.

    2. 97% of gun shootings in the U.S. are through the use of handguns...not single-shot rifles. The AR-15 is not a military weapon. It is a civilian weapon. It is also not an automatic weapon which have been outlawed in the U.S. since 1934.

      Thank you though for your uneducated post. It has prompted me to join the NRA today and to also let Dick's know that this formerly loyal customer's family will NEVER shop at any of their retail locations again.

  2. I agree. I commend Dick's for having the courage and fortitude to remove specific weapons from your inventory.

    Bob D

  3. I agree! Now to ban cars that go over 55 MPH because no one really NEEDS those dangerouse things! And when are you going to take baseball bats from your shelves?! Per FBI statistics, you are 18 times more likely to be killed with one of those than an "assault" rifle! As a matter of fact, more children are killed each year in sports accidents than have ever been killed with civilian model tactical rifles, so when are you going to shut all of your stores down?!

  4. As a parent and grandparent I was dismayed by your recent actions taken in regards to your stores firearms. Even my youngest grand-daughter understands the constitution and specifically the 2nd amendment. Your behavior is typical of the un-american sheep which has come to rule in this country. And yes the name is real.

  5. I am greatly disturbed by the ridicule your store made of Tim Tebow in your NY location. We have had a Dick's store in our area for 2 years now. We also have Scheels. We will shop at Scheels as they do not make fun of others like you do.

  6. Walmart, Cabela's, Dick's, Gander Mountain, Dunhams Sports,Bass Pro Shops, Sportsmans Warehouse,Academy Sports & Outdoors, Big5 Sporting Goods,

    Please do not support this anti-gun legislation... We the People will Boycot all of your stores!!!!

    Please read the following quotes from gun control advocates:


    * "The president is going to act. There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken [and] we're compiling it all with the help [of] the attorney general and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action we believe is required." -- Vice President Joe Biden, January 9, 2013

    * "Confiscation could be an option." -- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview (December 27, 2012)

    * "We cannot have big guns out here ... semi-automatics and all of them," said Iowa Rep. Dan Muhlbauer. "Even if you have them, I think we need to start taking them." -- interview with the Iowa Daily Times Herald (December 19, 2012)


    * The proposed Illinois semi-auto ban would "ban more than 50% of the rifles and more than 80% of handguns" currently owned by Illinoisans. -- Study by Illinois State Rifle Association

    * "Ammunition is now the black hole in gun violence prevention." -- Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D), January 8, 2013


    * Biden is being pushed to accept "universal background checks [and laws to] track the movement and sale of weapons through a national database." -- The Washington Post, January 6, 2013, p. A1

    * The goal is to "break the back" of the gun lobby. -- Democratic operative Julian Epstein (MSNBC)

    Read all of these quotes again. Let them sink in.

    This is the goal of the so-called "reasonable, common sense" crowd in Congress. Consider what they want to accomplish:

    (1) Immediate bans on most guns currently in circulation.

    (2) Accompanied by national registration of guns and ammunition.

    (3) Followed by confiscation.

    The bottom line: ALL gun control should be opposed in its entirety.

    We are beyond the point of negotiating our demise with people who have made it clear that their objective is to destroy us.

    The only solution is to oppose EVERY SINGLE GUN CONTROL proposal. Every single one.

    I agree with GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA that gun control is not the answer. Connecticut had just about the most draconian gun control laws in the country, and they were absolutely unable to stop Adam Lanza from using a stolen firearm to shoot up a school.

    Therefore, I demand that you oppose ALL GUN CONTROL and write me and let me know of your position.

  7. Dicks is being boycotted for not selling ar-15 i have been reading in the forums.

  8. I am a retired federal law enforcement officer, including having also served as a special agent in charge. Banning guns from your stores based on their physical characteristics and political pressure is a direct attack on some of your best customers. Painting a stripe over the top of your car does not make it a race car. Making a rifle to look like a "weapon of war" does not make it a weapon of war. The gun haters know that no army in the world uses the guns you have banned - they know this and continue to lie about this. This includes the president and vice president, who purposely mislead the people on guns and many other issues. The fact that you listen to such lies is disturbing. The fact that you punish your customers based on the lies is outrageous. I encourage all gun owners to boycott Dicks, as long as it maintains bans on what it believes are ugly guns.

