Banana Republic Corporate Office Headquarters

Banana Republic Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Two Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94105 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-952-4400
Fax Number: 1-650-952-4407
Customer Service Number: 1-888-277-8953
International Callers: 1-614-744-3909
Customer Service Fax: 1-888-906-2465
TDD: 1-888-906-1345
BananaCard: 1-800-234-7455
Banana Republic Visa® Card: 1-866-450-2330

Banana Customer Care Address
5900 North Meadows Drive,
Grove City, OH 43123
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  1. Sheila SchroeringMay 25, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    My name is Shila F. Schroering from Floyds Knobs In. My husband and I are loyal customers and usually do all our shopping at the Banana Republic store in Louisville Ky. located at the Summit off Brownsboro rd. Last night as a friend and I entered the store, we were greeted by a sales girl who brought us a basket. She told us to pick out a coupon that could be worth as much as 40%. My friend and I both picked a 30%, and proceeded to shop. I chose a top for $ 69.99 and took it up to the counter. I girl rang it up and, then said, "You cannot use your coupon for this item". I asked Why. and, she said," It's a NEW arrival". I told her that the coupon said, entire stock. she then just shrugged and said. "It's new". I told her "NO thanks" and she said, "REALLY??" I said to my friend, why is there always a catch? Most of the store is new arrivals.....I'm sure they could say that to everyoe holding a coupon. Why would you want to upset your very loyal customers this way???? Why not inform the customers and, not wait until they have to void the sale? I was a little more than angry at the deception!

    1. Very sorry about your experience with us. However we can offer you a glass of water.

  2. I purchased two belts in November,2011 around Thanksgiving. They had not been worn at all. I had both receipts. I purchased one at the outlet outside of San Francisco and ordered one from the Park Meadows outlet in Colorado. Unfortunately when I tried them on with my suit, they were to large and an additional hole was needed for me to were either of them. I took out my receipts and on my way to Boulder, I stopped at the Park Meadows Banana Republic Outlet. The clerk stated we cannot refund your money it is passed 90 days. I said, I have the receipts and they have not been worn at all. I would exchange them. But the Medium appeared to be to small when I wrapped it around my waste. I don't like store credits unless the store is reliable and most stores that have good customer service and reliable will refund your money or tell you of their store refund policy before you walk out the door. The male clerk proceeded to say that he could give me the lower price since it was passed 90 days. What? I had my receipts. Typically if you don't have your receipts you will be refunded the lower price in a return. They were the exact same price now as they as in November of 2011. So how was that relevant. He states "of course" let me see what I can do for you. Instead, he calls the manager, which is a human robot and merely repeats the policy over and over and apologies for my distress. She caused my distress and she is apologizing about how she had made me feel. What psychological manipulation is that? I said, I don't want your apology, I want my money back. I had paid cash and ordered the other with credit. The male clerk acted put off because of this. Why? Because he would have to return my cash? He said we can't give you cash. Why I paid in cash and credit. Credit card my credit card and return my cash. The manager interjected and repeated the same policy. One thing that infuriates me is a human robot that merely repeats a policy over and over again and apologizes for my inconvenience and distress and have literally no intention of satisfying my request. That is just a lier. A scene ensued in front of a lot of people. This was Bad business for Banana Republic and it was literally no loss to you by refunding my money getting your product in mint condition back to you. By the way. Quality belts put a tag on the belt buckle that is detatchable. You should have inventory of the belt and should be able to match the number and your brand that is embossed on the inside of the belt itself when a customer wants to return the item. Lucky you had several of the same belts in stock. I am certain your staff would not have a clue otherwise. Good bye Banana Republic and good luck!

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      as an employee for Banana Republic the return policy is what it is, your belts may have not been worn but you did keep them over the 90 day period. Of course the managers will repeat the policy but its not because there robots they are just telling you that there is nothing they can do for you. If we granted your money back after the 90 days then we'd have to do it for everyone else, and they company just can't do that, next time be sure to read your receipts and take the item back before the 90 say period.

    2. To the Banana Republic employee,

      After reading these posts and replies concerning Banana Republic, I must say that the Banana Republic company has some serious issues. Whatever happened to customer first and customer satisfaction? Anonymous obviously knows more about retail and good customer service than you as a Banana Republic employee, your manager, and any other idiot who works for Banana Republic. Then again, how can Banana Republic satisfy its customers when it can't satisfy its employees?

