Rogers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Rogers Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
333 Bloor Street East 10th Floor
Toronto, ON M4W 1G9 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-416-935-7777
Fax Number: 1-416-935-3598
Customer Service Number: 1-888-764-3771

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  1. I have been a customer of yours for many years and when I heard that you want to take the Vision channel off of my selections of what I have paid for and watch often I was very disappointed . Do you think people are made of money. I'm on a fixed income and will miss it. I can hardly paid for the services I get now. Please do not do this.

    Sincerely your

    Frances Morrison

  2. Recently rented ftom rent a center in the bronx very unprofessional and rude trying to find there coroparate to make a complaint never again

  3. Rogers makes promises that do not keep; the staff are rude, and now, the choices are limited. I was told I had an amount taken off my account, having forgotten the incident I now have collection agency calling me over the legal amount of calls, rude, shitty and no one cares at rogers to help me out, they keep telling me one thing and not taking any responsibility in this matter. shitty.

    1. rogers i have been with you over 35 years your service as of to today sucks pixel jumping around all the time stations i watch are black screens if this is not fixed i will have no choice but to join the group rogers suck so many of us are paying you dam good money an are not getting the service we pay for your all about the money and not about the people who made you millions of dollars we can fix this our self if you don't give us the service we are paying for

  4. Complaint about Rogers service

    My name is Sergei Morozov.

    I returned solo circumnavigation just a month ago and few days ago I learned that I have to Roger $ 1,200!

    My Rogers Account number: 534 115 118

    But I have not been in Halifax for four years!

    At the time when I carried the flag of Canada around the world, you put me through?

    I returned solo circumnavigation just a month ago, and here are the news! Please provide delete this strange duty during the week and let me know about it, please!

    Otherwise, I will have to turn to their friends from The Chronicle Herald and CBC and I tell them about this unpleasant history!

    My cell: 902 -412-7091


    Sergei Morozov

  5. On April 28th I spoke with Shuan, one of your female reps on chat. I wanted to sign up for another 2 years, and receive a FREE Galaxy S6. I even repeated about the FREE phone, and she typed "That Is Correct". I believe I was misled, as it look's like I am on a payment plan for it. I wouldn't mind if that's what was told to me in the first place. Roger's should stick to their word. Please cancel all service immediately. I will go elsewhere. Your dishonest!!!!!!!!!

  6. I just logged off the chat and this is what I am put through by your representative Vera:

    I said I made 2 payments, she said none,
    I said my service started on September 22, she said September 15,
    I said my bill was suppose to be $113.00/month including the tax, she said she figured it out that it must be $152.61. (I have proof for both amounts)

    She tried to say that I am lying! Do you like this??

    You have no possible way understanding how terrible your representatives are, I have come to Rogers only because I like its policies but what can I do if people who have to administer those policies are no good!

  7. DECEMBER 29, 2018:

    My husband bought me a new iPhone X for a Christmas gift on December 18, 2018 from the Brockville, Ontario Rogers Kiosk in the Brockville 1000 Islands Mall. We also bought another iPhone and upgraded our plan which is now costing me an extra $30.00 per month. On December 25, 2018 we tried to backup my old iPhone6X to the new iPhoneX and the new iPhoneX froze. Below is a list of the events that took place:

    DECEMBER 26, 2018 (2 hours):
    - Call to Apple to a girl employee
    - Problem escalated to a Apple male employee
    - Apple male employee left us to try a few things and his email to respond on how we made out

    DECEMBER 27, 2018 (2 hours)
    - No luck so emailed back the Apple male employee
    - Apple male employee responded by phone
    - Apple male employee further troubleshooted with no luck indicating a manufacturer defect and to try and return it to Rogers where we bought it 6 days ago!!

    2 hours
    - Drove into Rogers where a 'youngish' male employee jerked my husband around indicating that it was a manufacturers defect therefore he would have to go to an Apple store to return. WHY, WHEN YOU BUY AN ITEM FROM SAY, CANADIAN TIRE, AND IT DOESN'T WORK, YOU CAN RETURN IT WITHIN A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME FOR A full REFUND or EXCHANGE FOR THE SAME NEW ITEM. The Rogers male employee called the manager, Emily, and she indicated that same thing.

    DECEMBER 28, 2018:
    - Call to the Rogers Kiosk manager (Emily) to complain, and who indicated that this is their policy.

    This is a terrible policy with terrible customer service. Rogers just washes their hands of the problem when they sold us the item in the first place. We do not live in a City where there is an Apple so we now have to travel there which is an expense. Also, we are at their mercy as an appointment has to be made.

    This whole gift has been a nightmare and very disappointing. It has cost us time, money and mostly disappointment with being a Christmas Gift.

    We will never recommend anyone buying anything from the Rogers Kiosk as you are taking a chance if the item works or not, and if it doesn't you're out of luck!!!

    Next step is the Better Business Bureau.

  8. Why does Rogers not have senior discounts for those who have been long time loyal customers and now on fixed incomes.

  9. Today is D-Day - and I am reminded of how you fired Don Cherry for political correctness - yet you continue to enjoy the freedoms those soldiers gave to us.
    It was a spineless thing to do.


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