T-Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

T-Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
12920 SE 38th St.
Bellevue, WA 98006
Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-378-4000
Fax Number: 1-425-378-4040
TTY: 1-877-896-1018
Customer Service Specialist: 1-877-453-1304
Business Customers: 1-888-537-4242
Email Address: [email protected]
Stock Symbol: Part of Deutsche Telekom

T Mobile is famous for smart phone and cell, phone service in the USA. The company is one of the largest mobile phone and wireless internet providers in the USA. T-Mobile's main competitors are Verizon Wireless and AT&T Wireless.

T Mobile's toll-free customer service number is 1-800-866-2453 or 611 from your phone. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.
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  1. T-Mobil service is a bunch of liars, thieves that promised many things and don't do it every time you call them to ask them a question about your bill they give you a different story and give you even a hard time to fix the problem. I will not recommend this service to no one. Better look for a better service in another place that will you a better service God blessed America

    1. You are so right......they get you on that smart phone saying its free.........B.S. nothing is free.i will never do business with them. ever again after my contrack is up im gone they LIED TO ME TO. i updated my phone for free got the smart phone.....only got unlimited calling and texting.......month later i called an ask to add the internet.......T-MOBIL SAID IF I DO NOT LIKE THE INTERNET I CAN CANCEL IT ANY ANY TIME......B.S. i called to take it off my phone and they said i COULD NOT..IF I DID MY PHONE WOULD NOT WORK.......SO IM STUCK PAYING 76.00 PLUS A MONTH.....PLUS A 2 YRS CONTRACK I WOULD HAVE TO PAY.......THEY SAY THEY RECORD CALLS .WELL WHEN I ASK THEM TO CHECK WHAT THE MAN TOLD ME....OH HELL NO THEY CAN'T DO THAT....I GOT SUCK INTO SOMETHING THAT WAS A LIE TEEN MOBIL TOLD ME..........5 YRS I HAVE BEEN WITH THEM. JUST REMEMBER OUT THEIR {NOTHING IS FREE}

    2. I'm taking legal action These crooks took a 416.20 payment from my checking acct and I don't even have a T-mobile account!

    3. Oh you are so right! I am not happy with Tmobile customer service.

    4. I agree with all you said and would like to add something to it they don't have any resecpt for the handcappied or anybody else for that matter

    5. Sorry guys! Your claims do stretch credulity a bit. The first question I have about the validity of any of your claims or even this somewhat dubious web-site is: why are these statements all dated more than 3 years ago? Why no intervening remarks? (Today's date is: Sept. 7, 2015) Next question: why with the exception of: "Shorty" above are you all logged in as: "anonymous"? I dislike implying this however, It looks as though you may be trying to hide something.

      I've been with T Mobile since they came to the U.S. in 2002. I'm happy with their (lowest) rates and current (NO-CONTRACT) plans. They are simply the best. I was born and raised in the U.S., however have traveled extensively world-wide. I have used providers all over the world, and ALL of the major providers here in the U.S. [One time was even billed over $10,000 by AT&T for 1 month of service plus 'roaming' out of the country; for extensive connectivity in Europe. Talk about a rip-off!] Everything is relative. Currently T-Mobile has very good coverage, and the absolute best/cheapest and FASTEST bandwidth available for their mobile internet coverage.

      Every company has "mediocre" and poor workers. It cannot be helped. Do you guys whine and complain when some clown at McDonald's screws your order up? have a bit of patience! Do you actually think AT&T, Verizon or Sprint is going to treat you better?

      Try being patient...be reasonable...and you will resolve your problem. (no matter WHICH carrier you may use.)

      Dr. Dmitry Nevsky

    6. Delilah Jean ArnoldOctober 1, 2015 at 12:02 AM

      It's a real shame that APPLE doesn't have their own Wireless Company. I would be with APPLE Wireless right now ! :) I've been with T-Mobile for 4 months now and nothing but horrific customer service. I'm pleased with the price and plan I have but I've had someone order and bill my account for a Samsung Galaxy and a iPhone6 Plus in addition to my own iPhone. This months bill totaled close to $1,000. which I didnt pay and after talking to the team for 3.5 hours and escalating my call to the right people, they came to the conclusion that it was an unauthorized purchase and filed a report with the fraud department and its under investigation. They did turn off the other two phones and adjusted my account but I still say that all T-Mobile accounts should be password protected with security question, PIN number, last 6-digits of SS and a TX ID should always be presented before any purchase is made, any copy of a phone bill is requested, any address change is made, any telephone number change or any minor or major request is made. If the ID or DL doesn't match the name(s) on the account, then service must be rejected. This will ensure that your account is well protected from hackers, ex-spouses and ex- lovers. If ordering online, the website should ask for Login name, password, PIN number, security question, address of original transaction before letting order process. If this fails, then the customer is to receive a text message alert advising them that someone just tried to purchase online and alert all store locations in your vicinity and place an alert on customers account.
      ........ This will probably delay T-Mobile from giving fast customer service but well worth it if you ask me. They suck at customer service any way. Anything to protect my account and privacy.