    3. Banana customer service is bad as well. Fraudulent charge two months ago. I called so they said theywould put it under dispute for no longer than 60 days. I call after 60 days and find out they never put it under dispute but now have sent it to collections. They wont do anything about it. So now they have me owing them three times the amount of the fraudulent charge. And on top of that the manager got mad at me because i wanted my account closed so i wouldnt have to go through this again. I just wanted to close the banana credit card but with what i experienced with the customer service manager i will no longer be shopping there as well

    4. In response to the return policy. It's there for a reason. If we refunded everyone their cash back, then we'd have no cash in the drawers at the end of the day. All the cash profit we get in goes to a safe and it gets picked up by Brinks weekly. Which is why store credit comes into play. I can understand why this situation is frustrating, but at the end of the day YOU LET 90 DAYS GO BY. That's 3 months you had to bring back the items, and I know it doesn't take that long to determine if 2 belts fit you or not. Not only that, any credit card purchases will remove records of retail stores purchases after 90 days (depending on your bank) so proof of purchase is lost. The ultimate reason for all this trouble is laziness. Yes, retail stores have to satisfy the customer, but when the customer is in the wrong and doesn't think to read the fine print on the receipt, the store has to take blame and look like a jackass? Customers are ALWAYS in a hurry to pay for their items and don't care to listen to the associates, yet get upset when no one mentions the return policy. They can't read your minds and assume you're going to return/exchange the product. You don't sign a contract without reading the fine print and learning the details, so DON'T PURCHASE SOMETHING WITHOUT LEARNING THE POLICY FIRST!


  3. Dear Banana Republic,
    I work for your store in Cabazon Ca and you have some upset workers with the new dress code, some females are getting away with short skirts while others aren't because there tall. Then there is confusion with sandles, as for myself I don't like the whole dress overdue to lack of money as well as others, and we don't under stand why can't the biggest corp can't provide its works with clothes?
    the most thing I'm having problems with is the flats they are marking problems with my feet, I have discovered a bump on top of my foot that my doctor is saying the flats are causing it, we are not meant to be wearing and working in flats for 8 hrs a day, for they cause problems like this. And I really do not want to deal with all the pain. Please reconsider this dress code, which the managers change every day to the rest of us working. If you only knew how things were run there.

  4. Hello, Banana Republic!

    I was the proud owner of a scarf that I bought at the Banana Republic at Rosedale mall in Roseville, Minnesota the Christmas before last, 2010. I was obsessed with it; wore it evvvvvvvvverywhere. It was a charcoal grey with neon pink blowfish on it. Before I looked closely & saw that they were blowfish, I thought they were whales and I named him Whaley. All my friends and family knew how much I loved Whaley. Upon sleepily deplaning a flight back from Seattle last fall, I think I left him on the plane. Life has not been the same since. I miss him so much!

    I’ve looked everywhere, Banana online sales, Ebay, Amazon, Google…. no Whaley.

    Is there any chance on earth that one still exists in the world?

    Thank you for your time. (I originally sent this to BR_p[email protected] on Tuesday 8/28/12 at 11:30am. They should have my information.)

    Truly Yours,
    Jessie Nelson

  5. I just shopped at the store in World Financial Center NY, NY #3149. I experienced the worst customer service. I asked for a pair of shoes, the store clerk shouts across to someone to look for the pair. This person never shows up. After standing for 15 minutes in the line to check out (because I finally gave up on the shoes ever appearing) the same clerk rings me up. She scans my shirt twice instead of 1 shirt and 1 apir of tights. When I come back after I see the receipt, there is no apology or even acknowledgement of her error.

    I would not refer this store at this location to anyone. I love your brand but it's poor customer service that will turn people off and will hur your brand. This store needs to be revamped! The people look bored and just unconcerned about customers!!

  6. A couple of days before the holidays I purchased 2 pairs of men's boxer briefs for my husband. They were regular $14.98 each (ridiculous price to begin with)but on sale for 50% off (as was much in the store at the time) making them $7.49 each (all of them, solids, stripes etc). I bought him a black and green. So, it wasn't til later that my husband realized one was large, his size, and the other, xlarge. My mistake, I must have accidentally grabbed wrong size.

    So today my husband decides to go and exchange it for a large (this is at the Banana Store at the woodbury common outlets in Central Valley, NY). I called before hand to make sure it could be done and wouldn't be a problem since he and not I was going and would they need my card. They said no problem, didn't need the card, just the receipt which of course I had and was no where near past the 90 days.

