Citibank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Citibank Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
399 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10043 USA

Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-559-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-212-793-3946
Corporate Email: [email protected]
Corporate Stock Symbol: C

Citibank is part of the Citigroup businesses. Citigroup is a global financial company the provides banking services for consumers and businesses. Citigroup is one of the premier banking institutions in the US.

Citibank's Toll Free Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-756-7047. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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  1. Richard TurbyfillMay 4, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    Applying for your card sucked. The page was easy to navigate but I had security errors over and over. I have capitol and discover. I gave up on applying for your card because of the online issues.

    1. Don't apply for Citi Credit Cards. I have 2, but paying them off and getting rid of them. They have very bad customer service. I got a penalty APR (29.99%) on a bill and called them on it. They said the payment was 12:07am 7 minutes late EST (I paid it at 9pm PST). They waived the $38 dollar fee and removed the penalty APR, back to my 8.24%. Then a couple months later, I got a bill with the 29.99% APR penalty again, for no reason. When I called, they said it was due to the original late fee 4 months ago. I asked why they would do that, they said it is not their fault I was late and they go by Eastern Standard Time. I told them this is really bad customer service. They again told me, it was not their fault that I was late and that they go by Eastern Standard Time. I was also told that the penalty APR goes away after 6months of payments on time. I have never been not on time, except the time I paid at 9pm Pacific Standard Time. So they lost a customer for a penalty APR of 29.99% that would only last for 2 months, since it was 4months ago they removed and now decide to change it back to the penalty.? Crazy. especially since I was never late before or after and a card member for over a decade.

  2. Never never never get a card with citi bank. If you miss one month they will go after you like a cobra.

  3. I missed one payment, I have the paperless statement and got in my spam folder, and instead of sending me a letter letting me know my payment was missed, they f'ing put it on my credit report. I've been with them 16 years, and they refused to remove it citing it wasn't their fault. Card cancelled, hope you're happy!

  4. Citibank discriminates and blascklists people. They give credit to whoever they please or whoever they deem "fit" for the bank. They claim they base their decision based on their banking policies but they are not willing to tell what they are. Of course it is all a bs. The best weay to combat these banksters is by slamming them with a massive class action suit in the millions. They only understand one language: money, especically losing money.


    2. All you have to do is look at the Federal Register (this is where their are federal civil cases. Law suits filed. You can also look at your own state too.) If their is a Federal case against a Company and/or Corporation; it will be listed there. Check on Tuesday and Friday.


  5. Even your comments must go through their censoring. What a crock!

  6. All I have to say is, if you ever get talked into refinancing your mortgage loan with Citi bank, and they assign Corrie or Cristie to process your application.... run like hell. You'll end up playing Where's Waldo with them both...their managers Brain and Cindy aren't any better.

  7. Worst bank ever!!!!! I deposited. Check through a ATM as a I always do and for the first time in over a year being a member with Citibank they put a hold on my hard earned funds. We are looking forward to this money as our children were starting school. My kids went to school with old torn sneakers old clothes and we had to scrape up Nicole's and dimes for there lunch.

  8. I've also been a loyal customer, always paid my credit card bill on time. I missed one payment and they SHUT OFF MY CREDIT CARD WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. After I pay off this bill I am cutting the card up and telling them what they can do with it.

  9. I've also been a loyal customer for years and I'm fed up with there bull. They have done so much under-handed stuff, its a shame. Just to name a few: they purposely withhold deposits to send your account in overdraft; change accounts and fees without notification to customers; allow third parties to withdraw from your account...Enough is enough and I am filing complaints with everyone I can against them..(attorney general's office, better business bureau, etc.....) I might even call the news. You all should do the same.

    1. They are crooked I paid four hundred dollars and they are trying to say I'm late but I'm not

  10. My Account was blocked for a year.. now they are telling me I have to Fly from Phoenix Arizona to California to a Branch Just to unblock my Account and take money off my account..... CITI BANK IS THE WORST BANK EVER!!!!!!!! Thats Why I will See You Guys In Court For Stealing My Money..... I have Money In Your Bank That You Guys WILL NOT LET ME TAKE OUt

  11. Citimortgage - your are obstinate, uncaring, uncooperative. We are trying to get money released from an advance payment check from our insurance company to begin repairs on our home, which was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. You refuse to assist us, only releasing 1/3 of the advance payment check, which is not enough to pay our contractor. The people at your Oceanside NY branch could not have been more callous, lazy and uncaring. Contract this to JP Morgan Chase, who were kind, compassionate and helpful.

