Kay Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Kay Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Signet Jewelers Ltd. - Kay Jewelers
Clarendon House 2 Church Street
Hamilton, HM 11 Bermuda
Corporate Phone Number: +1-441-296-5872
Customer Service Number: 1-800-527-8029

Kay Jewelers Corporate Office USA
Sterling Jewelers, Inc.
375 Ghent Road,
Fairlawn, OH 44333-4600
Phone Number: 1-800-877-8169
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  1. The best one yet. I purchased an Engagement ring last April and put it on my Kay's Card, it was interest Free for one year. I asked Could I pay it off early with out penality and the store representive said yes. In Aug I put my wedding bands on the same Kay's card and ask if I could still pay off my interest free amount for my engagement rings the store representive said yes theren't wouldn't be a problem. I been on the phone ALL morning today they won't let me pay off my interest free balance off early (2 months early mind you) They said i will have to pay my wedding bands off first. I'm IRATE. So know when April comes there going to hit me up with all that back interest for my engagement rings because my wedding bands are not going to be paid in full. They keep telling me it is state law. They can't let me pay the interest free balance first. I never heard of such a thing. They are the biggest SCAM EVER!!!!!!

    1. I found out the hard way that Kay Jewelers is awful! The jewelry is cheaply made and doesn't last. I bought a necklace there and I have had to have it fixed 10 times due to the chain breaking. I bought a ring there and the stone continues to come loose and I did purchase an extended warranty only to have to send the ring back 5 times. PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS WONDERING IF YOU SHOULD PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM KAY'S DO NOT !!!!!!! It will be the worst mistake you have ever made.

  2. I've just been scammed, and lied to by Kay jewelers. I purchased an engagement ring in Nov. 2011. I was told in detail by a Staff member named Lee that for every $300.00 i spent on the engagement ring, i would receive $100.00 credit towards wedding bands. Only to walk in the store today May 2012, and be told that i have to spend another $300.00 before i receive the $100.00 credit... wtf? i was lead through a hall of mirrors of words before i was told to talk to some customer service rep.... whom by the way apparently does not have the ability to fix the situation.... so why was i transferred to him? I asked both Lee and the customer service rep if this problem had occurred with other customers and both said that this is a frequent problem... I will never give my money to these scammers again... all about taking your money but you're no longer such a valued customer after that..

  3. I purchased diamond earrings and the ESP plan. The sales woman told me that if I loose the earrings it would be replaced. I've had problems with one earring before and the same one is lost. Now I have to purchase another one because the warranty only covers if the diamond comes out of the prong.If the diamond comes out it is lost or you if loose the diamond and prong its still LOST. WTF??? This place is a scam and the sales people tell lies in order for you to buy the ESP. I will never give them my money again.

  4. My boyfriend bought me a ring from the Kay Jewlers store in the Haywood Mall in Greenville, South Carolina and when we got it back from being resized all of the Rodium had been taken off and all the diamonds had been messed with and it obviously had not just been resized. When I took it in to ask to get it fixed the Sales Rep helping was very rude and was not willing to help with the situation at all! I ended up having to argue with her for over an hour until she would finally do something about it. Now I just got it back from being fixed again and the silver band is NOT real sterling silver. The band turned black 5 days after wearing it and when I tried to use sterling silver cleaner to try and clean the black off it completely took the "silver" off. Now I'm worried and wouldnt be surprised if the diamonds on the ring were fake also. The service at Kay Jewlers is not up to par and for having as big of a name that they have, they are an awful "diamond jewler." I will never buy from them again, and I will pass on word to others I know about their awful service so that other people dont have to deal with the awful service and quality that me and my boyfriend have had to deal with.

    1. Take the ring into Helzberg Jeweler's & have them look at it. Do you still have the receipt from the purchase from Kay's? If you do it should tell Helzberg's what the ring "should" be. If there have been changes made to the stone or the band have Helzberg's write you up a description of what they themselves looked at. Take it back to Kay's with the statement from Helzberg's or any other reputable jeweler.

  5. Kay's is nothing but a lieing piece of shit they say that your jewelry has a warranty but when you go in to get them to fix what needs to be corrected they wont. Saying that it isn't covered by the warranty. Then wtf!!!!! Why tell people that there is a year warranty on the jewelry.

  6. Similar situation, my boyfriend bought what we thought was exclusive, "keep your heart open sterling silver pendant. It begin to peel 8 months later. I was told by assisting manger over the phone, that should never happen, bring it in and they will replace. By the time i went into the store, the manager said that was not unusual and happens all the time with silver. Etc, i didn't know i was buying costume jewelry. Every fake kiss begins with Kay. Jane rumours should be missed that they are taking her collection. Poor business, in going to contact get and corporate.

  7. They offered to repair an engagement ring after realizing that the bridge stones where loose during a cleaning, They altered my wifes ring against her will through miscommunication between Kay and the jewelers repair shop, after over 2 months of headache, they offer my wife a one hundred dollar gift card? They have the worst customer service, non of the reps where helpful and now my wife is stuck with a ring that has been altered. Kay and Jared are both under Sterling Jewelers so beware of both!!!!!