    So he calls me to tell me that they were unable to do it, that first they told him they needed to see the other pair. For what? The receipt shows that I bought the 2. Then they tell him that they are now $8 each and that he needed to exchange it for the exact same color. They didn't have anymore large in black or any other solid colors for that matter and so he picked up the only large he could find which were striped (and really not even his preference). He asked for a manager who simply (very short, cut and dry), told him the same thing, that they could only exchange it for him if it was the exact same color. No one tried to really explain the reasoning behind this. But what difference does it make if they were all the same price when I bought them and all the same price now, colors and stripes? They said if they had a black it could be exchanged but if it was a stripe he'd have to pay the 50 cents more that they now were, what??!! This makes absolutely no sense to me! And if you tell me that it has something to do with the way the system works, that is a load of crock because I have been to other stores (and worked in retail myself) and there are ways to honor the customer/receipt and override things. My husband simply wound up returning the briefs. Seems pretty stupid to me that they would prefer taking a return over an exchange.

    I proceeded to call the store myself and they basically told me the same wishy-washy thing because really, no one had a clear explanation. I then called a customer service # on the Banana site and asked if someone was able to address an issue for me regarding a store so they put me through to some other department. The woman I spoke to (which I probably should have gotten her name)was very nice and didn't understand it much either. She said it didn't seem to make much sense to her either. She apologized for not really being able to give me an answer but asked if I wanted her to call the store and talk to them while she put me on hold to see if she could get a better understanding. The woman told me that they pretty much told her the same thing and that it possibly had something to do with not having the same style number or something like that, but in a case where someone has the receipt, the stores usually honor the price you bought it for etc. Perhaps all the blacks had the same style number and the stripes had a different style number?? This to me still makes no sense if they were all the same price. It's not like we were trying to get away with getting something for less that it really was. The woman on the phone apologized again and told me she was going to send the notes over to corporate headquarters and send me a rewards card and apology letter. Hold on there is more....

  7. Continuation from Banana boxer brief....

    I thanked her although all I really wanted was for her to be able to say yes they are wrong, scold them and demand that they give me the freaking underwear, lol! I am truly dumbfounded at this experience and aggravated and annoyed over something so small and simple but mostly at the "sorry can't help you, just the way it is, I have no reasonable explanation" attitude that the employees seemed to have.

    My husband says he is now going to write a letter to corporate the old fashioned way. Like all my attempts at trying to figure this one out, I'm not sure what good it will do or how it will help, but it feels better I guess to at least get out your frustration, possibly be heard and understood, and hopefully get a clear and reasonable explanation/answer where I can say, "Oh, ok I understand now, that makes sense, thank you for explaining." :)

  8. Hello:
    I was given a gift recently and just opened it to use it. It is a fantastic scented candle manuf. for B.R. The name of this awesome scented candle is Island Grove and I have the SKU but cannot locate it on the world wide web in order to purchase several for my family and friends! Would you be able to email me at [email protected] with the particulars of where to purchase it? My family lives in OH. thank you sincerely, anna marie 253-460-1865 ph

  9. Hello,

    I purchased a dog wool sweater from your flagship store in NYC a few years ago. I just called them and they said that they had them for the holidays, but no longer. Can you tell me where I can purchase one?


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  11. Watch out if you use their credit card and then pay it off. They continue to send you a bill every month in the mail with the same balance. They continue to state they did not receive the payment but I have my cancel checks. They are nothing but cons. I closed the account and will never but anything from Banana Republic. They SUCK.

  12. I have been a rather loyal BR customer for well over 20 years. In recent years, I've noticed that the quality of your clothes (not to mention the vanity sizing) has 'deteriorated'. There was a time that BR clothing were made of only natural fibers (i.e. 100% silk, cotton, and wool). Over the last few years, many of your items are now made of 100% polyester or a polyester blend. Yet, you still have the gaul to charge the same price. Really??

    My recent gripe is with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Most other retailers are promoting 40-50% off EVERYTHING. However, the BR promotion comes with a host of exclusions. The list is as follows: Not valid on the following Banana Republic merchandise: online and in store exclusions are BR Picks, Men’s Performance Collection, 100% Cashmere, men’s blazers, designer collections & collaborations, and third party branded merchandise (i.e. Spanx, Adidas, etc.). Additional Banana Republic in store exclusions are BR Monogram and Heritage collections. Additional Banana Republic online exclusions are leather apparel, women’s blazers, and men’s suit jackets.