  12. As far as i am concerned Citibank can go to hell. they are worthless and no help what so ever. If you loose your job they will take your house.

  13. I have been with Citibank since 2000. Never had any problem with them until recently. I payed all but $13 of the minimum payment due. Next bill my interest rate up from 9% to 21%! I called to see about getting the interest rate down. I tried working with them, but they would not budge. I asked to speak to their boss they said there was nobody higher up. I asked for the corporate office number. They would only give me an address.

  14. On 12/27/13 I checked my checking account to see if my auto payment cleared it had not cleared and I noticed sears debited $260. I immediately called sears requesting a refund. I was transferred to Deweylla at Ext 24 she listened to my complaint and was very professional and provided me case#2030469. She assured me that the funds would be returned and she transferred me to Tamika in presidential to assist. Tamika just took the call and started talking no introduction she concluded the funds would be returned to my account by Tuesday. I called Tamika back on 12/30/13(Monday) asking could sears refund me the $32 return check fee due to my car payment was now $178 short due to funds being withdrawn in error she stated it was my fault so she couldn't refund the $32. I told her I disagreed, but couldn't discuss ended call. Next, contact my bank they advised me to contact sears back for a letter because if I requested it to be cancelled it was technically not my fault. I called Tamika 12/31/13. Tamika told me it was my fault and if she sent a letter to my bank it would say an error occurred and she would be making sure she documented it was my fault and that would be up to my bank to waive the fee on my behalf. I explained to her that I disagreed that I did my part by requesting the payment be cancelled and the rep confirmed it was no payment out there. Tamika went on to tell me that the rep had two systems/places they had to look to confirm if payment was there or not and maybe they didn't check both but it was my responsibility to go online to cancel payment. I told her that the rep didn't tell me to go online he assured there was no payment pending. She even said bottom line Mrs. Brown we are not responsible. I asked her why was she so argumentative being in the presidential office that your should get the best customer service at this level. I requested a manager she advised there were no managers she was the highest on the chain. I threatened to send a complaint to Better Business Bureau and she said that's fine there is still no manager for you to speak with..Mrs. Brown I am done with call send your letter to the BBB and ended call. I called back and spoke with Caroline she was very professional and tried to calm me down I was in tears. I explained to her my home was broken into 12/23/13 and I had to move some funds around to make unexpected repairs and I did everything to make sure no other issue came up and sears still took funds out of my account. Also, explained I was just trying to get a letter to get $32 reversed from bank and Tamika was just so nasty and rude to me from the start for no reason. I asked for a manager and Caroline stated she was not in and I could leave a message. I left a message, now awaiting a returned call from manager Deborah. I have never in life been treated so nasty, unprofessional and unfair Definitely not at the presidential level. This is a huge waste of time for Sears/Citibank. As large as both companies are you would think you wouldn’t have the ignorant/ghetto handling presidential situations. Sears/Citibank was not returning the $32 to me my financial institute was and Vystar very professionally wanted a letter confirming there was an error and reversal completed. I am a long time sears customer and I just know I didn't deserve this treatment. I promise to GOD no one at sears has never been so nasty not even when paying a bill late. I spoke to reps at sears this month to cancel payments, online order issues, picked up order at the store, and purchased items in the store and no one has ever ever been so nasty. I am requesting that someone pull those call when Tamika spoke to me. In fact pull all her calls she was so nasty that she didn’t even understand why I was asking her why she was acting the way she was. I am sure some other customer has been a victim of her nasty,unprofessional, and unfair behavior. I just know I try to treat people how I want to be treated and I never deserve on any day to be treated, talked to/at like Tamika spoke to me!

  15. I was emailed this letter says it from (Citibank I know its not or the email address would not be . I may be dumb but not stupid. HA HA HA HA) Thought if i posted it here others may see it and if they get same they know its a scam. i just want you guys to know when your banks name is used in a scam. even the copy right is used.