  2. I agree 110%! They back off from their "words." In addition, their service went spiraling down. It just as worst as AT&T. I can't wait to get out from our contract. Definitely will not upgrade or renew our contract. Sprint here we come.

  3. lol. Sprint.

    1. Agreed! LOL Sprint. The only network already built BEFORE cellular came about and they still fall short of providing adequate service.

      SPRINT initially had towers built for their railroad network, Southern Pacific Railroad on free land given to them by our government for their railroad system. So, they had the land and the towers, problem is... Corporate greed.

      Verizon has the best coverage in the USA, AT&T in 2nd. As hard as it is to believe, on a National scale, SPRINT does have better coverage than T-mobile but within heavily populated cities T-Mobile has better and in some areas faster coverage than it's competitors.

      Internationally you will want the GSM service as provided by both AT&T and T-mobile but in the USA, if you are concerned with coverage, you will probably want to go with the over-priced and male gender-biased, CDMA network as provided by Verizon.

      EVERY SERVICE PROVIDER will lie to you about their coverage, it is what they do. However, Please do not lie to me about your coverage and then denigrate my gender with your anti-male, anti-father commercials and propaganda throughout your stores, men and father purchase cell phones too!

      BTW, AT&T is the only network not to make anti-male gender bias commercials to promote their products.

  4. WOW! What a lousy Customer Srevice people. I wasted about 6 hrs of my time talking to 10 different people. I am convinved they do not have supervisor-manager on duty any time. They are bunch or lier,.,., not a single CSR read my notes from previous csr..LOL what a JOKE

  5. Tmobile connection is good but money wise n the way they treat ppl aint right .... Their gonna lose alot of ppl bcuz,of all this mess they pull

  6. First, as a former telephone cust. serv trainer& spvr: ALWAYS have pen& paper, write down agent's name & c.s.#, date, time. Ask where the agent is located, they always give some bsht about not being able to tell, Use EVERY online complaint forum. Post details. Don't just rant. These posts do get to corp. sECONDLY, I'm sick and tired of talking to snitty, arrogant, Phillipinos with snotty little condenSCending attitudes who we are hard to understand because t-mobile has given american jobs to people over seas. Today 9/24/12, "Sandy" hung up on me, NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE. Yes, after waiting for 10 minutes to get someone, she finally answered, and she was a snot, and hung up on me when i asked to speak to a spvr...then when i called back, I got her AGAIN... weee! She was surprised that when i called back, i remembered her name, when I said, "Hi Sandy, You just hung up on me, so now plz get me your spvr", that's when she hung up on me again! i hope that a manager sees this post and fires her! t-mobile, at&t, verizon, all suck in c.s because they give american jobs away. when i Called back after sandy hung up on me twice, i got "Mace" another snotty c.s. agent! who refused to give me their location askinbg me:, "Is THAT really necessary?" (g.d. right it is!!!how else can a customer report Sandy and her location--there probably other "Sandy"s-- so when i said, 'Yes, it is necessary because i'm taking notes." She remarked snidely, "well, i can't give it to you!" So i said, "But you ARE allowed to give me your c.s. (customer service) i.d. number, right? So then she reluctantly gave it to me,...Mace: 1451060 but put me onn hold for 15 minutes.it's time t-mobile c.s. mgmt knew exactly who your c.s. people are who are mishandling your calls. seems t-mobile corp doesn't care enough to have enough spvrs on the floor to cover c.s. problems and to correct probs made... the actual phone service is barely ok and doesnt cover the regions as well as they say thy do & the c.s. with at&t is even worse!!! Dealing with t-mobile and at&t c.s. is a frickn nightmare....and insult... we're paying for this crap? Put americans back to work or stop taking our money...i finaly got thru to someone on the 4th try, and was put on hold for another 10-15 minutes...(each time) I asked for a spvr but got tech support (jonathan 854079) who was a gem! and got the problem fixed, but instead of mace sending me to a spvr...i got jonathan, and since i wanted to correct the problem, i took him up on doing so, but I ALSO wanted to REPORT SANDY , BUT HE COULDN'T DO IT, SO I GOT TRANSFERRED AGAIN!!!, TO "chrisy 854030) who is so hard to understand that it's infuriating... she talks fast and she talks like she's got marbles in her mouth...they don't pronounce the consonants...BUT THE BIG PROBLEM IS MGMT... T MOBILE MGMT, STOCK HOLDERS ARE MAKING WAY TOO MUCH MONEY AND NOT PUTTING ENOUGH INTO HIRING AMERICAN HELP...rIGHT NOW, JONATHAN, A GREAT GUY is still working on fixing the problem...(he's very nice, but.it always takes forever to get thru, and we always get snotty foreigners who can't speak or enunciate or project English in a slow enough pace to be understood . T-MOBLE CUST SERV IS HORRID!!!! THEY ALWAYS HAVE some other bullsht EXCUSe