    With all these exclusions how is this any kind of sale??

  13. Ever think about bringing back old styles from when Banana Republic had really cool stuff for sale back in the 80's? Almost like jungle gear ? I remember the really neat catalogs that I had gotten in the mail. the clothes now are to close to everybody else . the old styles were really neat and original. I always loved looking thru the catalogs. maybe think about bringing back the styles that used to exist. I bet you'd get a good response. and affordable wouldn't hurt. Just a thought. thanx

  14. No wonder BR is being sued and was listed #8 for Companies with the WORST customer service.. You can't get through to any departments at the Corporate Office. Some of their employees are rude, inconsiderate and they having misleading sales practices. I refuse to shop there anymore, or at GAP or Old Navy.. The clothes have gotten way more expensive and they most of them are shitty, especially at G & ON... I guess that is what you get for outsourcing all the clothes to be made overseas instead of giving the jobs to well deserved Americans..

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  16. Los Angeles BR (Westside Pavilion) is sad, manager John is rude. Sales associates are a joke. I'm not sure why BR will allow it's employees to disrespect CUSTOMERS!!! without CUSTOMERS BR would not exist!!!!!!!!

  17. Used to be a loyal customer at Banana Republic until the Banana Card Credit Card Company started to harass me with automated messages, that I need to call the 1866... number regarding my Banana card. I called while I was on vacation being worried that somebody steel my information so I called. I received a message that this is a collection call. I managed to get through and I was told by somebody with an accent from India that my account is in good standing. The calls continued. As I returned from my vacation I called Banana Republic to find out what is going out, after getting back and forward I was told that somebody else opened account and gave them my phone number and this account was delinquent. More information was denied. I closed my account with Banana Republic. Banana's Credit Card Company still continues to call my phone, even so they know that somebody else gave them a wrong number or they took it down wrong.

  18. I bought a pair of Sloan pants for work, wore them only once, didn't like the way they fit. Returned them only to be told they do not accept any returns if the item has been worn. How in the heck would one know how something feels or fits if they didn't wear it once? I live in San Luis Obispo, CA, and I used to shop at Banana Republic whenever I shopped (which isn't often), but I will never shop there again. The lady was rude to me, and I feel like I just wasted 80-some dollars. I'll be sure and tell all of my friends not to shop there any more as well.

  19. I love Banana Republic! Great quality clothing and great sale items. Am always well dressed, receive lots of compliments!

  20. I called corporate office about a problem at one of their stores that happened to my son and I called the store. The manager of the store told me that the general manager would get back to me. Neither ever did. A salesperson took advantage of my son and lied to his face and I felt corporate and the manager should be aware of it because it was not good business. Neither ever got back to me. No more shopping at this company then...there are plenty of other places to shop!

    1. I have written to both BR and the GAP for months because there is some reason I cannot access my web page. I am a customer. I can pay my bill and I can buy items from the webpage as a Guest but not through my account. I have called, written and made the company marketing and customer service teams aware to no avail my webpage cannot be accessed. Finally, I told them I give up I will take my business to Nordstrom and Land's End who are very Happy to take care of my clothing needs without this hassle and aggravation. After reading these posts I guess the BR and company folks fail to understand that if you piss off enough people...they go away and pretty soon you have no one to sell anything to no matter how much they once liked your wares.

  21. Unfortunate to see how bad your customer service policies are. I purchased a scarf online only to recieve it enclosed in no tissue, just thrown in the bag. It also had several holes in it. I called and spoke to customer service who instructed me to purchase another scarf until they received the original one. That is not a way to keep customers when you are costing them more money in the long run.

  22. I bought a fabric moto jacket online and couldn't wait to get it. They sent me a flimsy top from Old Navy. I called customer service and they said they could call and order it from another store, with free shipping, but that I would have to wait to use my rewards until they are restored. The flimsy top had a sticker identifying it as a jacket. Are they hiring the blind to fulfill orders? Associates at the San Jose Valley Faire Mall took care of it as an even exchange, as they had the size I needed. I returned the one I ordered at the more expensive price. Quality and service have gone WAY down for this brand that I used to love. Very disappointing. I appreciate the service at my local store.

    BR was also giving discounts for leather jackets online but not in stores (offer said leather excluded). Who is running this company?

