Hhgregg Corporate Office Headquarters

Hhgregg Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
hhgregg, Inc. Company
Official Address:
4151 East 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Corporate Phone Number: 1-317-848-8710
Corporate Fax Number: n/a
Corporate Email: [email protected]
Corporate Stock Symbol: HGG

Hhgregg is a famous for their inexpensive, appliance and electronic goods retail stores. Hhgregg is a rapidly growing company. There main competition is Best Buy Stores.

Hhgregg Stores Customer Service Number is 1-800-284-7344 and the website customer service number is 1-866-974-7344 . The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

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    this DHL agent is extorting me for money because its a debit card he wants more he says he mailed it and it came back because I gave him the wrong house numer my post office says we know lester schipper the house numbers maen nothing in your case.its a lie He never mailed it his name is THOMAS BRYANT in south carolina first he wanted 650 and I paid now he wants 650 2nd time and says maybe more I'm out of money andf need the card he's got.he is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth for DHL

    On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 8:51 AM, Thomas Bryant wrote:
    > Hello sir..as i have told you before and you have seen the address you send
    > below, it was not correct with what you send to me...so there for the
    > mistake is all yours and not mind, you can report me to whosoever you wish
    > to, but that was never my fault but yours, because you send me wrong address
    > and i have that from the mail you send me about your shipping address, i
    > have talk to Malaysia about this matter as well, so you have to take full
    > responsibility for your mistake and not me...
    > So you tell me what you want...Are you sending the $650 or you want me to
    > send the cards and package back to Malaysia..
    > Note also if the package is been mail back to Malaysia, it will cost you
    > more than $800 to get it ship to your address directly, so am offering you
    > the best Deal here and i advice you take it..
    > Regrads

  2. I am a former contractor by the name of brian hall i hauled appliances for hhgregg in knoxville,tn the are a major fucking rip off the costed me my home and took the food right outta my childrens mouth saying i damaged a bunch of appliances i never even touched i have called alot of the customers that i delivered to which was alot and told them to not spend there money at hhgregg anymore that there cons and thiefs and they have all aggreed with me they have kept almost $2000 from me for nothing i was contracted to them threw a company named ust and if i do say they arent much better than gregg if anyone sees this i warn you do not shop there or any thing of the sort they are corupt they owe me and i will make them suffer for it for what they have done to my family and mostly my kids.

    yours truly you son-of-a-bitch
    brian hall
    knoxville,tn clinton hwy store
    you dont intimadate me

  3. hhgregg HAS THE WORST...WORST...WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER WITNESSED. THEY SCREWED UP YESTERDAY (brought a dented and broken refrigerator) AND THEN AGAIN TODAY (said they would deliver first to us...we are last on the list)...ALL WHILE HAVING OUR OLD REFRIGERATER AND NO ONE CAN HELP. ALL THEY DO IS POINT FINGERS TO THE WAREHOUSE AND THE WAREHOUSE POINTS FINGERS TO THE STORE. HORRIBLE HORRI...BLE SERVICE!!!! No one helps. All they say over and over is No No NO. I lost all the food that was in my refrigerator. They never bothered to offer back my old refrigerator...they won't help buy new food. No one helps!!!

    So I just called to find out where they are...and was told OH I FORGOT TO CALL YOU...OUR TRUCK BROKE DOWN AND THERE ARE STILL 5 DELIVERIES BEFORE YOU. He has no idea what time he will be here. I'm so upset right now!!! Literally having anxiety attack.

    The driver shows up at 10pm to deliver another dented refrigerator. We had to refuse that as well.

    I called customer service first thing...and althrough the CSR was nice...he couldn't help me. Who is responsible for the fact that the drivers took my old refrigerator away without giving it back when they knew we refused the first refrigerator? WHO CHECKS THE PRODUCT THAT IS GOING ON THE TRUCK TO BEGIN WITH? Who has accountability over all the processes and customer service?

    So even if I walk away from the sale right now, I lose all the money in food I had in my refrigerator, I have no refrigerator and a lot of stress and a wasted weekend waiting on a truck to delivery product I trusted HH Gregg to provide my family.

    Order # 7205-023589

    I even work customer service every day. This is the WORST customer service I have ever seen. I'm the customer but I'm the one putting all the effort into trying to get eyes on situations like this so that other customers don't have to go through what I did.

  4. I hear a manager at the Whitney Point,NY McDonalds got arrested on Sunoco/Mc Donalds property for second degree harassment to female employees at the Sunoco for refusing to sell him alcohol with an expired ID, and third degree felony for criminal mischief and yet the whole town sees that he is still employeed there,and brags about his actions.

  5. hhgregg lexington KY has the rudest managers. After being a long time customer of theirs since 2002 I have purchased 4 flat screen televisions,2 refridgerators, washer and dryer,and a range. totalling apprx.& $10,000. I have never been treated so badly in all the years I have been a customer. Never will I do business again with them.