  7. T-Mobile customer service is horrible, some of the customer services representatives do not have ethics, they are not proffessional, they are so rude. I have been having a problem with their service/phone (HTC Amaze, 4G)since i purchased this phone. The phone calls get dropped, unable to send/receive text messages, do not get signal and is getting worst. I have been trying to fix the problem but all they do is bump you person to person with out giving you a solution to your problem or trying to help you. Since I have purchase my phone I had to exchange it 7 TIMES and the problem still continues. Today i spoke with Angela, (customer service rep), Tiffany (cancellation dept.) and Michael(SUPERVISOR). These two people have absolutely no ethics. His resolution to fix my problem is 1. Buy another phone which costs $279.00, 2. get a Samsung Blaze because they do not have any more HTC Amaze. When I asked him how else he can help me, becuse the issue is your phone/service, his response was " that is all I can do for you, take either option, we do not manufacture phones here." Despite of being a customer with them for 11 years. My next action to this problem is LEGAL ACTION...
    I am sure they do not want to be in the NEWS for the service or how they are ripping people off.

    1. I'm having the EXACT same problem as you, except that my phone is a HTC Sensation. I've also been with Tmobile for 11 years and I've been having this problem for over a year!!! Its beyond frustrating when I keep getting the run around.

    2. I only have one thing to say customer service sucks!!!. A manager hung up on me because he didn't feel like spending time helping me with my problem. I called back to file a complaint. I'm calling corporate to file a formal complaint. Then I'll contact SN attorney. Once I told him I was disabled he hung up. So sad. Training at Tmobile needs much improvement.

  8. I have been a customer for over 10 years. Since obtaining my Samsung Galaxy S 2- T89 all I have had is problems. The operating system is 2.3.6 and should be 4.0.3- T Mobile talks real nice- but nothing happens. Willing to give me same phone and wants me to down load the new software-even though that is where the problem persists. It's like getting the same defective product again-rather than providing a updated and corrected product. Phone does strange things and I speak to their 611 and customer care specialists almost 3 times per week. Exhausted and certainly unhappy.


  10. I have aspergers syndrome a form of Autism i went 11/9/22
    To a t-mobile store in salem oregon at salem center mall 480 center street NE oregon 97301
    Wen I went to buy my phone at that t-mobile five people were trying to take advantage of me they sold me a phon which I'm keeping! And it was worse than a car csr dealers,ship they sold me a phone without My mother consent the primary account holder. I was traumatized from bullying me into buying the phone.
    I would like to keep the phone but I want them fired. Or reprimanded in any way.
    Thank's again Ryan G McGanty
    The adress is salem center mall 480 center treet NE 97301 downtown salem mall.
    Phon at that t-mobile is 503-581-7321. They. Where not nice thay wher forceful with me ,worse than a car sales man!!! And they ripped me off and stressed me ou.t I didn't know what to do I had five pople harassing so I bout the phone, I just want justice brought hear for me . The phone should of been free I think!!! Never been atacked like that in my life they knew I had aspergers syndrome, but they kept at me anyways! !!!!!!
    Thank-you. Me and my mother have been valid customer since 1990 with t-mobile

  11. My BBB Complain Filed on : January 2 2013

    Filed by :
    Leonel Abrego
    Anaheim CA 92804

    Filed against :
    1201 Menaul Blvd NE Executive Consumer Relations
    Albuquerque NM 87107-1619

    Complaint Description:
    12-30-12 called T-mobile to get tech support on my mobile phone rep told me I quilify for 2 year contract that would give me "unlimited" everything and a new mobile phone.... I was concern of hidden fees and asked the rep to verify for me me.... I asked 3 times same question and awnser was the same "no aditional fee for the mobile phone and you can just go to the T-mobile store to pick it up" accepted 2 year contract... got to the store in 1-2-13 to pick up my device to be told i had to pay 150-250$ in monthly payments, upset called and explain the situation to 4 supervisors and 1 representative... Supervisor by the name "Dany" was rude and unwhilling to ID him self and not wanting to cancel Fraudulent contract, wanted me to call and email AND make paperwork to cancel contract... refused and just wanted "them" to fix it, rep hung up.... Called 1 hour later rep helped me and said no problem to cancel contract after I mentioned I would call corp and complain here, ontop of all the trouble my countract would go back to what it was before even with me wanting to keep same contract, they refused to qualify me for a new mobile device in 2 years (after the plan contract expires) in other words I am to be stuck with a dying phone or a crappy contract, or pay heavily on both with a 2 year contract and 250$ for a phone... I would of been ok if they would of cancel the contract right away after I stated IT WAS FRAUD! Called again to get Corporation Number and was put on hold indefenetly.... I had Singular for 10 years that later became AT&T and never had an issue like this, where I was lied to... and the one time it was a misunderstanding the cancel the contract right then and there.... have had T-mobile for 1 1/2 years and was never treated like this...