  8. I now only have one purpose for the remainder of my days. To make sure as many people as possible know they must not do business with Kay Jewelers! Some of you may recall my posting back in August telling about them chipping the genuine, natural ruby in my wedding ring. Today I was told my ring has been lost! Please people, share this with as many people as possible. I will never see or wear my ring again, the one I have had for 36 years. But lucky me, they insured my ring for $1,799 (no, not $1,800!) and I should come in and pick out something. Why in the hell would I ever go down that road again? And how exactly did they come up with that amount? Of course, she made it very clear they can't just give me the money. And when I demanded she credit my credit card immediately for my prepayment to have the ring resized & retipped, first she said 'no' and then she said she would have to check with corporate first. Are you F'ing kidding me, why in the hell would I pay for repairs done on a ring I will never have! Let's see, screwed me 1,2,3 times ..ya, it felt so great I think I would like you to screw me again! And it's not just Stephanie, who claims to be the manager of the Valley View Mall store, who is incompetent, but obviously their repair shop in the Cities, and the very reputable custom gemstone dealer where my ring was sent to find a suitable ruby! But, Stephanie doesn't know who that was but I can call the corporate office and they might be able to tell me! And the only reason this was learned today is because I have been hounding her to find out the status so apparently the Cities shop manager called that very reputable dealer today and was told it was lost. Hmmm, don't you think any place that handled diamonds and gemstones would have some very strict handling guidelines in place? How does a diamond/ruby ring get lost? Do you see just how many GD things are wrong with this story?! I'm beginning to think I have somehow been scammed but can't quite put my finger on how this would be to their advantage. Please educate me if you have any thoughts. My oh-so smart husband has hit the nail on the head. When they found out how much it was going to cost to replace the natural ruby, they determined very quickly that if we just tell the customer the ring was lost, then she will have to use the so-called insurance option and come back to the store to pick out some of our overpriced crap! I had a VERY interesting discussion with the manager of Zales, whose store is just across from this Kay Jewelers at the Valley View Mall in La Crosse, WI. I won't make my next decision until I speak to the district manager, who has about 24 hours left in the "promised" call back. Need even more proof of their lies ...Stephanie told me the vendor lost my ring. Amanda, with the customer care team, told me my ring never made it to the vendor! Come on, people, there is power in numbers; let's keep spreading the word.

    1. Hire an attorney and sue them!

    2. Feel free to contact me, I am dealing with them right now. I am thinking about starting something similar to an anti-trust campaign on change.org. My email address is [email protected]

    3. a friend of those w problemsNovember 25, 2015 at 9:15 PM

      get ahold of the phone number of your state's attorney general, whose office will have a dept for this sort of thing. very likely you will need to fill out a form-maybe even online. their office does this sort of thing regularly. as soon as they have the info they need, they will communicate with Kay's for you and it will have the government heading etc. I dealt with a humoungous conglomerate and boy did I get what I wanted fast-good luck!-hugs

  9. These people are full of it!!! Purchased my husband wedding band from them and brought the so call insurance! However my husbands ring got stolen from his job! Got the police report as requested then they come back with the lame excuse because our home was not broken into and then the ring was stolen that it could not be replaced!!! Stolen is stolen and the insurance was well over a hundred dollars and they do not want to credit my card or anything!!! Used to love Kay Jewelers not anymore!!! DONE!! AND I MEAN DONE!!! Do not purchase the insurance it is not beneficial to you at all!!!

  10. I to have been a long time customer of kay's. Last christmas (2011) my husband surprised me with a new diamond. On my first 6 month check they told me i had a few lose diamonds and they would need to keep it for repairs...not to bad about 3 weeks it was back. In october i noticed that one of the small cluster diamonds was missing took it in on 10-6-2012 at that time they told me that the center diamond was chipped WTF!! We paid over $3500.00 for a ring and in less then a year we are haveing problems with it....but thats the least of it, the ring went to be repaired on 10-6-12 i haven't seen it since. I am done with Kay's and plan on standing in front of there store telling as many people as i can not to shop there! Oh also don't fall for there "Christmas Bonus Bucks" promotion when you by an engagement ring at Christmas with out
    reading the fine print. They neglect to tell you that you that you first have to spend at least 300.00 to get a 100.00 off. I had $1500.00 "Santa cash" when i got my ring they gave me till june to use it.....do the math i would have had to spend 4500.00 by june to use the $1500.00 bonus.
    WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!

    1. So sorry to hear and see that Kay's is doing this to consumers. I also feel like standing outside of their store and warning all customers, but I think posting complaints everywhere you can on the internet to warn prospective customers (including fb with requests to share) and possibly flyers may be a better option. Another effective option to report unethical, bad business is to go to your local newspaper or newschannel. This would reach a large audience.

  11. what a shame that a company like yours has employees like you do, working at your shop. months ago one of your employees had a problem at my shop, took care of it, gave her purchase to her for free. however, she continues to bad mouth me to fellow mall employees, to my employees and any body else who will listen. ashley really needs to grow up and move on from this experience, however, the child that she is this will not happen. poor danbury fair and anybody who has to deal with her. i know that this will not get solved but at least i could vent a little.