  23. I just shopped at the Banana Republic in Garden City NY. I went there at the request of my son who needed a white shirt. I take several shirts off the shelf and it looks like lint or dirt is on every white shirt. I asked the sales girl why this lint is on the shirts , her reply, "that's not lint that is dirt". The store is never cleaned and the dirt lands on all the clothes". Of course on a white shirt you can see all the dirt. Mind you this shirt is $79.90!!!! OUTRAGEOUS! I asked her if there is another of the same shirt in the back a half hour later (no exaggeration), she tells me she will try to remove the dirt with a lint roller (you are reading this correctly). Then she returns 20 minutes later and realizes this won't work (no kidding Sherlock). My daughter-in-law is with me I go to the register and of course you get the usual Oh I am so sorry routine. I will take off $9.90. I told her this store needs some good management. If the millennials would not buy in stores that treat them like uh what's the word.. oh yeah DIRT then Banana Republic would have to change their act. If I were on face book this would have gone viral already. I will never and I mean never step in a Banana Republic store again.

  24. Banana Republic just offered a 40% off No Exclusion offer. I have had my eye on the Gray Leather Moto Jacket, for 4 days I have been online trying to purchase the Jacket but I could not view/order the item online. I called customer service 2 days in a row to order the Jacket and was told by both reps that they could not view/order the Jacket either. Wouldn't you know today the sale is over and I can now view/order the Jacket. Why offer a No Exclusion discount and then disable users from ordering items!?!?!?!?

  25. Customer service really sucks at your Ardmore Location store#08087 Cashier#2047553 is horrible she act as if it was a problem that I was even shopping in your store. What happened to the days of greeting customers when they enter your store or maybe I should say BLACK customers. Yes that's exactly what I said I listened to her along with the other white helpers one male one other older white female greet all the white customers but not me. Go figure! Now not to mention that I had bags in my hand from J Crew which is located NEXT DOOR. I had to reach for the box of shoes off the shelf while cashier #2047553 walked passed oh I also dropped the box and the shoes came out of the box cashier#2047553 looked and keep on walking. NOTHING!! do you need any help? Can I help you with a size? Nothing at all JUST A BLANK LOOK and she keeps on walking. I really prefer not to go to this location but if I'm in the area I stop in not because of the service probably cause of a sale or they may have my size big mistake.... So disappointed with the level of customer service and to think these employees are allowed to get away with this. Well if I visit this store again I will be sure to have my phone on record so I can forward to social media the rudeness that goes on in this place. This isn't a threat at just a BIG PROMISE FROM me to YOU....
    Changes are needed and real fast
    ges are needed

  26. I hope this message is forwarded to management as I have made copies and sent it to your corporate and public relations department.
    As a consumer and a LUXE card holder for the banana republic brand I do not think words can express to you how very disappointed I am with your companies customer service or the lack of customer service.
    I returned an item within what I thought was your 45 day return window, a pair of $100.00 shoes that do not fit me. I ordered these on 12/27, they were delivered to me 01/2 and I returned them 2/9 which according to my math and apparently my lack of common sense when dealing with your company, was within 45 days.
    Well…as I am waiting to receive my credit, I receive my returned shoes back in the mail today, no note, explanation or anything just conveniently mailed back to me.
    Of course this surprised me, so I called your “customer service” department and was advised of your return policy. I explained to the young lady what had happened and that I thought honestly I was within my return window. I was then placed on hold 2 times only to be told that “leadership” advised that I was 2 days over my return window and I must keep $100.00 worth of merchandise that does not fit me and I can’t wear. Keep in mind I used your prepaid return label and unfortunately can not control mail time.
    I completely understand your policies, I have been a gap, Inc. customer for many years. I am assuming just like most customers that a high end company like banana republic stands by its overly priced merchandise that us as consumers willing pay to wear your brand. I would also assume that a company like yours would hate to lose a customer and luxe card member for an incident like this…your company has proven me wrong.
    I am so disgusted by this and I will make sure to let all of my co-workers, friends, and family know the above story, so we will not have to inconvenience banana republic by being over 2 days on a return, but it was nice that you paid to ship my un worn, not usable shoes back to me… Maybe in hind sight, it’s a good thing, I can wear these shoes and complain how they don’t fit and tell everyone I see this story.
    Congratulations Banana republic you have lost a lifelong customer.