    Your Desired Resolution:
    To HONOR what the representative said over the phone before I agreed to a 2 year contract and give me a free mobile phone with my unlimited plan OR: keep my current "Value" plan with unlimited data (with the new 2 year contract) and have me elegible for a new device by the end of my original Contract 6-1-13 and just add the 6 months to my new "Value" 2 year contract. AFTER ALL I AM NOT ASKING FOR SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT OFFERED TO ME! Leonel Abrego

    This case will be reviewed by a complaint specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and then forwarded to the business for their response. It is our policy to allow the business 10 working days to respond to your complaint. You will be notified when the business has responded

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  13. The worst lying customer service I ever encountered

    I will try to make my review short; therefore omitting lots of info. To sum up I went to T-Mobile store to get a prepaid plan with my new unlocked Nexus 4; the best cell I believe I can get these days. T-Mobile sales rep didn’t advise me the address I live in is not covered at all and also areas around it. I was not informed about the $30 new customer plan, which I would get if I would know there are coverage limitations. I could adjust that price. But instead I was sold the $60 prepaid plan, which is a total waste of money while I am not able to use my cell for data almost at all.
    Calling T-Mobile about this issue I was confirmed to get the $30 new customer plan (just few days after original prepaid plan purchase) for the next month. Well, that didn’t happen while T-Mobile changed their tune in the process; but still sold me a $30 prepaid coupon. I was told to wait till my first month expires. I was not being able to switch to the plan, instead I was told by their “customer manager”; who refused to give me his name, to purchase a new phone bundle, which meant to spend another few hundreds of dollars and have my brand new Nexus 4 resting in a drawer. This is not an acceptable solution and a poor unprofessional customer service. T-Mobile customer service lies to their customers just to make a sale, they are careless of their reputation and accusing customers of things they did not do – I was accused of lying, I wish I had recorded the first and second conversation. My last ones are.
    [email protected] will not answer your email unless you email another three T-Mobile addresses complaining about executive relations not answering your email. After that I received an email from ExecutiveResponse and I was also called back that day after I submitted my detailed info to them. I was promised by Lisa Gonzales this issue will be solved within 4 days. Well, it wasn’t while I missed her phone call and she never called back even though I sent email, left a message, and called her many time to no avail. This is a third lie just to get me off their phone.

    AVOID T-Mobile; they do not care about their customers. Verizon is expensive, but at least I was treated by them very well and always with a respect, NOT with T-Mobile.

  14. Service with T-Mobile is the worst that I have had in my 60 years that I have lived. Dealing with their corporate office was a joke. They have a President that no one can get in touch with. Anyone doing business with T-Mobile would have to be 195% STUPID!! YOU WOUD BE BETTER OFF WITH TWO TIN CANS AND A STRING.

  15. I have a complaint about a Director of the T-Mobile on Jefferson Road in Albuquerque New Mexico! His name is Adolf Montoya! Very rude, to his employees, and especially to the Cafe employees which is a separate entity and on a contract to work in his call center. He expects free stuff and if he doesn't get his way he has a fit and is trying to get us thrown out!!. Very unprofessional, discriminating and degrading!!! I don't know HOW he is a Director!!!! We are here to work just like anybody else, we don't need Mr. Adolf Montoya to make it harder on us by making false statements about us which his complaints are PETTY!! Our health inspections are nothing but A+'s, but because we don't "Hook him up" with free stuff, he wants to give us a 30 day notice for no reason!!! I'm sure T-Mobile doesn't give freebees to customers, because then there would be no profit. This is a business!!! Be professional and keep your personal issues at home!!!!!

  16. Many times customers encounter bad service and are quick to contact you. On the contrary, I experience superb customer service from your employee Geraldine. She is a model employee

    I would like to recognize one of your employees (Geraldine) at your North Ave & Clybourn Store -Chicago ( Store #9931) for her superior customer service! I came in the store to report that my phone was stolen and get a phone. dine listened to my needs and offer multiple solutions. I am very impressed that when I asked her if I could transfer to another plan she said yes.

    I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for years and finally made up my mind to leave and go with your competitor Verizon because I was paying a 100 dollars a month for an unlimited plan that you now offer for 50 dollars a month.

    In September, I visited your Hyde Park location ( manager Shawn Collins) and was disappointed. The sales representatives informed me that I could not go to the 50 dollar plan and kept insisting on me upgrading and buying a 600 dollar phone.
    It seemed like they were too concerned on selling the phones, very slow, and not listening to the customers. We had to wait a long time and our issues still was not resolved, thus the experience was tedious. I wish I would have visted your Clybourn store in September and would have saved 400 dollars.

    We were pleasantly surprised with Geraldine's customer service she was able to transfer my plan and as a result, I will remain a loyal T-Mobile Customer!

    Thank you
    Best Regards,

  17. I wish I had the sense to read these complaints before I switched from Verizon Wireless. There is a direct relationship between price and service - I am another sucker for leaving a good carrier for a "great deal" offered by a big looser. T-Mobile should be investigated by the FCC.