  12. My Fiance bought me an Open Heart ring with our birth stones and our anniversary date in August. It was an online purchase. In November my one stone somehow managed to fall out of the setting. This is a ring that i don't even wash the dishes with, i place it to the side in a ring dish. So we took it to our local Kay store to send it in for a repair. While there the associate sized it to a smaller size to also be sent off with the repair. She told us it would take 4 weeks at the most. That was November 16, 2012. Today is January 11, 2013. We were told yesterday by our same associate after she called headquarters anothe 2-3 weeks. So I took it upon myself to call headquarters today and see what the whole ordeal is with this simple repair. The person I spoke with was a "Diana" EXT 1292. She apologized to me and said she was sorry and was going to see what the holdup was. She calls down to the repair department and quickly gets back on the line with me. Her answer is that the shipment box that it was shipped in still has not been opened. So I asked that since I am calling and this is 2 days in a row to see what is going on if they could please open the package it came in and start my repairs. Her reply as a trained professional was and I quote..'That is not our procedure. You are not the only person that has called this week about a repair that has taken to long.' So I said well what about I have the ring refunded. She then explained to me that headquarters does not do refunds that only in store does. Well in store does not handle online purchases was my reply. She then told me you go to the store and you tell them you want your ring refunded and if they have a problem they can call headquarters. Just Bring them the ring she says..!!! The ring that is in the repair shop for another 2-3 WEEKS!!! So I said does that make sense to you that i show up without a ring and get the refund? So she replied that they can call headquarters. I said I will make sure they call you Diana EXT. 1292 if there is a problem since you promise there will be no problem. Then she tells me well maybe I can give you a promised date of repair and back in store in 2-3 weeks. It has beeen almost 2 months and we have heard the same run around the whole time. Not only is the customer service unprofessional they also have absolutely no education. This is one customer who will no longer deal with Kay Jewelers.

  13. On 12/18/12 I opened an account @ the Kay Jeweler store located @ 4800 Fashion Square Mall A132 Saginaw Charter Township. I purchased my daughter a Heart Charm; sent it out to her the next day (Madison, TN) for $9 and some cents. Well she returned it back to me on 1/3/2013; majority all the stones were out of the charm. Yes they exchanged the charm, but I feel you should have paid for the return as well. She had the charm maybe six days when u calculate the days it takes to receive it and mail it back. This is the 3rd time that Kay & their sister store Osterman's has really disappointed me. I will not support this change anymore and I have shared this information with family and friends. The Store Clerk's, Asst. Manager and Manager was Rude and she be fired along with the Customer Service Rep. If it wasn't for the customers spending their money, would your business be open; then you should treat your customers with respect and do what's RIGHT BY THEM!!!!!!!

  14. March 17, 2013
    I NEVER WROTE A NEGATIVE REVIEW - BUT KAY JEWELERS WARRANTS ONE - This was the first time ever at a jewelers, that I requested a refund. The piece of jewelry broke two times in one month. They rudely replaced it the first time and wanted to replace it again and refused to give me a refund. It has lost all sentimental value (I received it from my daughter) and instead represents my frustrations and dislike of the low quality, unethical company that does not stand by it's products. Their claims are untrue. In conclusion, I never had this experience, because I always purchased and received quality items and they weren't from Kays. My daughter had a lesson learned - don't believe everything you hear, especially if it's Kays.

  15. Recently I went to Kay's in my hometown and asked them to reset a diamond that had been my mother's. I also asked for a quote for having my diamond studs placed in a ring with a garnet in the middle. For my mom's diamond, they quoted me $550.00 and I told them to do it. For the other one they quoted me $750.00 and I told them I had to think about it. When I came back about two weeks later to pick up the diamond, one of the ladies told me, that she would work on the price for the other ring. Since I was a more than once a year customer, they could go a little lower than the $750.00 quoted. When I came back, they had an event with jewelers on site. They quoted me $1,396.00 and I told them, absolutely not. We chose a different setting and the price came down to $950.00. I don't know what happened, but neither price was to my satisfaction. I left and went to a family owned jewelry store. For the same setting as the $1,396.00, they quoted me $664.00. How did this happen? I will never go to Kay's again.

  16. My local store used to have a manager who exuded customer service and the staff were polished and friendly. In the last 5 or 6 years I have watched the store go downhill with staff who act like it's an annoyance that you've walked in. I was there yesterday and 3 different staff interacted with me and each one was rude...no smiles, no "how can we help you?"and were accusing in tone because I'd come to see if my jewelry would happen to be back from repair two days early than the date on my slip. I had asked the question nicely. (The repairs were indeed back so this was not an unreasonable request.) Needless to say, I will not be back. I will drive out of my way the next time I need to have my 6 month check on my diamond ring and I will not purchase from Kay again. I don't see how this store (or company) is going to survive in this economic climate It is just not a pleasant experience to go in. My local store is in the capital City Mall, Mechanicsburg, Pa. I am DONE with Kay Jewelers.