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    Message View
    From: MR. Michael Corbat <[email protected]>
    Bcc: [email protected]
    Date: Wed, Feb 12, 2014 1:11 pm
    FROM DESKTOP OF MR. Michael Corbat
    E-MAIL:[email protected]
    It is my modest obligation to write you this letter as regards the Authorization of your owed payment through our most respected financial institution (Citibank). I am MR. Michael Corbat, the Chief Executive Officer, foreign operations Department Citibank of New York, the British Government in Conjunction with us government, World Bank, united Nations Organization on foreign Payment matters has empowered my bank after much consultation and consideration to handle all foreign payments and release them to their appropriate beneficiaries with the help of a Representative from Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
    as the newly appointed/accredited international paying bank, we have been instructed by the world governing body together with the committee on international debt reconciliation department to release your overdue funds with immediate effect; with this exclusive vide transaction no.: wha/eur/202, transfer allocation no.: citibank/x44/701ln/wgb/gb, password: 339331, pin code: 78569, immediate Citibank secret code: xxtn014.having received these vital payment numbers, you are instantly qualified to receive and confirm your payment with us within the next 96hrs.
    Be informed that we have verified your payment file as directed to us and your name is next on the list of our outstanding fund beneficiaries to receive their payment. Be advised that because of too many funds beneficiaries, you are entitled to receive the sum of fourteen million three hundred thousand us dollars (14,300,000.00 USD dollars) only, as part payment so as to enable us pay other eligible beneficiaries.
    To facilitate with the process of this transaction, please kindly re-confirm the following information below:
    1) Your Full Name:
    2) Your Full Address:
    3) Your Contact Telephone and Fax No:
    3) Your Profession, Age and Marital Status:
    4) Any Valid Form of Your Identification/Driven License:
    5) Bank Name:
    6) Bank Address:
    7) Account Name:
    8) Account Number:
    9) Swift Code:
    10) Routing Number:
    As soon as we receive the above mentioned information, your payment will be processed and released to you without any further delay. This notification email should be your confidential property to avoid impersonators claiming your fund. You are required to provide the above information for your transfer to take place through bank to bank transfer directly from Citibank.
    We Look Forward To Serving You Better.
    MR. Michael Corbat

    1. I gotthe same letter. who is behind this letter. Is it the bank trying to get money some how.

  16. How in the hell can I get Yahoo to stop putting ads on the side of my email. I can read my emails because so much is lost on the side because of the damned ads. ? ? ?

  17. I mistakenly paid 2 payments in one month and from then on they have tried charging me late fees. I cant stand Citibank. don't do business with them. If you pay even 1 day early they will apply it to the previous month and not the next, thus making it look like you are late and then will charge you a late fee. i cant stand Citibank, they are uncaring. The only reason I have this card is because my son had a near fatal car accident and we have a lot of hospital bills and had to charge a lot of it. as of today I am searching for another option and will cancel my business with them.

  18. Some months ago I bought some tires from Tire Kingdom. I signed for their credit card which is handled by Citibank. I was given a line of credit for $1100.00. I never abused this line of credit and paid my bills. The deal was that if I signed up for this credit card I would have access to a full spectrum of services provided by Tire Kingdom. On December 31st, 2014 Citibank arbitrarily reduced the credit line to $500.00. In so doing they have indicated to me that I may no longer have access to the full spectrum of services offered by Tire Kingdom. Thus I have been treated with prejudice and I am no longer free to do business with Tire Kingdom like anyone else. Both Citibank and Tire Kingdom are now in violation of the Law. There seems to by a clear cut case for a lawsuit.

  19. Best Buy used to stand for quality and customer service but no more...there are nothing but shirkers, condescending clock-punchers, and rude, thoughtless "reps" who couldn't care LESS about the customer. Additionally, this non-service philosophy is totally driven by "top management" who HIDES from customers---even hides its corporate information ! and top management HIDES from ALL customers and does NOT offer any recourse to a misused or abused customer...they don't want to know about it because they do NOT care and simply want to count the money in privacy. I used to invite Geek Squad reps into my college classrooms for my freshmen and sophomores...but no more...Best Buy does NOT care and they have gotten way too big for the "britches" that these young-culture shysters and hidden "management" think they wear....they are NON-responsive at best and RUDE, CONDESC ENDING, and ABUSIVE at 2nd best.

  20. I received letter from the company stating they close my account due to inactivity, this is ridiculous. I talked to branch mgr and executive account mgr they won't reopen it unless I provide them my financial status and give authorization to pull my credit bureau in order to able to pay the account. I find this discrimination and unfair.

