O Charleys Corporate Office Headquarters

O Charleys Corporate Office Headquarters
3038 Sidco Drive 3038
Nashville, TN 37204 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-256-8500
Fax Number: 1-615-782-5044
Customer Service Number: 1-615-256-8500

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  1. On 3/28/12 I placed a to-go order for a califonia chicken salad
    -no bleu cheese
    -add parmsean cheese(extra)
    -extra strawberries
    -no cranberries

    then I order a seafood trio, which came with two sides. I got the brocolli and cheese casserole and the loaded potato soup.

    When I had gotten home to sit down and eat after a horrible day at work, when I opened the plate for the seafood trio, I was amazed everything looked great and the taste of was great also. I alwasy save the best for last, which was my californis chicken salad. When I went to open the plate, I looked through my salad because I have a habit of looking through my food before eating it and I didnt see any cheese and the was only like a pinch of glazed pecans, okay not a big deal right? But when I went to go eat my salad I noticed that there was no salad dressing! I then noticed that my loaded potato soup wasnt in the bag either. Just my luck O'charley's was closed so I couldnt take it back or notify anyone of my problem. So the following day I spoke to a manager that morning and he listened and stated that he would credit me my salad and potato soup back just to mention my name, which I did. He was told that I may be there today because I love that salad.

    Later on that evening I spoke to Trevor and to my surprise he knew about the messed up order. I told him what I had on and and told that since I didnt have extra pecan on my salad that I would pay the difference, but they didnt charge me, which was a big plus. So I had gotten a reorder of potato soup and my salad. As I sat to to eat my lunch at work, like always I look through my food. The first thing I lokoed at was my potato soup, and when i went to go scoop from the bottom, I noticed that someone had put french fries at the bottom of my soup. So with something wrong the my order for the second time, I just decided to not order from O'charleys again and throw my food in the trash because I didnt know if anything else was wrong with my order....I order from the O'charleys in North Charleston SC 29406 off of ashley phosphate rd. I would advise anyone not to get any take out from them because you will be returning your food.

    1. Those aren't french fries...They're potatoes. Why else would they call it potato soup?

  2. Jeff at O'Charleys in Bellevue TN, is the most insincere and awkward manager I have evr had the displeasure of dealing with. The food at our location has always been very good. We've been going there since it opened. We have become accusromed to seeing many familiar faces when we walk in, but it just seemes like alot of turnover
    and we just think yhe new g.m. comes off as insincere.

  3. I am a great fan of O'Charley's,but back in feb 2012 i had to send my forks and such back 3 times for being dirty with food on them,so i stopped going to the one in n.chas.sc and went to the one in summerville sc and there i was very pleased.today after being moved away for 6 months i came back to the store in n.chas.sc.today 10/8/12 and once again i had to send back my forks and such for having food still on them. that is so crazy!!!!!! i know i can't be the only one who has had this problem,a problem inwhich should never happen.please fix this problem.the store in n.chas is closer to me and i really like the food,but i have to be careful with my health and unclean forks,spoons,knives,are not an option. please check out this problem and fix it.thanks
    gloria stevens

  4. I have never worked for a manager that is as disrespectful as Linda Lloyd at the East Evansville, Indiana location! She treats everyone that works for her like lab rats. She writes up people without even one single verbal warning or even a mention of what you are doing wrong.
    I know she has been working for O'Chux for a long long time and I think it's time to give the lady a rest because she can no longer carry the weight. I think she has lost every marble possible!
    As I said, she's the worst manager I've ever had in my life! You have to have an ounce of respect in you to earn respect back. She will walk into the employees if they are walking the opposite way as her. Also, she never ever gives smoke breaks even though she smokes in the office and outside whenever she wants. I don't think she's fair at all.
    All the servers hate her, most of the kitchen staff too! She has her few little henchmen but that's it. Do you want your business to be reflected on this person? I would think not.
    Also, change the house salads back to the original! Customers say they don't want to pay for rabbit food anymore.

  5. The toilet seat in the ladies handicap stall is dangerously loose, have asked for months to fix or replace it, they are deaf to this request (guess they don't care if we seniors get hurt, but they will when a lawsuit is filed against them for their negligence) also no place to hang pocketbook.Made a big mistake removing the apple cobbler, remove the lemon pie instead and bring back the apple cobbler. Store #372 in Midlothian va 23112

  6. anonymous feb 1 2014 I was at an ocharlys at horsepen and broad sts richmond va jan 30 i saw a deciated employee lose her job as abartender due to entrapment by the va abc board they came in to the store and sat at atable in the bar area the bartender saw a serve wait on them later when they steeped to the bar and ordered beer the bartender thought they had been carded they wrote her up for selling to aminor this was amistake on her part but people in all walks of life make mistakes on thier jobs every day but do not get fired this young lady has alot on her mind lately her husband only 34 years old had a heart attack jan 4 she was sick with the nora virus for aweek this has not been a very good year for this family i have been a patron of this ocs for ten years and this is the case of managament ihave everry seen

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. We had dinner at the Summerville, SC O Charley's on March 7th. The hostess (Logan) was deliberately rude and refused to make accommodations for my disability. We brought this to the attention of the service manager (Kelly) who was also very rude and actually supported the employees behavior. When the manager stepped away Logan became overtly contemptuous and offensive. The manager never checked in on any of the tables to make sure meals were progressing well the entire time we were there. Our server was excellent and the food was delicious. The management at this restaurant needs a complete overhaul and the hostess, Logan, needs extensive training before being placed in a situation where she interacts with customers. We will be reporting these employees to the district manager as this is not the first time we have been treated rudely by this hostess and service manager.

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  11. My friend works at O'Charley's in Stockbridge, GA. The food is great but her Manager is a real Asshole. She loves her job but she hates, going to work because of him.

  12. I just recently quit O'Charley's because of my one manager and how she treated me...first they did not train me fully..I didn't get shown anything on the POS system at all! then thrown into a free pie wed. without proper training...things got messed up on the system for unknown reasons even though I put in all info correct. when I asked for help several times and got ignored is when I just quit, then she paid attention to me and yelled and hollered that I didn't ask for any help, which I did, I walked out. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. I am an amazing server and would still be there if it wasn't for her.


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