  18. Same with me. I cancelled my pre paid service with T-Mobile and was told they do not give refunds on unused portions of pre paid accounts. I am in the process of filling an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I suggest you do the same. Here's the link. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Company#crnt

  19. Learning a very good lesson... to not believe any customer care representatives at T-Mobile, along with a local store manager. Multiple times being told T-Mobile was going to rectify a situation, only to realize that when the bill came, it was the same old song and dance. Countless hours wasted on my end, trying to get a straight answer, only to be told something different. Not only was I getting overcharged, but was told I could save money by switching my plan and adding a 4 line to the new promotion they offered at the end of July 2014, so I gave them one last chance to make a wrong...right. After so many problems with the service of our phones and the customer service I was receiving, I had to switch to another carrier. Now I get a bill for early termination fees on a phone plan that didn't exist any longer! This company needs to do better training in the stores and with customer care call centers. No one knows what is going on in that company! Shame on this company for taking people for a ride...then expecting them to pay for all their mistakes! They need to have the BBB and Attorney General's of each state where complaints have been filed, get involved. This is so wrong!

  20. Yesterday, I was told by TMobile that they don't need my business anymore. After 13 years being a customer and having 4 phone lines on my account, a store manager has decided that I am not patient enough to have someone help me, so they don't need me.
    When I walked in, 2 people were helping an elderly gentleman. One of them stepped toward me. It was the manager of the N Richland Hills, Texas store. He asked what I needed and I explained to him. He started looking up my account and then he decided the elderly gentleman needed him more than he needed to help me. He sent the younger man over to help me which was ok. I explained my problem and somehow, with him fiddling with my phone, it now was locked and needed a password. I didn't know my password because my phone is not password protected. The young gentleman said... well all we can do is factory reset it. I sort of started freaking out because the last phone I had from there froze up and I lost all my contacts. I told him, we can't do that because I just went through that.
    Then the other customer said to the manager... is there a case for this flip phone? I told the young gentleman I was on lunch and in a hurry. The manager enlisted the help of the person helping me to find a cover for the older gentleman's phone. I asked could the young man please help me as I was in a hurry. The manager started to say something and then he stopped and he said you know what, we don't need your business if you can't be patient enough to wait for help. I will admit I was in a hurry and I was worried about them resetting my phone but I was not rude at all until the manager said we don't need your business. I know TMobile to be a good company, it's just a shame their arrogant manager doesn't know how to represent his company with any kind of customer service. There may be a new provider in my future.

  21. T-mobile does not care about its customers at all. I've been with them over 8 years and they have proven over and over again that good customer service is not on their priority list at all. I should have switched carriers long ago. You're really bad t-mobile...bye bye loser!!!

  22. I want to talk head @$#holes in headquarters I started an acc't to internet on my PC ,no phone, or anything else. I live on a small SSD income and got hit with unexpected money problems . I Iwas unable pay my bill for awhile. It was turned over to a collection agency (which I wouldn't deal with anyway, I'd go to one of your stores to pay) ,they put a derogatory mark on credit .Is that suppose to be an incentive to pay my bill ? WRONG!!!! I'll take the hit to credit report and you can suck air !!! As long as that is on my C/R I'll not pay you a dime !

  23. I have NOTHING good to say about Tmobile.!!!

    I have been contacting them regarding a $395 payment to TMOBILE Handset – I was trying to payoff a EIP early. Payment which has not been applied towards my acct. Payment was made 02.17.2015 - I have made multiple calls, store visits, spoken to many supervisors (in person and telephone) Tmobile has made many promises (written and verbal) of refunding my debit card then when that didn’t happen – I was promised a credit to my acct – that also has not happened. I have been given so many excuses - They misplaced my debit card. Which, minutes before same supervisor had confirmed with me - then blatantly denied doing so - Then, I was told they had the wrong security code, then I was reprimanded because they were not able to contact me so that I can provide them with permission to credit my acct. Then supervisor has the balls to tell me that they no longer could refund my debit card - too much time had passed. That they would credit the next bill – that was sometime in March.

    I dread calling them because every time that I do – I have to go thru the whole story. They are really good at making you feel like an idiot. I should say, that there was 3 supervisors in the Loyalty Dept and in a store whom actually did acknowledge their error - Although, the one at the store did warn me that it would surprise him if I ever recd the refund and or credit.

    Last month I spoke to yet another supervisor whom promised me the credit – I had that offer emailed to me thinking if I have it in writing they have to honor it. Boy, was I wrong! I was expecting a bill of $78.97 and instead it was $467.07!!!!

    So, I followed up – hoping / praying to speak to that same supervisor but from previous calls – I already knew that I was not going to be allowed to speak to him again. So, once again I had to speak to 2 different reps before I got to speak to a supervisor – of course I had to go thru the whole story only to be told yet again, that it didn’t matter how many other supervisors provided me written confirmation (via email and a chat print out) of their error and of the credit – that, that email and chat print out had no value because he did not agree with crediting my account. I can honestly say, I broke down crying with frustration. Two hours on the phone for nothing.

    To make matters worse, they continue to charge me for the handset. I am not about to pay them twice for a handset. To date, I have made payments totaling $794.20 for this I-Phone.

