Kelly Services Corporate Office Headquarters

Kelly Services Corporate Office Headquarters
999 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48084-4782 USA
Phone Number: 1-248-362-4444
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-248-362-4444

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  1. Kelly Services in Greenville, SC is the most unprofessional temp service I have ever worked for. They have not had my paycheck in my account on two different occasions. The most recent time, I've been told several different dates as to when I would receive my paycheck. The funny part about the situation is I have direct deposit...really how hard can it be to have everything in order for the people that come to you for help. I will never again use Kelly Services, and I will let all of my acquaintances know the kind of experience I had there.


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  3. I'm very disappointed in Kelly Services, Daytona Beach Fl. They are some of the most rudest people I have ever met. They act like you are bothering them asking for help finding a job. Is that not their job or have I been misled as to what a staffing agency does. I have been to their office four times and each time I go there, they act like they never seen me before. When I call, at their request to follow up on a resume that they have sent to a potential employer, I'm pretty much told, don't call us, we'll call you. What little they have done, I could have and have done myself. I am unemployed and the last thing I need right now is some uptight, rude, unprofessional giving me attitudes when all I'm asking for is help, which by the way is what Kelly Services is supposed to do. Shame on you Kelly Services. Maybe you should think about replacing your Daytona employee with someone a little more compassionate. Lets see how she likes being on the unemployment line.

  4. would like to make make a complaint on a so call supervisor by the name of Donna with payroll. Asked her several times to contact me to someone who is higher than her. She refused stating that there are managers and they don't transfer calls. She didn't listen to anything that I was saying and was very rude. She tried to talk over me. I still haven't received my payroll check due to my Kelly rep not putting my pay check on my pay card. Find it funny that they don't transfer to Supervisors etc. That means that Kelly has poor customer service.

  5. Kelly services for Columbia sportswear Portland, OR. I applied to this office and was given a start date which gave me 2 weeks to resign from my job. The day of start day I go in expecting to work I didn't get a phone call, or email stating that PRODUCTION WAS SLOW. The front desk takes a look for my name and says I don't have you in the system. So she calls the agent that hired me and the agent says she tried calling me 3 times to let me know that the department was slow and due to that I don't need to come in. well I didn't get any calls from her and really 3 times and no voicemail or email that's odd. supposedly
    professional agent calls three times and not 1 voicemail isn't it 1 call with a voicemail or email and that would be all. she did her part. I find it a lie that she even called! If she had really called I would have asked to be placed in another department. It's agents like this that gives Kelly services a bad name. I told the front desk she gave me a start date I gave my 2 weeks and now I am unemployed. she did call me and said she was able to get me in to another department and that she was just squeezing me in. okay thank you but I don't trust you maybe just for 1 week you'll have me then tell me that I don't meet the standards. I'll find another way to support my FAMILY!! Squeezing me in really then why is your now hiring sign still up!!

  6. Kelly Services in Denver has twice now not responded to emails upon finding out that I am a well qualified African American. I repeatedly have applied on line, contacted them via phone to beg to speak to a recruiter. I get the first initial promises then dead silence for weeks. The recruiter I was working with is named Regan Brown. If this is the best Kelly can do to represent candidates, I have no hope and I certainly would have no incentive to recommend this agency to anyone.

  7. I have been contacted by someone who is claiming to be apart of Kelley Service that has hired me for a "work from home" job. They were very vague and aggressive in manner. I have been attempting to reach out to the corporate office only to sent to automated systems. I am not sure if this is a scam but I would really like to know if this is how Kelly Service conduct business.

  8. I am filing complaint with EEO, AZ dept of Labor and the Federal Contract compliance office! Kelly services in Chandler, AZ Oc8 Fab 32/12 for violating contract agreement and fraud not to mention how racist and discriminating against woman they are specially Lorraine Kazestien is the #1 Racist I was wrongfully fired after getting premission and the ok that I was able to arrive to work late and the same night about 6 people called out and did not show up to work I came in. Then the next day Loraine calls and says I am fired. so the lead that have me permission attempted to talk to her which is an African American male and I am an bi racial mixed female. He goes and talks to her and she threatins to fire him for defending me...So about 2weeks Go by and I put in with another company to work for Intel but they proceed to tell me I am still working for Kelly and I can't not work with them because it's showing I am still employed hmm. Not only that another week goes by I file for foodstamps and they tell me I am still employed at this point I am very upset for them still lying and and having show as employed she only did that be use they need a ertain amount of people showing employed due to there contract agreement with Intel I had to go thru he'll just for them to take me off payroll and this is only the beginning of whatss been going on. They play the good ok boy system all the supervisors and leads are all white males they fired all the black people let the white people get away with everything. This place is home and needs to be audit. I have plenty of witness and statements due to the corruptions that is going on here


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