  17. My husband bought a one karat solitaire ring for my 50th birthday, six years later they see on an exception it has a fracture through the diamond and makes it valueless. Great a $3000 ring down the drain. I had bought the warranty to have it checked every six months then our local kays leaves town the nearest is over 30 miles away. Then we move and when I finally find the nearest store it has been way past the six months and they say I can have it replaced for a little over a thousand dollars. I say I was ripped off, first how does a diamond fracture that easily?


    2. I'm having the problem now...we move a lot (military family), this last move was September 2013. I took my ring in Dec 2013 to get it cleaned. She inspected the ring and said a diamond was cracked/chipped. I said ok. Then she told me I was 2 months past my 6 Month Inspection that I would have to pay for the repairs. I told her, i knew i took the ring in, in August. She said no it down for April. Well they call me back with an estimate of $968. What??? That's half of what my husband paid for the ring. She also said it was 3 of the 6 diamonds that were cracked/chipped. I'm not paying that. I don't see why they can't just fix it under the warranty it's not like it was years. 2 months...really?? They brought the amount down to $468 +tax. I'm still fighting this, I shouldn't have to pay a dime. And this ring was replaced 6 months after the original purchase because the center piece that holds the 6 diamonds wasn't holding them in correctly. I should've known from that one issue this was going to be a life long problem. Thanks Kay Jeweler's for ruining a dream that my husband had accomplished, giving me a wedding ring he felt proud of me wearing. Now it's a piece of crap since we don't have the money you are asking for.

  18. I got married June 12th 2013 in Las Vegas. We had bought a ring at the Kays in Dothan Alabama. For some reason we had the most unfortunate experience with that ring repeatedly the ring was sized but came back either too small or too big. On the week prior to leaving for Vegas we stopped by the mall and asked if the ring could be stretched just a bit since it still just didn't fit right. The manager said sure and took the ring to the back; when he returned he said he would need to send it off to be resized. At that point my fiancé told him that that was not an option because we were leaving in just a couple days. He then revealed that he had broken the ring trying to stretch it! Needless to say we were upset. The plan ended up being that he would send it off, have it fixed and sent back to his location and overnight the ring to a location in Las Vegas and we would pick it up there. All of this came about except instead of overnighting it another employee sent it regular mail. We were married on Wednesday. That Monday we called Kays in both locations and finally figured out what had happened. The arrival date for the ring in the Las Vegas store-Thursday morning!! Okay here is the part where excellent customer service kicked in when we talked to C.C.. after getting the whole story she had us come down. She had looked up what our ring looked like and located options for us to view that were similar. We found one that actually almost completely matched my set, better than the original purchase. We fell in love. She worked magic in allowing us to purchase it by helping me open an account until the other ring could arrive then refunded that back. Sent us all the paperwork in the mail. She took the ring and had it sized while we waited and worked late to get it to us. She helped negotiate the price to get it to the same price as to what we had paid for the other one. She basically worked several miracles to avert this tragedy. We had a ring for our ceremony. More perfect and beautiful than the one we had gotten in Dothan and we owe it all to C.C. at the Kay Jewelers in Meadow Mall Las Vegas. Thank You C.C. you saved one of the most important days in our lives and we really appreciate you!!!!

  19. I have had the worse experience dealing with Kay's ever. I will never buy anything from them again. I would not recommend them to anyone. I have been dealing with my ring losing stones for 3 years now and have been without my ring for longer than I have been able to wear it over the last 3 years that it has been in and out of the repair shop. Now they are giving me the option to swap out the ring but it is like pulling teeth because Kay's will not work with you at all, I have been without my ring now for 10 weeks and cannot exchange my ring now until Dec 13th. My story is much more complicated much more detailed but it's not worth giving the time to Kay's because I have already put in too much time and effort driving back and forth to the stores trying to get all this resolved. Never will I buy anything from Kay's, stay local.


  20. When my husband bought my engagement ring they spelled his last name incorrectly. Now when I go every 6 months to get my ring inspected, it takes about 2 hours, because like the idiot that spelled our last name wrong, they cant fix their mistakes either, and find my information. I called corporate and they are just as helpless. They told me that they rely on the receipt not their computer systems. PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE IN TO JEWLERY SCAMS, MAKE A FAKE KAY RECEIPT BECAUSE THEY DONT EVEN RELY ON THEIR OWN INFORMATION!!! HA WHAT A JOKE! I plan to be married for 50 years, so I will have to go through t his hell 100 more times! Perhaps I should just trade my ring in somewhere else and get the reputable customer service I expected from the beginning.

  21. I bought a Bulova watch for my Wife for Christmas at our local Kay's. In less then a year the band broke. We sent it off for repair. It took 3 months to come back. She had it for a few months and it broke again.Back to the repair shop for another 3 months. Since that time I have had to send it off about 9 more times for the same reason and the same broken pin.I just got off the phone with Kay's Corp. Office. They told me that it's normal wear and tear on the band. I asked them to please explain how it can be normal wear and tear for the same pin to break after a few weeks. I also told them that I have bought watches at Wal-Mart for less then $20.00 that are now 15-20 years old that have never broken. I gave over $300.00 for this watch and in 5 years it has been in the shop more then on my wifes arm. The lady on the phone asked me what I wanted them to do about this. I told her all I wanted was for them to fix the watch right. She told me it would be yet another $21.00 for them to fix it. I'm really getting sick of Kay's Jewelry and there BS about normal wear and tear. SHAME ON YOU KAY'S JEWELRY.