  6. Hhgregg are the worst company to buy from and they dont treat their c ustomers right they sell you crap send idiots to repair your appliances and they dont even fix the problem they suck

  7. Does anyone know how to contact the CEO of HHGregg? I would like his email address if anyone can tell me how to get it. I'v been screwed over by them for to long and you can't get anywhere going through the store. Thanks!

  8. HH Gregg Appleton WI WORST SERVICE EVER - must be the same all over the country. Walked in wanting to buy a TV, prob 15 sales guys walking around doing nothing. Finally asked someone for help since no one was offering to help. Bought a TV anyway, they promised next day delivery, next day waited around 3HRS, they never showed, never called. I talked to manager the next day, she didn't seem too concerned after I told her their service sucks. Was going to cancel order but no one else had the TV I wanted. Will NEVER shop there again, and will tell everyone I know not to shop there.

  9. HH Gregg is the worst place to do any kind of bussiness. Their call response is very bad and no one knows anything. Do not do business with them.


  11. WorstCUSTOMER SERVICE. I returned a KLU tablet at the Kennesaw, Ga store on 12/16/12 and when the system froze, supposedly the pindebit posted as a WITHDRAWL. Never heard of such. The manager reversed the incorrect charge to washout the transactions on the account. By doing so, the original CREDIT still have not been posted back tyo my account. I spoke to 3 differnt managers to resolved this problem and all they could tell me is the REFUND is processed. Surely, basis accounting will give you a Debit/Credit and the refund will be another Credit. I am so DISAPOINTED!

  12. My spouse and I went into the Concord NC location. The store only had only about 4 other customers browsing or being helped by sales associates, other associates were conversation . We went to the counter to pay for our purchases and waited in front of a cashier and a manager for 2 min without even being acknowledged while, they talked. Finally I said excuse me is this the only place to pay for our purchases, they both looked at us and the manager uttered something to the cashier who then walked over and answered a phone call(still no acknowledgement). Another employee then walked over with a customer and asked the manager if the register was a "cash" register. He answered the employee who then walked to another register and began checking out the other customer . Fustrated , my spouse attempted to get help from the manager who finally acknowledged us but did not help us . Finally after almost a min more of being ignored & waiting we left. We were treated rudely & very unprofessional 

  13. I just don't understand how HH Gregg can allow those who work in the warehouse to work in the pit. The HH Gregg is so unfair to some of their employees it is rediculous. There has been one employee there that I know that has been treated so very wrong. He comes in and works his schedule all of the time and very very rarely calls out. If another co-worker needs him to work their schedule, he does. He has tried to speak with the managers and the Division managers but nothing ever gets resolved, in fact, he gets blamed. I've seen this on several occasions as I am a regular customer of HH Gregg. I have to say that allowing a warehouse employee work the pit with unbareable body odor is unexceptable to his co-workers and customers. Ii honestly believe that someone higher than the Regional Manager needs to make an appearance in the Waldorf, Maryland store to observe my complaint.

  14. It's Labor Day Weekend and your website refuses to work even after I gave it 10 hours. Is your IT department as bad as your store managers. Read lots of bad reviews on various sites regarding your customer service. Guess we should just go to Best Buys since you don't seem to value us anyway. I think this is just bad karma after the way you treated people all of these years. You reap what you sow. Maybe HHgreg is the next JC Penney

  15. I was reading all these reviews and was going to buy my tv there but have decided to go somewhere else. first off, customer service should be first and foremost with any company, bottom line.

  16. HHGregg has myopic vision. Sell, sell, sell, customer be damned. They are deceptive, unprofessional and don't stand behind their products or extended warranties. The entire company from top to bottom need to retrain. Why would anybody want to take their hard earned money to a business that treat customers like disposable, used tissue? Their competition will be happy to have you. I will be boycotting this company until they fail. They are well on their way.

  17. Customer Service is the worse I have ever experienced.

    Back on February 11th, 2014 I purchased a Toshiba Laptop along with a warranty in case anything happened to it. Two days after I bought the item, it was opened and was fine. The next day it was opened the screen had cracked from the bottom up, and it had not been hit or anything to that nature.