  21. the card service for prepaid cards sucks too Direct TV punishes people leaving by giving their refund as a Citi pre-paid card. that will teach them to leave Direct TV or to sign up for it in the first place

  22. Citi outsources it "customer service" if you can call that to countries you probably can't pronounce staffed by people whose names you definitely can't pronounce and who you can barely understand. I assume this is so the Execs can make a bigger bonus but what they don't understand is that eventually the board will probably just move the company headquarters off shore and no more fat cat execs making fat bonuses. Boo Hoo breaks my heart for them.

  23. A known scammer company charge $92 on my card. I called customer service to get it taken off.
    First, the computer would not accept the last four digits of the card as a valid number.
    Second, called customer service. Gave them name, address, phone number, SS number, but that was not enough for the tier one pinhead. I could not give her the 'password.' I almost expected to have her ask for my DNA.
    Tier one finally decided to escalate the call. I was on hold for nearly 7 minutes before Tier one introduced me to Tier two. Have a nice day she said??!?
    Tier two asked for the same information and said it was not possible to verify that I am the cardholder without the 'password'!!!!!!!
    She finally asked what the account number used to pay the credit card bill was. I gave her the number, but that still did not satisfy her!????????????!
    With the time on the phone approaching 30 minutes I finally decided that screaming at this person was the only way to fix the problem. For some reason, she finally would accept the information about the fraudulent transaction.

    Finally, I told her to cancel the card. She said of course we will cancel the card and send you a new one. Even after my screaming at her, she did not grasp the fact that I wanted sever all relations with Citibank????!!!!! Why would I want to put myself through this again?

    By the way, the fraudulent transaction originated in Brazil for nearly!
    Seriously? This was the same damn bank who would not let me charge $20 at a store, because it was not in my usual area!!! So, now Brazil is included in my metro area????

    Run, DO NOT WALK, away from this company!

  24. Citi Bank is denying access to my ThankYou Points website. Letter sent to the Office of President at Citi Bank has been not understood about my difficulties. Access has been denied since Nov. 2015 and Citi has not been able to fix the issue. Purposely denying access is considered retaliation.

  25. Never again will I deal with this bank.. Put a hold on our account, sent documents 2 times. Still won't release funds.. I have never had this much trouble with a bank!!!!!

  26. Citibank/Best Buy closed my account even though I was paying on it. They keep going into my credit report without my knowledge and permission. I will get a lawyer if necessary.

  27. I am a new cities bank customer. Very dissapointed in this credit card. I was one day late on my first payment and the gave me a late fee. They also refuse to take the late fee off! They will not take late fees off unless you live in FEMA or a bank error.

  28. I was a 20 year customer of Citibank until recently I had to have my cards replaced for like a 3rd time in the last year because of fraud...I was never late...EVER!! I have an 825 FICO credit score and can get any credit card in the world...Citi insisted that I pay a $6 fee for mailing new cards...a gal named Keisha Williams would not waive the fee, so I ended my relationship with Citi...Does ANYONE there know this stuff is going on?? Do they even care?? Ridiculous...My name is James Sutika

  29. I've been dealing with Citibank for under a week now and it's the worst mistake I could've made. I changed banks because my old account was compromised by hackers so I closed it out and opened a citibank account. My direct deposit went in on Friday I used my debit card 1 time and wasn't able to use it again because the transaction was flagged as fraud. I didn't know this until I got home later that day and tried to pay other bills some online and some using automated systems and everyone of my transactions were declined but there was 3000 dollars in my account. This was Friday evening I called customer service and found out that my account was blocked because of fraud. I was told by the fraud dept that all blocks were lifted and the card would work. I called the same automatedcsystem to make a payment from earlier with the girl on the phone only to find out the payment was declined again. Then all day Saturday I wasn't able to use the chip or slide the card or get money from the atm. Its my "F ing" money and your blocking me from using or getting it. I don't think so. Just tried to order Valentine's for my wife and mother what do you know declined. Now I'm really pissed. Account will be closed and never deal with Citibank again