  22. I"m so pissed off. My husband and I have been with Kay's since 2006. In 2010 he bought me the open heart 14k necklace for mothers day. I've taken it in a couple of times to get fixed. A couple of weeks ago it broke again and I took it in so they can fix it. The lady tells me the necklace was silver and not gold and she couldn't fix it. WTF I told her there has to b a mistake this what you guys gave me from the last repair. She kept assisting I go home and look. I don't own or wear any silver necklaces I told her. So I left the store and emailed customer service. She told me to take my chain back to the store so management can look at it. So i did just that today. She and her assistant were on the phone with home care. I can hear the manger kept saying (trying to say it low) This is clearly not the the gold necklace she should of noticed that. I felt like some kind of lair. She finally turns to me and says you can clearly notice it wasn't the gold chain didn't you notice the difference?I told her no I never owned a silver chain and I never thought twice about making sure it was my gold chain when I got it back. Like really Kay's a big corporate company and I've been doing business with them since 2006, why would I even think twice about it. After phone calls were made and the manger stating over and over I should of noticed to people she was phone with, I was told there was nothing they can do about it. I'm not the one to make a scene in the store, so I left. But never am I doing business with this company again. And as for the credit account we have, that's going to be closed really soon. I'm so disgusted with they way the manger handled it and made me feel. $625 of our hard working money just went to waste because I ended up with a silver chain instead of 14k my husband purchased. Now I'm questioning if my diamonds in my wedding ring are real. I've had it sent out twice already.

  23. For the last couple of weeks "Gold Rush" has had a problem with the show stuttering and breaking up... It's pissing the shit out of me and many other views and we were wondering if this is some sort of a game you assholes are trying to punish us for, but the tech problems are making it impossible to watch. Currently I am listing all of your sponsors and boycotting them for the foreseeable future til this game of drones is over and all of these shows are replayed in full without any tech problems. This is intolerable. We have been faithful viewers and don't deserve this kind of disrespect.

    Home Depot.
    Geiko Insurance,
    Yellow Tail Wine,
    Absorbine Plus,
    Fast and Loud
    and all discovery channel programs.
    Alaska tourism,
    Horrible Bosses,
    Kay Jewelers,
    Call of duty..
    X box 1,
    Reverse Mortgage Connection,
    All discovery channel programs.
    Zales, (Unstoppable Love),
    T Mobile,
    Bosch Wiper blades,
    JBL Charger,
    Ensure Active,
    Disney and Marvel characters games,
    Seiko Watches,
    Fast and Loud, All Discovery Channel programs.

    We are getting 1 word out of 8, if we're lucky. I endured the entire program to compile this list of sponsors to contact about your shoddy broadcast. None of the other channels on my channel selectors were having any problem... I think your sponsors should think again about airing their commercials on The Discovery channel. They aren't reaching the consumer and worse they are causing frustration and I would think that that would hurt sales.

  24. Very disappointed with Kay's 'Home Office'. My fiancé purchased an engagement ring from there, which I will admit was stunning. We got the warrantee where if the diamond was chipped or damaged it will be replaced with one of equal or better quality. Wrong. It did indeed get a hairline chip on the edge. We sent it in to be fixed or replaced. After two months of waiting, the ring came back - no records with it on what was done. Convenient huh? Later noticed there the diamond had been replaced with one that had a large black superficial impurity right in the middle. Not only that but the diamond was so loose in it's setting it could have come out any moment. We showed this to the employees who said they would send it in to have the diamond replaced and the setting tightened. Just spoke with them today and apparently 'home office' no longer carries that type of diamond... What? The sales people seem genuine enough they want to help with replacing the diamond. It was mentioned they are calling other stores... but really it's a diamond. They can't replace the stone size, shape, color etc with a matching one of the original?

  25. Deborah McGraw Buda, TexasJanuary 19, 2015 at 5:07 PM

    Kay's in San Marcos, Texas kept my husband's ring for over a year. I brought it in to have it re-sized because he has lost so much weight and is now on Hospice. I had to call the Home office on Sat. January 17th to complain and they called the store and all of a sudden the ring was there. I have been calling every week for months and told that it was not back from repairs and now it is. Repairs should be done in a timely matter and in no way was this in a timely manner. Put yourself in my shoes and then tell me you think this is right. When I went to pick up the ring I was charged $25.00 plus tax when I was told on the call before that since it took so long I would only be charged $10.00.
    I know my hands are tied and I can’t do anything more, but I strongly feel you should know how I am being treated. This is unacceptable service and no customer should have to go through what I am going through and be treated in this way. My husband is dying and he is not able to wear his wedding ring. I called Customer Service today telling them the ring was not sized it was still a size 9 and I should be reimbursed for the $25.00 plus tax making it $27.00 and she said no that she had a paper saying the work was done and her employees do not lie which in my book was indicating that I was lying. She said send the ring back but I would have to pay again. I was so frustrated and upset that I had to hung up the phone. My husband is dying and I had to deal with that kind of customer service.
    I will never deal with Kay's again nor will my friends. It may not matter to them that a dying husband would want to wear his wedding ring, but it matters to me. Never again will I do business with Kay's.