  24. I have switched my service from t mobile due to terrible customer service. I have trying for almost a month to get my old number transferred to my new provider. I have been given many excuses for delaying the transfer. Have received 3 different confirmation numbers saying the reactivation of my old number will take place within 24 hours My new provider has even contacted t mobile to try and get my service restored and t mobile would not respond .I have not been able to get calls for a month. I even went to a t mobile store to explain the problem where the sales person told me to use their phone and call customer service. I could have done that from my house. I got no help from the sales rep except to pay $11 to get a new number so the old number could be reactivated so my new provider could activated the phone. I asked if there was any customer service I could call in the USA verses the Philipines thinking maybe there is a communication problem. There is no customer service in the USA I was told. Of course, that could be a lie as everything I was told for the last month has been a lie. I will probably have to change my number due to t mobiles incompetence. I am going to report this lack of concern and competence to the Better Business Bureau in the USA. T mobile should reevaluate their customer service or maybe give up the cell phone business, You guys seem very good aqt collecting payments and providing no customer service.

  25. T-mobile you have overdrawn my account twice, but this time you took $450.00 unauthorized from account. which in turn has created problems such as other bills being paid late with numerous late fees. When I called in customer service stated that there was nothing they could do to reimburse me except the for the original amount taken, and its already been a solid week before the returned it. not to mention my banking institute has to take 2-5 business days to apply back to the account. So now I'm looking at 12-15 days before I receive my original funds back.

    What T-mobile fails to admit is there fault and say's that there is no way to prove that the arrangement was wrongfully setup on there part. I thought all calls should be recorded for actions such as this. but instead of giving me credit for the problems that they created, but they say once again that there is nothing else they can do, and at this point I cannot have service with someone that refuses to find a resolution and help a loyal customer that's been with T-mobile for 9 months.

    RESOLUTION) I spoke with corporate they approved $50 credit, and retention gave me a $100 credit so out of the $175 that has been charged to my account for late fees on other institutions. I'm left to cover only $25 of the balance. which isn't what I wanted but still better than -$175 in my account.

    Honestly I want to thank rep. 1244132 for all the help that she gave in a matter of 10 minutes because if it wasn't for her I would of canceled my t-mobile service, but she gave me the comfort of knowing that I as a customer matter most!

    1. Make sure Lynette gets the raise and promotion she deserves seeing she executed service to the max in a matter of short time. (two hours of arguing turns into 10 minutes of help that was much needed; thanks Lynette!)

  26. Customer service are absolute liars ,they lied to me about a refund on my account ,promising it within 24 to 72 hrs ,I waited a month for next bill,it did not show up ,called and they saw the notation but flat out denied it and said I was not entitled to a refund and changed their stand .
    Total liars and couldn't care about loyal customer for 15yrs...

  27. I mailed my iPhone 6 Plus to Tmobile for the trade in offer with the prepaid label that was created by Tmobile rep. On Sep 27 Tracking number showed that package was delivered . However when I contacted Tmobile customer care they said they didn't received my phone and recommended me to claim UPS. After UPS investigatetion and found that package was delivered to Tmobile warehouse. Tmobile rep still saying that no credit will be issue because they can't find my phone in their warehouse. What a jerk. Tracking number show they received the package but their rep said they not responsible for it. I lost my iPhone 6 Plus for nothing. And it happened again when I returned my new defective iPhone 7 to Tmobile. It been a week since they received it but I still didn't get refund. Tmobile is a robber company who tried to steal their loyal customer's phone and money.

  28. I have been with Tmobile for a few years and I have been having issues with my phones they have provided. I am very angry as I have had dropped calls, people can't hear me on the phone half the time and/or no signal. I just traded in my LG G4 that was giving me problems, I have replaced it a couple of times now I decided to "upgrade" as they call it and get an LG V20 have not had it 24 hours and it will not stay charged but the store wants to charge me a $50 restocking fee to trade it out. I am so sick and tired of tmobile I am thinking of giving them the boot!

  29. There is a kid working in your store on Folsom Blvd in Sacramento named Ace that I want you to know is an absolute Godsend! I have been a Metro/T-Mobile customer for 10+ years and have dealt with many locations to pay my bill, buy phones, accessories, etc., and never had any real problems but about 3 years ago, I visited the Folsom Blvd location and I have never bothered going to any of the others since. This kid (I say "kid" because I'm old - lol) is wise beyond his years. He is polite, extremely knowledgeable and has a genuinely professional demeanor. I have had to go see him for several issues lately and he always astonishes me with his ability to solve problems in a way that makes me feel like T-Mobile cares about me. I find that in general, good service is becoming more and more rare anywhere you go so I wanted to take the time to let you know that you have a stellar employee (I'm sure you have many) that is representing your company in the most desirable way. Having been an employer too, this is an employee that is corporate material in the making. Thank you for choosing your people so carefully - Sincerely, Kathy Smith