  30. I applied for one of their cards on line. I had it for about 3 weeks. I had put about $100 bucks on it, with the limit being $10K. All of a sudden, the card doesn't work and is no good. I called, and apparently got China, and I don't speak Chinese, so the conversation was a joke with Tokyo Rose that they pay 11 cents an hour to. She didn't get my card fixed, but then she wanted the numbers on another joint card we have of Citibank. I said that it had nothing to do with my own personal card that doesn't work anymore. She kept putting me on hold to either go talk to Shankei Shek or Buddah, and she kept coming back with nothing. I got pissed, told her I would pay off the account, use my Cabela's card from here on out and that I would never use Citibank again, and for God's sake, please learn English if you're going to be speaking to English speaking customers. Citibank is a joke and not at all professional or credible. Save yourselves the hassel and go with another credit card company.

  31. ikeep getting letters from citibank offering me their credit ha ha ha no way hose a good friend of mine who had excellant credit until he came down with cancer and suffered from the chemo treatments he had fraud on his credit card from citibank and they did not care when he reported it they called him every day for $$$$$ i had fraud on my credit card from a reputable institute and right away when i reported it to them they told me i did not have to pay for those charges they must be desparate for new costomers now --citibank cuz i phoned them to take my name off their mailing list they still send me letters telling me iam approved what a joke customer service i called and had to wait 20 min to speak to someone me cr card co has someone to speak to right away class action suit for harassment they need why dont they hire more workers to answer their phones ?????????????? i do not do business with any co that disrespects me sorry citibnk sears is another ripoff artist in this u s a

  32. Michael Corbat, and James Forese
    Based on a line from your mission statement that I will use to make my point
    "We strive to earn and maintain the public's trust by constantly adhering to the highest ethical standards. We ask our colleagues to ensure that their decisions pass three tests: they are in our clients' interests, create economic value, and are always systemically responsible. When we do these things well, we make a positive financial and social impact in the communities we serve and show what a global bank can do." You have lost my TRUST as a banking institution. You could CARE LESS client's interest (your bottom line is more important), and you DO NOT create economic value. An example how is a low income person to save when Citibank charges fees to hold their hard earned money. In addition, Citibank has a low interest rate on banking accounts but will charge you MEGA interest on charge cards, mortgage and the like. Overall, the social impact of this is the rich get richer, the middle class try to stay above water, and the lower income earners..well..enough said. In closing, Mr Forese and Corbat, you really need to change your mission statement to reflect your needs because they really don't fit those whom you claim to serve.

  33. Citibank has decided it is a political organization now, and is dictating to their business customers who and what guns and ammo their customers can sell to. They will not do business with any stores that sell any guns and ammo to anyone under 21, sell what Citibank has decided is a high capacity magazine (which in many cases is standard capacity), and so on. All of these policy decisions are based on zero evidence or research.
    An 18 year old can volunteer to serve our country in the Marines for a 2 year enlistment, get deployed, see combat, and when they come back cannot be trusted to buy a single shot .22 to go squirrel hunting with.
    18, 19 & 20 year olds in rural areas depend on hunting to supplement their income and as a way of life. But millionaires in NYC know what's best for us.
    I know what's best for me, and that is not to do business with Citibank, or any stores that are customers of Citibank. I will recommend to fellow veterans at the VA and DAV to do the same.

  34. I will never get a Citibank card, bank account, or even walk into one of your locations. If you think you can violate the Constitutional Rights of American citizens, and get away with it you've got another think coming. See how much business you will get from the communist front fringe who's demanding you sever ties with good, honest customers. If I were a sporting goods store I'd sever all ties to Citibank, and refuse to take your cards. In fact ever American business should switch to another bank. If I had one of your cards you'd be getting in cut up in the mail. right now. When your commie front friends take over a disarmed USA you bankers will be the first ones to appear in the show trials. Maybe you'd better do a little research on just who's funding the anti - gun movement, and some more on Communist Revolutionary practices.

  35. My husband died 2 years ago on our joint account. I have been paying this account each month. I am not in arrears. They told me today they sent the account over to Reynolds and Cohen. I asked why, they said my husband died. I have very good credit, so why did they send it to a collection agency?