  26. my husband and I got my engagement ring in auburn Washington at the out let collection. it is a beautiful levian ring we were talked into getting a previously owned ring and was told by Ashley the sales girl that everything is the same as if it was new ( warranty and certification). well every month when I went in to get it cleaned I asked about my levian certification and I was told that levian was back ordered and its coming. finally after we were married and went on our honey moon my ring was a little dirty (1 1/5 years later after purchase) we went to the south hill mall store in Puyallup wa spoke to the manager there who was very nice I asked her about my certification she said I wouldn't get one because my ring was a prev owned ring . my heart sank . and then she said I could send it in to get it re rodium plated and my shank thickened. I did that on 01/10/2015 it is now 20/11/2015 and they cant find my ring ... I have called corp and was explained what she "meant to say" is that they had to send it back out and it is at the local jared for rodium. I WANT MY RING BACK AND SOMEONE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR LYING TO ME TO MAKE A SALE! I WILL NEVER GO TO KAY AGAIN!
    SABRINA 2015

  27. Went to Kay's at La Plaza Mall in McAllen, Tx, to look for Jewelry for my nieces upcoming birthday. When me and my husband walked into the store it was completely empty. Two sales associates looked at us then continued chatting. After about 15 minutes the lady sales associate approached us asking if she could help us find what we were looking for. I told her we were looking for anything fushia or pink, price didn't matter as long as it had one of those colors. She looked over to another glass case, I was about to walk around thinking she had suggested something. When she looked up and said COME GET ME WHEN YOU FIND WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR, then walked to the back of the store and shut the door. Me and my husband were like how unprofessional, we just walked out of the store. We will not be returning to Kay's ever.

  28. I have a ring that is very special to me. My mother gave it to me and it's very sentimental. It has been worn everyday for 30 + years by someone so it needed a little work. I brought it in to the Kay ' s town center in Kennesaw Ga. I had hundreds of dollars of work done to it to have ring fixed. I wore it for a good while and one of the prongs broke. I brought in to the store to have it fixed. They did and after waiting two weeks I got it back. I had it two days before I had to take it back because there was problems and several loose diamonds they say from fixing and moving the prongs.... you would think this is something they would check and fix the first time. Wanting to wear the ring, I had it sent off again. My promised date was a week ago and I still have no ring. I called 7 times one day to get someone to answer the phone to find out it wasn't there even days after the promised date. I had to actually go up to the store two days later because I had still not heard anything. It's still not there and while I'm there I found out what I thought was done the first time to fix it was not. It was half done. Why would I only want it half fixed? So now the other prongs are going to go bad one or a few at a time so I'll be constantly bringing it back in to have it fixed and pay for it might I add... sounds like I'm getting screwed out of money. It's now the late afternoon of the third or so day promised and I still have no ring or phone call. I'm very upset and disappointed it's not about money, the ring is worth more to me than that. I don't want the work done it's done half way obviously anyway. I will be taking it somewhere else I just want it back.

  29. My name is Maegen Stapley, My fiance had purchased a ring from the Kay
    Jewelers in the Red Cliffs Mall located in St. George UT in early October of 2014.
    I want to take some of your time and just let you know what a horrible experience I
    have had with Kay over the past "9" months of having my ring.

    1st Experience: After getting my ring back from being sized to a 5, I noticed a dark gray
    mark in one of the larger side diamonds, I took it in and was told that it is
    when the tip of the diamond breaks off and causes a shadow into the top. I
    was told this could be replaced and so I had them send it off to be replaced.

    2nd Experience: After going weeks without my ring, I went and picked it up from
    having the diamond replaced only to have a diamond fall out not even an
    hour after I picked it up from the store, Thus having to take it back again..

    3rd Experience: I was told that Kay would contact me when my ring had come back
    from having the diamond that fell out replaced. I called every other day to
    check and see if it was in, and then about the 4th call, they told me it came
    in the day before and I was never called. When I went to pick up my ring,
    "which was sized to my size 5 finger before" someone had put on the ticket
    that my ring was changed to a size 7, so now its way to big for me. Leaving
    it there and being without a ring for weeks again!!

    4th Experience: I then after weeks went and picked up my ring again, and was told I
    shouldn’t have anymore problems. About 1 week later, there was another
    gray mark now in the center large diamond, so I went back into Kay and sent it
    off to be replaced.

    5th Experience: At this point I am scared to take my ring into Kay for anything due to I
    will be without it for weeks at a time and I never know what new problem I
    will have when I get it back. I am now married and need my ring and band
    saudered together, which to be honest, I had looked into other jewelers to do
    this as I didn’t want to leave my ring with Kay. It was gone for 2 weeks and I

    was told again that they would contact me when it was in, but I knew better.
    so I called every 3 or 4 days to check and the lady was getting upset that I
    kept calling in asking about it, she kept telling me they would call me. I called
    one last time and the girl said " you werent contacted yesterday?" I said "no I
    sure wasn’t",, she put me on hold and came back to tell me that my ring had
    come in the day before and I was supposed to have been called letting me
    know it was there, but no one called.

