Dicks Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Dicks Sporting Goods Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
300 Industry Drive RIDC Park West
Pittsburgh, PA 15275 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-724-273-3400
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-877-846-9997
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  1. Went to Paramus store to look for a pair of sneakers was willing to pay a couple of hundred for (2)pairs one training and one running. The customer service was so poor I decided not to buy anything. Customer service was even rude and sarcastic at the front desk, the sales crew showed no ambition to help or assist me, not to mention when you ask a question they sarcastically answer you to make you feel you are stupid, like as if, “you don’t know this” this has happened more then once. Recently, the first night I got there, I had a major hard time trying on sneakers due to the to the anti-theft devices you use that should be put on the clothing, and not on shoes, it took me so long to try to unlace, which could not be done in the end, and then when I tried to stick my foot in the sneaker to test for comfort the device was stabbing me in the foot, now how can I make a determination like that. The sales people stood and starred and provided no assistance, with a your on your own attitude. I spent a good 45 minutes the first night then they announced the store was closing, the next night i came to try on the same shoe as to try to see if I could get the sneaker to open more and I was there again for about 20 minutes, struggling to see if the sales person would help, when I explained my dilemma to the guy he was extremely rude, attitudey, and said don't look at me call corporate there is nothing I can do, and he went on and on, very arrogant, like your problem lady don’t bother me. Hmmmm nothing he could do he says, you think he would use some professionalism and stop and think for a minute to offer to help you unlace it and take off the device just until you try it on, you have to show people some compassion and understanding. Doesn’t he want his company to make money and stay in business. Each encounter I have had with a Dicks Department store Sales person in the past has been the same towards the customers. It's like your bothering them, but yet I just see them hanging around talking personal stuff with their co-workers. When I stressed my concern to the manager, they said basically said the same thing that it is a corporate decision and nothing they can do about the security devices. So in my opinion, these folks need a really good customer service course a really good one, and for the sneaker and shoe security devices, take a look at the ones they have specifically for foot wear, Adidas has them they are small and don’t impact the customers experience to try on, as having your sales person take the device off temporarily while a customer tries on sneakers would be resource intensive walking all the way to the front desk, especially if they tried on 10 pairs or so (no brainer). The proper way to handle it would be to stress your understanding in the proper tone, and offer to assist to make their experience a pleasant one. So the customer would want to come back, knowing that if they try on foot wear there will be someone there to help them get their foot in appropriately so they can test the sneaker or shoe properly. Dicks should think about this as customer service is key to their success.

  2. Ordered a present for Christmas 12/3 to be sent to my home, so I could give it to my brother. They sent it to the wrong address, then I called and the promised to over night it I called 4 days latter, then a manager, Nick said he was sorry I dint get it. WHAT !!!! so, he said, He PROMMISED I will get it AFTER Christmas!!! So, I come home - NOT HERE> ruined my Christmas present for my brother. Dumb ASS Co. Make ALOT of promises that turn out to be LIES!!!

  3. Called your Spokane Valley, WA store today looking for a specific item. Was put on hold 2-3 times before someone answered. Explained what I was looking for, yes have it stock. Drove 30 mintues to store only to find out not only was it not in stock but don't think they ever had. Manager's excuse was he hadn't been in for 5 days and didn't know what had come in on trucks while gone. Gave a lame, at best, apology. No offer to try and find items, nothing for my trouble and their error. Would have been nice if employees working knew the merchandise and didn't give false information to potential customers. Will shop on-line at competitors before shopping at Dick's ever again.

  4. Visited the ghetto Dick's in South Carolina's most violent city, Anderson SC to return a defective purchase..... I had low expectations as I approached the Customer Service Desk. As expected, I received less than satisfactory service from "Tiffany". Am I disappointed? When you shop at a ghetto Dick's and have low expectations, you're never disappointed!

  5. Blain ChristiansonMay 25, 2017 at 2:01 PM

    We need help, since Sports Authority went out of business we only have two Big 5 stores and a Sportsman Warehouse located in the area. (Tri-Cities) Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco WA. with West Richland also. For some strange reason you built one an hour away in Yakima WA a smaller area. Please help out and come take a look at the Tri-City WA area. Just look at the job growth and how fast the area is growing.


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