  30. I ordered an iPhone6s with a sim card package- it never came- in the 16 years at my address never a problem with a UPS delivery (only Fed Ex) ; The Tracker said it was delivered- it never was I was in my apartment 3 days, had an overnight put on the package and it never came- Whats worse is they promised to send out another phone it was supposed to be over nite- They gave me an order # for the 2nd phone they sent out- I called them 4 times yesterday, 3 today- they said they'd call back- They never did- the supervisors simply play games and placate you with oh we are sorry... but what it adds up to is No one sent out the order and now they dont expect it for at least another week Even though i paid an Overnight on my delivery! T-Mobile? Ive had them BEFORE they were even T-mobile- they were VOICE Stream- Ive had them 16 years! i never had a smart phone just my cell phone that's 11 years old- So i thought Id finally buy a Smart phone iPhone 6s Maybe not so smart! And to the man who says wecshould all be patient and dont we realize all Companies have less then Medioche Customer service reps and services from all the cariers? Who do you think you are sir? Maybe you want to accept that crap and are patient with it, but not most of us. i value my hard earned money and Ive waited 4 days for my phone which never came and now Im supposed to wait another 5 days? And let them charge me for what was an OVERNITE Package? T-Mobile is a rip off- Im writing to their headquarters. Im sending everyone's complaints on this page to their PR director and I will not leave it at that- Im having my Attorney call and Im calling the news Media- I dont let companies treat me like garbage- and if it takes all that to get what I pay for then the responsibility and shame is on T-Mobile- To treat customers like you dont give a dam- thats going to be a HUGE problem for them- I will contact Sprint and Veizon and get things done through them- When you lose one customer and they spread the bad of your company , multiply it by thousands-

  31. so up set with T-Mobile,
    we have been with them for 12 years and we just got both of our phones replaced from Samsung S4 to a S5 .
    my husband has to use a metal mixing bowl to put the dumb phone just to hear his alarm go off.
    I hand the darn thing and problems form the start form speaker not working and no calls coming in to it totally not working.
    so the second one samsung s5 i got same problem to i was getting hot on my face aferter talking on it for 10 minutes so i put it away just to find it smelling burned .
    i called them and the only thing that they would is to replace it with the same model and deduct some money off my bill. not happy because i will not get it for 4 days because it is on back order and this will be device 4 of the same model.
    from a pissed off consumer .
    Fraser Slessor July 18,2017

  32. my Name is Concepcion Slessor today is 8/1/2017, i had to pay 150 for a deductible because my phone was shatter when my 1 year old throw it .
    you no longer made Samsung galaxy S4 so you sent me a samsung S5 and that device froze and speaker didn't work. Smino you sent me my 2 replacement S5 and that too froze on me and could not get on the internet.
    so you then send me my third replacement and that phone got overheated after speaking on it for the almost 15 minits and my face got supper hot so i hung up and the phone. it did not work so then you sent me replacement number four and that had viruses of child porn......
    i spoke to an uncle who is a police officer and he told me i could get arrested to have it documented so i wouldn't get my child taken away. by the way i had to wait a week for this phone.
    so now i get my fifth replacement phone and after using it for less than 28 hours i was looking at pinterest my hone over heats and will not work.
    the screen is black. this is less than 2 or 3 months.
    i am pist off i will not buy another phone i could have used my 150 towards a new phone .
    to top this off my father in law got a phone that works like a Samsung galaxy for 30 bucks from boost mobile and his monthly payment is only 50. a month we have been with T mobile for almost 13 years and now i feel as if i was just ripped off and taken advantage.

  33. I went to the Durham nc store yesterday spent 3 half hours talk to sales rep about my phone get so hot we have snach the battery out to cool it down we had ever thing worked out I had pay 46 dollars to jump it OK so I did we talked about put me on lease no money down OK cool well they take my money to jump it thin tells !me we need 52,22 dollars to do any thing I looked at my wife and I said that's not what you said so he leaves me goes to another person helps him gives him a discount but won't help me my phone try to burn up the woman work they're stay on her phone out side cussing no help no body so we sat there he said let me make phone call so we waited both reps left the room I had to knock on door to talk to some one this he said his manger said give us our Mooney back thin he came back said we had file a claim to get it back so we call failed a complaint why we were in our car the rep came out side point his finger run his mouth at us t mobile in Durham's nc are the wores stores to deal with I've never had trouble like this in fay nc our Lumberton nc till I moved here were look to change phone service because of this were tried of the stress and the lies and the drama ever phone we get its junk this is 4 phone messed up on me I'm sick of it if it don't put my name up its James s

  34. My name James s its Oct its Oct 23 2017
    So I went to the the Durham nc store the new one near chapel hill nc because one one on fay rd told me one day he did not care if I stayed with T-Mobile our not well so we start going to the new one near home well the start tell us what they can do my phone been get so hot we have grab the battery out of it that's how hot it gets he tells us well we don't sale them any more cause so main problems with them OK so I ask I need a safe phone some I can use call home so we start talk about a lease so me my wife like OK let's do it he said I need 46 dollars to jump your phone is all I said OK we paid it thin he starts going threw ever thing tell us we can't do it will have 52.51 I looked at my wife we both said that's not what you said so goes deals with some one eles were wait the other work the girl she was out side most time talk on her phone and cussing she didn't help no one at all thin they guy we were wait on gave man behide me a nice discount but he could not help me with my phone at no discount s at all to help me with a messed up phone thin they both went to back left people out front I had knock on door talk some one they took my money to jump my phone thin they said were gone refund it thin he hands me papers tell me there not he's lied me so far 3 times all ready I've benn there 3 half hours all ready fine Lee my wife call customer service out side they wanted talk to them they wood not even tasks time talk to them the wore store ever in Durham nc they lie to you tell you they don't care well I have is messed up pretty bad but were look eles were this was wrong not gone keep deal with this any more they should helped me best way they could but they did not care I've benn with them a long time never ever had this problems in Fayetteville nc our Lumberton nc ever were gone start look eles were because I'm not gone pay all this money if I can't get help with my phone good luck James s