    6th Experience: I went in to pick up my ring and band, about 3 days later I noticed
    again that there is another gray mark in the large side diamond, when I went
    into the store to tell Kay, the manager lady told me some diamonds are just
    like that and I would probly never get a perfect qaulity diamond, and that the
    gray mark is the diamonds birthmark, I was so upset that I wasn’t about to
    leave my ring there again for this same issue, it wasn’t worth it.

    7th Experience: As of last night " June 21,2015" I had yet another diamond fall out!!!!
    from my band now. I have not been into Kay for this yet bacause I
    need to get your attention on these problems. I cant even enjoy my
    ring without it being gone getting fixed or always being afraid a
    diamond is going to fall out or something. I have been married 2
    times before this and never have I ever had gray marks or diamonds
    fall out, let alone a single problem with any of my other rings from
    other jewelers.

  30. I had the worst experience with Kay's in Gainesville, Florida. Not only did we have to wait 10 weeks for someone to tell us my husband's wedding ring was lost that he only got to wear on our actual wedding day. They blew us off for ten weeks. I sent emails to customer service and nothing was done. They refused to give us a refund and the manager would not speak to us. We called corporate and they offered us an exchange of the same value or greater but the store did not honor it. They refused to give us the specials we received buying our rings together the first time even though it is their fault the ring is gone! I will never buy anything from Kay's again. I should have listened to people when they told me not to stop there. It was a huge mistake!

  31. Please do something about the employees and management at the Wilson, NC Kay's Jewelers location. I visited there for a simple watch battery replacement, waited 30+ minutes, and was never assisted. The store was not very busy, as it was on a Sunday afternoon. The employees and manager were all incompetent and lazy, and even seemed to avoid assisting me on purpose. The other customers in the store had issues as well. No one could answer their simple questions. My experience and the other customers' experience were unacceptable.

  32. Salem, Oregon. My husband bought a floating diamond necklace for my birthday last year and also purchased the extended warranty on it. The diamond fell out a little over a year later and I took to back to them so they could send it in for replacement of the diamond and fix whatever else was wrong to make the diamond fall out in the first place. The staff was very nice at that time and was very helpful however, here it is over a month later and I still do not have my necklace back and needless to say the staff really has lost their interest in satisfying a customer as well as their corporate office apparently doesn't give a hoot either. My necklace has been out now first to corporate, then they had to outsource the diamond and now I am being told that its been sent back to the vendor which in my opinion should had been where it went in the first place. Now they tell me I won't see my necklace again until December...I wonder what they will tell me then...they lost it? I want them to replace my necklace with one just like it from the stores showcase...they can wait until December for the other one to be returned to them....the customers should never have to go through this. Heck, I would be happy if they just returned our money for it and the so called warranty and I will be done with Kay Jewelers. Every other jeweler has jewelry returned no later than a week from drop off.

  33. A guy and tall white blonde lady, at the outlet store in blackwood, where calling a previous customer Walruses and mocking them on a piece of jewelry they bought that I was buying for my friends 21st birthday. They were being very loud and rude making fun of them. I later found out she was the store manager and will never shop there again. They make fun of you when you leave and that wasn't very nice. What did they say behind my back when I left. I hope you do something about them. Maybe I will make fun of her when she loses her job.

    1. I know that this complaint will go no where but if even one person doesn't go there it is a success. DO NOT BUY FROM KAY JEWELERS. My ring was in the shop 5 months ago for 2 months
      (it took that long to fix)
      and now is in the shop for the same reason - diamond falling out. They said it will take another 6-8 weeks or up to 12 weeks to fix it. My ring in a years time will be there more than on my finger.
      I bought the warranty and they fix it but it takes months to return to you. NEVER AGAIN

  34. I have also purchase a Neil Lane bridal set from Kays in Johnson City, TN. I purchased the engagment, wedding and set of diamond ear rings at the same time on December 5th and proposed to my fiance on December 15th. I purchased the warranty on the bridal set. Within a month we noticed that the main 1carat diamond was loose, we called the dealer and they explained that as long as you can't actually see the stone move that it is secure but you could shake the ring and hear it moving. In February on the 5th, my fiance noticed the main stone GONE!! I panicked and called corporate and with no problem they told me to bring it the closet dealer to have it repaired and replaced. We were told repairs would be complete no later than the 23rd of February and even at that, I thought of was too long we have contacted Kays at least every week since and keep getting fed up. We were told on March 2nd that if we didn't want to wait for a stone, they would replace the entire ring so we agreed. It bothers my fiance that it's not the ring that I picked out..it no.longer has meaning to her like before. Today is now the 10th with still no word from Kays. We get the same bulls hit answer every time, "we just got some boxes in and we have yet to go through them. We will call you back as soon as we do." We NEVER receive a call with info about her ring, we always have to get back in touch with them. Kays management is by far one of the worse. They act like it's no big deal and we are not important to them. Their customer service is absolutely the worst I have ever del with. I'm calling this afternoon to return all my items purchased and get my $5300 back and giving my business to someone who sells quality products and cares for their customers. Thanks, Kays, for ruining a moment in our life where we should be planning a wedding. It's an absolute disgrace that my fiance has had her ring being worked on now longer than she has actually gotten to wear it. We have cancelled engagment photos and even lost a $60 deposit on them due to your poor customer service. There has been no apology, no patience from your support staff, no offer to make this right, nobody wants to help. I feel as if I'm bothering them every time I call.