  9. Misrepresentation and failure to deliver on their business promise of guaranteed
    before Christmas delivery. My online order was placed with Dicks on the 18th of December for some under armour hoodies for my two children. I ordered with them because of their guaranteed delivery before Christmas. 3 days after Christmas, after calling their customer service, that they had cancelled one of my ordered items due to "out of stock" and the other hoodie is still lost on some UPS truck? Seriously? The Dicks customer service has no answer as of today and asked that I wait another 3 -5 days.... WTF... I will tell everyone I know not to buy from Dicks online and I will continue to write reviews on other sites and get my blogger friends to join in.....

  10. I am from upstate NY about 45 mins from the original Dick's location. I grew up hearing stories on how Dick's was a family owned business, had family values and treated there employee's like family. So when my 18 year old daughter asked if I thought she should work at Dick's I told her I thought it would be a great place for her to work. She works at the Ithaca store and her manager Eric is more concerned about sales then he's people. Incident 1, we had our first big snow for the season. This is my daughters first winter driving and she slide off the road and put her car in the ditch. When I called to let work know what happened, I was told she needed to call and she still needed to get to work. NOT is your daughter ok, no tell her to call and she needs to get here. Incident 2, She was scheduled to work a 12 hrs shift for Black Friday morning, which she did with only 2, 15 min breaks. This is illegal. After she worked her Midnight to Noon Black Friday they wanted her to stay, I told her no. The kid was so tired she could bearly function. She was told by Eric that she could go home and get 3 hours sleep and be back. I took her home and we called to see if she needed to come back was told yes. She tired explaining that she was so tired that she was dizzy. Nobody care. All any one cared about was her body being there making money and making them look good to corp. So she went in and work another 6 hours. This is bullshit. My family is very big into the shooting sports and hunting. Dick's is a place were we use to buy our tools of the trade. Not anymore. Knowing how Dick's treats there employees I will never spend another penny in any of your stores or sister stores.

  11. I was a customer in your Garner NC store and witnessed an employee in your footwear department being mistreated by another customer. The employee was assisting me and went over to clothing to assist this other customer who called her degrading names and threatened her. The associate was beyond nice to this customer but when threatened to be harmed she informed the customer to not threaten her. The employee was unable to finish working with me and excused herself to me. I saw that the employee was upset and I watch this customer go to a manager and complain about the associate closing a door. I don't know how Dicks Sporting Goods deals with unruly customers but I would like you to know that the associate handled it well. She was a friendly and knowledgeable employee. I used to come in and was paid very little attention to in this store but since this footwear employee came I have been back 4 times and my family likes her. She is truly an asset to this store and Dicks should be sending her accolades for the work she does. Thank you for Ms. Leslie in your Footwear department. Fantastic Employee. Concerned for the employee Customer.

  12. You cannot point the finger at gun owners and make them responsible for the attacks on schools in this country. It is our politicians, judges, law enforcement when they fail to act, and people like you who get rich off of selling guns and then you want to make gun owners at fault.

    You should well remember, if the laws of this country were properly enforced and if these do nothing politicians made sure that we had a law abiding country, if we adhered to more conservative and religious principals, we would not be concerned with these problems.

    You should also remember that if idiots like your company leaders want to accept these liberal ideas that are destroying this country then they are the problem.

    You should also remember that these idiots that you are siding with do not patronize your stores. This is going to affect your bottom line and I hope to hell you go broke.

  13. Since it is legal for 18 - 20 year olds to buy rifles, is it discrimination on Dick's behalf to refuse to sell these guns to them? If a baker refuses to bake a wedding cake for a same sex couple, there are legal ramifications. So if it is not OK to discriminate based on a religious stance against same sex marriage, why is it OK for dick's to discriminate based on age when it comes to an item that this age group can legally purchase?


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