  35. This is my submission to the FTC, anyone else in the same boat?
    I closed my account with TMobile back in June, 2017. I continue to receive bills as if I am a customer. I have been to the local store, called (Out of the country answered) and tried contacting the corporate today because today I received a collections bill for even more money. When I speak to people in whatever country they are in, they state they are sending me paperwork which I have never received. I went back to the store again today and they were unable to help. The associate called someone and they were rude. I could overhear the conversation and she stated that I haven't done anything on my part. I thanked the associate for trying to help. He stated to another associate, you now how our customer service is, is there anything else we can do for her? Now I am in collections, so I call them when I get home. They said I had 45 days to clear this up or it goes on my credit and they don't take it off. I asked how to resolve this and they said I had to send them proof that I closed my account. Please help as this is very frustrating. I don't know what else to do. I pay my bills as T Mobile will attest to as I was a customer for 14 years. Janet at the corporate office said she couldn't transfer me to the appropriate department because her transfer key wasn't working. She asked me to call back in 5 minutes which I did. On hold for 10 minutes. I waited an hour, on hold for 20 minutes. Seems like they are not answering my phone number now.

  36. We were clients of T Mobil for several years. We went to Germany for 3 months and we set up auto pay from a credit card. Something happened they couldn't get paid but never told us in Germany so we could correct the problem. When we came back we had a bill of over $1000 it used to be $140/month. We asked for explanation and accounting. After 2 hours of waiting: "We will get back to you." I don't remember how many times they were going to get back to us but we never heard from them until next even huger bill arrived. They finally cut off my phone. We find out finally they had slammed 3 phone lines on my bill which we don't recognize, with names and numbers of other customers whom we do not know anything about. They said it is my responsibility to paid those accounts. T Mobile is charging several months in each one. Our last call to the central office we finally reached the Fraud Department department who promised to investigate and to send us a detailed account of what and our actual charges might actually be (if any of these are actually legitimate, which seems most unlikely. Needless to say, we have to date heard nothing more. My account is closed but sure enough I got another huge bill this month, with no explanations. I sent the bill back with the message that the whole matter is in adjudication with the Fraud department and that I expect to receive a refund of $1000+ that I paid for non existent accounts on my bill. They sold me a LG phone for $120 (other phone store, Metro PCS sell for $80) they sold me a laptop for 50% of the value and I finally changed companies again, hoping Verizon would be more honest and responsible. Of course the LG and the laptop are now unusable in the Verizon system and T Mobile are still trying to charge me 100% for the laptop. I am fed up with them. At one point a T Mobile supervisor told us they made a mistake and would credit us with $300. Of course they never did it.
    I am going to make a complain to BBB of Florida, to the Federal Trade Commission of Florida and to the WSVN Chanel 7 News and Fox News channel 2827.

  37. Very disappointment after many years of being a loyal customer with automatic payments. I never got a good deal from T-Mobile. All they do is SELL LINES. Even when you don't need them, they want you to add lines to your account in order to receive "fake promotions". After many years not wanting to move from this sadistic relationship with T-Moblie, I finally did to ATT. Now I am grieving a real nightmare!. To explain: I moved to ATT in May/4 (17 days after the current bill). Service was activated when I received the phones on May 7. I made a courtesy call to T-Mobil to make sure ALL SERVICES were canceled. The representative at that moment (name Julian or like) very sneaky decided to "maintain my service active" (not losing a customer) by keeping the 5th line active as a personal line (the line not being transferred to ATT). In that call, I made sure ALL MY SERVICE WITH TMOBILE WAS FULLY CANCELED. The bill ran from 4/21 to 5/20 and service was canceled in May/7 completely. However, to my dismay, I noticed that T-Mobile withdrew from my bank account a FULL SERVICE CHARGE with 5 lines + insurance + all they could on June 13 (4/21 - 5/20). Not only that, this company HAS GENERATED ANOTHER BILL!!!. I have called many times to solve this issue. In one of the calls, a representative called Marcela never sent me a copy of this bill as she promised. I cannot access the app or the website because everything has been locked after 5/7 for me not to see what is going on...I WONDER IF THERE IS A DEPARTMENT THAT CAN TAKE MY CONCERN WITH HONESTY AND FAIRLY? Is this possible within T-Mobile? I only owe T-Mobile 17 days of use from 4/21 to 5/7. There was not reason to charge for 5 lines+insurance+taxes+ghost rates after May 7. CAN BE POSSIBLE TO RECEIVE A FINAL BILL WITH ALL THESE ADJUSTMENTS?