  35. Let me tell you what, Candace (who is only a key holder) was closing the store in LaGrange Georgia on 5/9/2016, My husband and children bought me a charmed memories "mom" charm for my bracelet that my best friend bought me with (my then opened now closed Kay card) without being told that the cost of the money payments are going to go up an $15 a month because he bought the charm (which was only $71). First, this credit card is an absolute scam!! NO MATTER what the cost is they are going to charge you interest for the purchase not as a whole but individually without telling you. Then Candance as this store was so freaking rude I was livid once I left!! She was more worried about stuffing her face then she was caring or taking care of the customer. She should NOT be in the position she is in and if she doesn't like her job then she needs to get another one where she is not working for the customer or for a matter of fact any kind of cliental to a business!!! This company has now lost my money, my business and my thought about how they are ran! I will NO Longer be associated with this company and if anyone asks where my ring came from they will NOT here your nasty name company come out of my mouth!!!!!!!

    1. OOHH and on top of all this crappy service from Candace, after only have the rings for 1 month I had the diamonds fall out!! I was BLAMED for them falling out and it took over 2 weeks to get the rings fixed after I had to wait another 2 weeks to get them sized. This company is a SCAM ARTIST!!!!!

  36. I bought my girl friend a Jane Seymour open heart necklace for Christmas. I also bought the extended warranty. May the box chain broke, took it back. They sent it in to be repaired, gave an approximate return date and promised to call when it was back. Never called. Finally went in and picked up necklace. This time it lasted just over a month and broke again. This time the service wasn't as friendly, but still sent it in for the second time and promised to call when it returned. Again no call and we picked it up about 4 days after they said it should return. The repair was far from quality. Rough and uneven. This repair did not last or two hours and it broke again. Now as the warranty says if it breaks 3 time it will be replaced. They want to replace a 21" chain with an 18" and call it the exact replacement. Was told that it was the same chain because silver stretches and grows. That is real common with gold, and have had gold chains stretch as much as 4". Pretty good line but I'm not buying it. Rudely said either to take the replacement or have the other repaired again. Was given a phone number to customer service and told to either take the replacement or return chain and pendant for a store credit. Sadly we took the replacement, it will never be worn. Putting it in the jewelry box and replacing it with another from a reputable jeweler. This just cost Kay a lot of future business. I WILL NOT shop there, nor any of family. Discouraging friends also.

  37. I will be calling the number for corporate also but this I do in hopes of warning others. This labor day I took a brown diamond wedding set into Kays at our mall to have it soldered together. The girl took my ring & told me there would be $121.00 charge to do so & that it would be completed in 2 weeks & that also the payment was due then. I paid her with my debit & a few days later I received a call saying she should have charged me $181.00. I proceeded to argue the fact that if she had told me it was going to be close to $200.00 to do the job I would not have left the ring & since I had already debited my account for $121.00 I believe they should have left it at that. Instead they said "we'll split the difference with you, I was having to pay $30.00 extra. Okay, fine. I called 16 days after leaving the ring & was told it would not be done until the 29th, after I had been told 2 weeks which would have made it done on the 18th. So, I got lied to all the way around by them. Lied to about the price of the job, lied to as to how long it would take. I spoke to the assistant manager Matt & attempted to tell him this was NOT how business should be ran by Kays to no avail. I even told him I would trash talk Kays every chance I got & I would make sure people would think twice before going there. No avail. I told him to check their computers as I have purchased several times from Kays, no avail. I will never do business with them again. I always thought a business stayed in business by making sure their customers were satisfied. Evidently that's not how Kays believes they should do business. Let everyone know that there is always Zales or Helzbergs. Greensburgs & even K's merchandise. Younkers sales jewelry as does WalMart & you can purchase the extended warranty through any of these places. Kays will never get my husbands money again.

  38. Bad deal, back in 2003 had wedding band made for my husband paid over 5000 back then. He goes to Iraq in 2003 threw 2005 with band on ,wears it 15 years. Go in into Kays Outlet to purchase jewelry. They start talking about hes band that had a loose diamond so he had taken it off an put up didn't really trust anyone because very nice diamonds in it. So finally management at Tanger outlet,Branson Mo. Kays Outlet talks him into letting him send it an repair just drop it by. We drop it off on Oct 26th 2016 havent seen it yet said we wouldnt even recognize it , it was tore up so bad now its Dec 30th 2016 an they ordered him a replacement band suppose to go pick up. So fare they say we dont get no compensation for all this mess. Really?