  36. city bank of executive office team with creditbureau Equifax, expearan, transunion group I called criminal,i like to know who is a chief the bank of c e o is a choef of criminal team,i sent to letter of evidence,of my definition,sent vice president steven G,and sent to c,e,o,and macys corp ceo twoice with sertyfy mail,i never get respond,i am believing ,they are dumy Robert,the criminal opend 10 macys American express credit accounts ,they were changed every other week for 5month,on jan-may,2018,used my s,o,s,my name ,my address,spent outside macys,$89,608,24 +my refund,my money $106,186,38 the city bank of balance $195,794,past due,and plus my life of 1year 6,month lost,and I am a braine disability,can not have a stress,pay for suffering,pay for my copy machine +ink ,they were hacking my 3 phone,i can not claim from verizone co.they are responsible to pay me billing for 6 month too.= I lost lot of memory,in stresson my condition,i had car accident,on21 march 2019,also they are responsible to pay me total,half,million dollars, they are not respond to me ,they report to radious global solution,llc.collect debt,ther due is a past due, they are past due ,can I ask you reverce situation,now can you collect half million,dollar for me, soupervisor ,she answerd can not collect money from citybank ,this is not fair ,races,i don't have a buseness lisence,but they my information,of id,robbed me,3creditbureau robbed my money and my credit,i hopely,c,e,o,of Citibank,macys,respond me soon as possible,races me,discriminated me, not good for ther buseness, radious global solution,llc is a spam collecter,my phone id

  37. thank you, for published,i couldn't finish,my phone said radious global phone numbers are spam buseness,is my smart phone knows spam?when I told to maneger of radious global solution,she removed from my phone,and she blocked my phone,also citybank,macys blocked my phone,almost been one year,they are criminal,i realy like to evry one know c,e,o hired criminal team for name of Citibank, macys,radious global solution,llc ,3creditbureau,macys American express,are criminal group of buseness,i am believe they robbing lot of good people ,I hate criminal,i love people,i got injuery from robbery,while I was coma for 3days,ivestigator,caught before I wake up,evry one thought I ll be die,i am glad I am not bad person,i always take care of people,they need food, thank you for your time,i love to asking remove lisence,when buseness is not proper consumer care,I was buseness owener for 10 yers,no one complaining to me,my husband put me c,e,o,,i like to change regulation buseness license,like consumer care servise rate must 3star,maintain,under 3star will be terminate,i so no ane can be discrimate,and the life will be easier to living ,I am a victim of Georgia history im a victim of history 3creditbureau,citybank,macys,macys American express,radious global solution,LLC,why me again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They just pretend the did nothing wrong and go forward. Suing them, but they will probably just pay as the cost of doing bad business as there are hundreds of thousands who buckle under and do nothing for every one of me.

  38. BY...FAR...THE...WORST... most UNPROFESSIONAL, unorganized,misleading, lying, inconsiderate fradulent so called BUSINESS i could ever even imsgine to deal with. Between being constantly transferred, manipulated and deterred from a luve corporate person to being dicked around until your annoyed enough to hang up.
    Ive never missed a payment snd even though i loved the card i %100 communicated with them specific date to completely pay off my entire balance and was SPECIFICALLY told my card would NOT be cancelled. The only reason i was concerned (which i was making minimum payments) is because my $3500 limit was maxed out. I provided exact date i was paying it off and was told not to worry your card wont be cancelled and would only be cancelled if i was over 60 days late which i clearly was not. I ssid thank you but when i did exactly as i had communicated they cancelled my card immediately following.
    ON TOP of that i accidently made the payment twice and it was nearly impossible to get my $ back they owed ME which took 3 weeks to get back.
    ALSO my home depot card being a citibank card with no notification or nothing after paying $3000 was ALSO lowered from 5k to 2k which im sure if i was to pay that 2k they would cancel it.
    Absolutely blown away at how they treat a so called valued customer. Thete reason of cancelling was credit abuse. Whats a credit line if you cant use it and BOTTOM LINE i paid my complete balance and initiated communication as a mature responsible adult does. I cant believe they havnt been shut down or sued for billions.
    You guys are LIARS....

  39. Citibank is a shyster operation. They wasted hours of my time when trying to close my accounts all because the customer service (LOL) rep lied about 1 account saying it was a trust and she refused to get a supervisor. I called 5 branches to no avail where some don't even answer the phone and others closed. I had to call corp and they gave me another cs number where the operator hardly spoke english and she kept breaking up. Also, they are not paying interest to me for the days prior to closing the accounts. Save yourself a huge headache and bank elsewhere.


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