La Senza Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

La Senza Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1608 Boulevard St-Regis
Dorval, Quebec, Canada H9P 1H6
Corporate Phone Number: 1 514-684-7700
Customer Service Number: 1-888-527-3692
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  1. It is our tradition as a family to always buy one another and beautiful pair of pjs for Christmas each year and usually they would come from La Senza because of the beautiful and comfortable selection that was once your trademark. Always we would have to move quickly on this due to the fact that everyone was doing the same thing. Now we not longer choose La Senza since your quality and selection has become so very poor. As a company I don't understand why you are not aware of this situation and why you would change your products so drastically. Bravo La Senza from turning your booming business into a flop.......

  2. I work in a kiosk outside your store and the music is blasting, and they spray perfume every 20 minutes. I am severely allergic and can't breath. Whe they were asked to stop by me and mall security, we were told they have to do it, it is store policy. Store policy is harm to people, really? The Human Rights Tribunal disagrees.

  3. I was at the La Senza Fairview Mall store ( 1800 Sheppard Ave. East) browsing for a specific type of bra. A lady sales rep ( Estephania)approached to offer assistance and asked what my size was which perhaps I may have given a wrong size or was not really sure which happens in a lot of cases. So when I said my size,she stared at me and blurted " I don't think so". Wow, was I embarrassed & humiliated. Yes, I should have reacted but I was appalled by such unprofessionalism. It could have been a simple offer of " perhaps let's do a measurement to make sure you get a proper fitting". I worked in a Customer service related job and although on the phones we are still trained to be courteous and mindful despite not physically seeing the customer. Sales rep in stores are the front row of the name and the brand, La Senza should be more diligent in training their staff,. After all, no customers, no sales. I walked out.

  4. I visited the La Senza Outlet in Pickering, (Brock Street) today.
    I will NEVER shop at a La Senza again, and I am going to make sure this feedback/rating is spread throughout the internet for all to see and beware !

    I went for a bra, the bra I bought was labelled wrong, me having trust in the franchise did not think to look over the bra enough to see or to try it on seeing as I haven't had an issue to this extent before.
    Perhaps you can say that was my fault, but in return I say it is WRONG that a product is on your shelves in that state!

    Upon getting home and taking tags off I noticed it was ripped and worn out on the inside as if it was used (is La Senza not a new product never used before store ?) this I found disturbing, I'm sure anyone would after knowing this. Who wants some used underwear ?! Ew.

    And I wouldn't put it past the staff, who can be seen in the back joking around swinging undergarments around singing and dancing, just to drop the product on the unreasonably dirty floor, VERY UNPROFESSIONAL ! Not to mention them completely ignoring customers walking in and looking for help,suppose the overly loud music playing in the store and their cellphones disoriented their vision of the fact they were at work.

    I have called and contacted the headquarters, I am expecting a call back. I will be sure to let as many as I can know to be careful with this "business" so nobody else has to go through this terrible service after spending they're hard earned cash.

    So after spending $30.00 on a bra I'd have hoped would last me and cause me nothing but comfort, I'm disgusted and feel as used as the bra was itself.

    Despicable excuse for a business!!!

  5. I have been a long-time La Senza customer however I have a lot of trouble finding bras that fit properly.
    For a long time I was wearing a 34A until one of your staff members advised me that they were not fitting properly and measured me. She measured me over top of my existing bra, which was apparently the wrong size and was a pushup bra, so I'm not sure how that it supposed to lead to a correct size... I digress, she determined that my size was actually a 32B, and lead me to purchase some recommended bras. I was upset because I already owned so many of your bras and now I had to get rid of them all to buy new ones, but I guess that is my own fault for not being measured first, so I bought more in the "correct" size.
    After buying a few different styles in this new size and still not finding a bra that fit me properly, I was getting frustrated. I went back in to be measured again and was again measured over my existing bra and shirt. Again the staff member recommended different styles that may fit more comfortably so I bought them. I have yet to buy or try on a bra from your stores that fits me properly or comfortably and I now own 15 La Senza bras… At the average price of $40 each, that means that I have spent about $600 in your stores and I have never been impressed.
    I finally went to a company that offers bra measurements by professionals and have been advised of the proper size and shape to fit me properly. I am so disappointed in your store and your staff’s knowledge level that I do not think I will ever shop there again. I wish I had have come to this realization before I spent so many hundreds of dollars on so many La Senza bras that I am again going to have to get rid of.

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  8. Don't ever go to the La Senza at Sherway Gardens mall in Etobicoke. Horrible customer service coupled with EXTREMELY rude employees and manager. The manager is extremely money hungry and will try her best not to refund you anything. She is really stingy and uneasy going. Refunding a bra should take less than 5 minutes, but with Lina as the manager, it has taken me over 2 days. She made me bring in all the bras that were on the receipt (even the ones that I wasn't returning!!!) JUST SO I CAN RETURN 1 BRA. One of the bra's product ID on my receipt didn't match the colour of my bra because an employee had scanned a different colour bra, but same style and price. Because the bra that I had was not the same colour as listed on the receipt, the manager refused to give me a refund. And that is why I am never going there again. La Senza should really look into hiring higher educated staff or better management. New management position posting needed!!! Bras are overpriced and very cheap quality. It's better to go to Victoria Secret if you are at Sherway because of their large selection of higher quality bras that will last longer. Don't cheap out by going to La Senza.

    Rude sales associate too!!