    Jody May

  27. I would like to take a moment and acknowledge your staff at your Willow Grove, Pa location. When I walked in the store, I was professionally & pleasantly greeted by a gentleman named Sean.
    We had a brief discussion regarding a pair of sunglasses I purchased. I mentioned I was a bit disappointed by the arm. I was told you stand behind your product and I was asked if I had the sunglasses with me. I did. After looking at the sunglasses, I was offered the option for a replacement pair.
    I would like to acknowledge Sean for this particular situation and also mention 2 weeks later, when I returned to the store ALL the staff was amazing.
    No need for all the little details…the staff should be recognized as one of your best stores!

  28. Hi,

    I love the fact that you are on e of the very few stores that went to making clothing for the Tall and Slim male. Others do just Big & Tall and that is not what I need for my son.

    I have been able to find my 6'4", athletic body son (broad shoulders/small waist/butt) some well fitting pants, no iron shirts and few casual shirts. But you don't seem to make sweaters and jackets in Tall and Slim. And that's a problem for me.

    Will you be opening a Tall and Slim section in your stores, or adding to the collection with sweaters and jackets? We are desperate here.

    Thank you! We love BR!

  29. I recently shopped at the Banana Republic Outlet store in
    Castle Rock, Colorado.
    I inquired of one the so-called young female managers on Duty about black denim pants that I had purchased earlier in the year. She could not be any more aloof and completely unhelpful.
    She had a very bad attitude and completely turned me off from shopping at your store.
    I asked for her name and was told it was Amanda.
    So sad to have unhelpful, uncaring, apathetic managers at such a nice retail store.

  30. So I will never ever shop Banana Republic again. I shop at Banana Republic in Shrewsbury, NJ (The Grove) all the time I'm there at least once a week. I shop for my sons, my husband and myself. Last Saturday Feb 11th. My oldest son who happens to be a Police Office to the town adjacent to this town was profiled and accused of shop lifting. He was off duty at the time and ran in the store to purchase a shirt for that night. He said he felt he was being watched and followed around. Now he is pretty built and clean cut. He was wearing his gym clothes. When he came out of the dressing room there was a police officer standing outside the door. So happens that they know each other and are friends. Even went to school together. Both now police officers for neighboring towns were embarrassed at the situation. My sons friend told him he was there because they called about a suspicions shoplifter. He happened to be the only male at the time. My son was shocked by the situation and embarrassed he didn't make a huge deal because he was so upset and embarrassed that he didn't know how to react. I cant believe that this happened to him regardless of his race which happens to be Puertorican. Something needs to be done about this. I wait to hear from you guys.

  31. I recently was in the Train Yards in Ottawa shopping at Banana Republic. I am a regular customer that goes in and buys around $100 each time. Today, March 31 I went in and there was a rack that was marked at $7.47 for ladies dresses. I took two for my niece and started shopping for myself. When I arrived at the cash, the supposedly manager April said that they were not on sale that they just put the dresses on the rack because they were running out of space. Well how can you be more of an idiot than that placing regular price merchandise and confessing you do that on a regular basis. I said I wanted them at the price that was suggested on the rack and she I can't do that. I had around $120 on the counter and told her to keep it and I will bring my business elsewhere. I had a discussion with a friend that went to their outlets and we were comparing the fabrics of the clothing and the tshirts were pilling etc. At $39.99 for a tshirt I would hope that the quality is better than what you pay for. That being said, I wish you all good luck with your sad attitudes and not respecting the sales sign that you have in your store. I guess your name really reflects who you really are at the end of the day.

  32. Good luck on that lawsuit you have coming for discriminating as that young black womans hair.

  33. I purchased a Cosabella bralette in the graphite color, online on 10/14/17. The wrong color was delivered so I returned it to the store immediately and they re-ordered me another one. AGAIN, the same wrong color was delivered. Went BACK to the store, explained the problem, a new one was sent. AND YET AGAIN, A THIRD TIME, The same wrong color sent.
    Now of course, one whole month later, the graphite color is not available and no one at Banana Republic has any solution other than to refund my money and give me a store credit.
    Seriously? I am sure if a VIP or exec at BR wanted that item, it would be available.
    I have heard the word "unfortunately" said countless times, everyone "understands my frustration".
    The message to me is that I am not a valuable customer, my business is clearly not important.
    By my calculation I have spent 8hrs of my own time working on this problem. Store credit is useless to me - BR has lost a long time, otherwise very loyal customer.
    I am still very interested in resolving the issue - If anyone at the corporate office is interested in helping with this I would be very grateful.
    Christine Davis, Brooklyn, NY


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