    Music was BLARRING and I asked if she could do anything about it and she said "head office tells us to keep it up and our manager has it set at a certain level". I told her I know about the policy because I've contacted head office before and informed her that yes, it's to be loud but if a customer asks for it to be turned down, then they must do so. She said her manager wants it at that certain level.

    All of this was spoken very loudly btw because I couldn't hear her and she was less than two feet away....that's ridiculous!!

    My 12 year old daughter was with me and loves music to be loud...even she said "it was over-kill".

    When I left the store, less than two minutes later AND EMPTY HANDED, the RUDE associate said something to me on my way out...I have no clue what she said BECAUSE THE MUSIC WAS TOO LOUD so I just said "I STILL can't hear you" as I walked out. I'm sure she called me some "lovely name" behind my back as she turned to another associate because I saw her reflection in the glass as I left!! How professional.

    LA must be SO PROUD of your brilliant staff!! You should check out the other comments above...maybe YOU could learn a thing or two and FIX IT.

    I had every intention of spending quite a few bucks in your store (a few bras, panties, some shape wear, and even bras and panties for my daughter). But the rudeness and lack of curtesy was more than I could was sad and very low really!!

    I TOOK MY BUSINESS down the hall to LA VIE EN ROSE where they treated me well. Total bill btw was well over $200.

    The store in question is Vaughan Mills location ( I was there at about 7:30 yesterday evening)...and this is not the first time this has happened to me there.

    But I can guarantee you IT WILL BE THE LAST!!

    Just wanted you to know...maybe you can RE-TRAIN your associates and inform everyone of your policy because they just don't know, or too lazy to do anything about it! Rude too!!

  10. I was in the Barrie store. They have great customer service and they were very helpful. I live out of town. When I got home I realized that I was charged the wrong price on 2 of the bras I bought. I spent close to 150.00 in this store. I called today and although they did apologize I was told that I had to drive all the way back to the store by Jan 31, 2016 and they would gladly give me my money back for the difference. The difference is almost 25.00. Since I do not live in Barrie and do not plan on going back anytime soon there is nothing they can do for me. I tried there customer service number to be informed that they could not help me because they were only a customer service number for online purchases. I have worked in retail all my life and this is not good customer service. We would have found a way to help the customer so they would not have had to come back to the store. It was not my error it was the clerks error and the store should be trying to find a way to help me without me having to drive back to Barrie which would be a useless trip and a waste of gas, not to mention my time. If someone could inform me of phone number I can call so that I could find someone to help me with my problem that would be great. Thanks so much.

  11. I had the privilege to shop at La Senza Erin Mills town Centre (Store # 70173) in Mississauga on 15 Dec 2015. Wow, was I blown away by how awesome the customer service I had received. The entire shopping experience was marvelous. The sales associate, Alexa (1723474) was informative, knowledgeable and super helpful. I entered the store with children and stroller and were genuinely greeted by Ms. Alexa; her smile, her helpfulness, her amazing attitude made a young mom feels very welcome.
    Needless to say, I found exactly what I needed, plus 7 other items effortlessly (Transaction # 4754). Ms. Alexa is an expert in bra fitting and provides good advice when it comes to style, comfort, and color scheme. Ms. Alexa should be awarded the best employee of the year (and no, I don't know her personally). I appreciate wonderful people that have good work ethic, professional and genuine. Ms. Alexa's legendary customer care made a huge impact on my shopping experience and put a good name on La Senza.
    Ms. Alexa, a huge thank you for going your extra mile to "entertain" and "distract" my children while I shop, they refer you as the nice lady. Because of your energetic personality and your fantastic willingness to help, we will always come back to Erin Mills Town Centre La Senza.
    With appreciation,
    Kassandra Lai

  12. I am trying to send my comment via your website but keep getting a message to ensure I'm not using any special characters, which I am not. After wasting another 15 minutes of my time trying now I need to post it publically. I am beyond frustrated with this company!
    I was shopping at you Crossiron Mills (Alberta) on January 11 2017 for some pajamas for my daughters. The sales lady saw what I was looking at as well as I held up the pajamas I was considering and asked if I would be able to return it if my daughters didn't like them. She said that I could not return them but I could get a store credit. Because I was under the impression that I could receive a store credit I chose 2 different patterns and bought 3 pairs of each, spending $95.27. I took them back today in the exact bag and presentation as I had bought them in (My daughters only looked at them) and the original receipt to your Red Deer Bower Mall location and was told that I could not get a store credit that I needed to choose new items from the store at one time prior to the end of January. When I advised the girl that I was told differently when I purchased them she said that it was printed on the back of the receipt. I'm not sure how she thinks I can read the information on the back of the receipt prior to purchasing them. I also don't see anywhere on the receipt that the pajamas were on clearance. The exact same pajamas are in your Red Deer store as well so it's not an outlet item, just in case you consider Crossiron Mills an outlet store. Regardless when I look on the receipt There is no indication that the items are clearance or that they were bought in an outlet store, When I ask a sales person in your stores if I can return an item and am told I can get store credit that I should be able to trust this information. I am very frustrated that I am now wasting my time going to your store to get an expected store credit only to have to carry my purchases back out with me as I didn't have time to shop today, as well as now taking the time to explain this to you.
    I would like very much to resolve this by someone notifying the manager and staff at Red Deer Bower Mall La Senza that I am to receive the store credit as I was originally told I could receive.


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