    I go to return the Laptop to your store located at 2669 Gulf to Bay Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33759. Phone number is 727-260-5585. The manager told me that he couldn’t replace it that I had to go through the warranty. Mind you, this is not even two days after the purchase. I call the warranty place and they have no record of my warranty. I continue to call the store back and they tell me that they are faxing the information over to the warranty company to give it 72 hours. In fact that is what I did. Once the 72 hour timeframe had expired and I had contacted them yet again, they still had not received any information about my warranty and were unable to help me. I, once again called the store and they told me they should have had it. I went on to call the warranty place back and ended up having to fax them a copy of my h.h. gregg receipt in order to get anything done. From there I was told it would be another 24 hours. Mind you, by now I have been without a working computer for almost a week. By the time they get the information in, I have to wait for them to send me a box and I returned the laptop to them as soon as I got the box. From this point, I am told they received the laptop on Thursday, February 27th, 2014. I was told by the warranty company that a tech would be assigned to my laptop on Friday the 28th. I called them back on Friday and no one had been assigned to the laptop. I gave them the weekend and called again after 1pm on Monday, March 3rd and still got nowhere. On the 4th of March, I persisted to call back yet again and I finally asked for a Supervisor. This time I get a gentleman by the name of Steve at he can be contacted at the following number 1-817-785-6304 directly. He tried to smooth things over by saying he would try to get this expedited and for me to call him back on March 5th if I didn’t hear from him by 12 noon, which I didn’t. I ended up leaving him 3 voice mails and finally got a return call from him on March 6th. When my call was returned, Steve told me he was sending the authorization over for h.h. gregg to either replace my laptop or give me a store credit to call and touch base with h.h. gregg, I called and was told by your customer service that they had not received anything from the warranty company. That was Friday the 7th.

    Today is now March 10th and it has been a month since I have been without this laptop I purchased for a business that was in desperate need of a computer. When I called your customer service people today, I am told they did not receive anything from the warranty company until 12 AM Midnight on March 7th, but my case has been assigned to a Ms. Smith at extension 60896 if I call the 1-800-284-7344 number. After 3pm on Friday, I had called the number and left a message for Ms. Smith to contact me as I wanted to touch base to see how much longer this is going to take and to see where the situation stands. Today, March 10th, 2014, I have yet to get a return call back from Ms. Smith.

    I would greatly appreciate if someone would look into this issue to see why it is taking so long. In addition I need to report that your customer service department is rude as anything.

  18. HH Gregg is the worst company I have ever dealt with and will never buy another thing from them. I purchased al kitchen appliances from the Ft. Myers, FL store, was given a 3 hour delivery window, with a 40 minute window to arrive at the house for the refrigerator and stove. The delivery guys were ahead of schedule, called and said they were 7 minutes from my home. I had to leave work early losing close to 2 hours of work. They installed the refrigerator and did not test the water connection. They pushed the refrigerator back and guess what-----water ran out from under my refrigerator, through my kitchen and under the baseboards into the laundry room. I contacted the store who said they'd get in touch with the delivery people. I shot off an email to corporate, who gave me the name of some lady who I've called numerous times, she never calls back. I tried the customer service number, was on hold for well over an hour, I just wanted to see if anyone would even answser. This whole company is disgusting, right from the CEO dowm to the last little bity who works there. You people don't care what happens to anybody or anything after you make the sale and get your money. SHAME ON YOU.

  19. Hi anonymous corporate headquarters HQ,
    My name is John Johnson and recently I bought a refrigerator and matching stove and paid for the delivery and removal of the old. The guys came this morning calling .5 hours before showing when they were supposed to call the night before which caught me offguard and aggraveted me slightly, a guy shows up goes in and measures and says it wont go (the refrigerator) between the wall and counter top to the where the old one is and starts calling people. Then while I am not in the room he takes pictures of the area and sends them off (I did not say he could take pictures in my house). They could picked up the refirgerator over the counter (30 inches) and set it in place. They would not do that however. Instead they made excuses without trying anything. They did not remove the old stuff either. I unloaded the old refrigerator and now the food stuff is laying on the counter spoiling. I want compensated for that. I still want my stuff as well. Since the delivery guys were just standing around not doing anything I got pissed and told them to get the f---k outa my house. Yeah I exploded sorry about that. I measured my old stuff and it will go through the space without lifting. I need this resolved who do I talk to? Should I call Dennis L. May at (317) 815-9031 go to his house and take unauthorized pictures? I live in Chillicothe, Ohio please resolve this issue.


  21. I HAVE JUST READ THE COMMENTS AND WANT TO TELL PEOPLE THAT I HAVE BOUGHT ALMOST ALL OF MY APPLIANCES AND TVS FROM HHGREGG AND HAVE ALWAYS HAD GREAT EXPERIENCES. We do not even bother to go shopping at other stores anymore, just go straight to HHGREGG. I am writing to comment on the experience I jusr had. After buying a dishwasher that wound up being defective, GE wouldn't help, so we took it back to the store for a refund. They then went above and beyond and upgraded it to a much nicer model that they had in stock, put it right in the truck and it went in and works great! I would like to thank James Lee and the store manager, Kevin Bcerra who made it happen. We are not in great health and it made life alot easier for what they did for us. All the sales people are always great, work with you on the price, and are knowledgeable about the products they sell. This is store #89 in Metro Atlanta. Thank you so much HHGREGG for all you do. PLEASE GO TO THEIR STORES AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF, DO NOT ONLY LISTEN TO BAD COMMENTS FROM UPSET PEOPLE. WE LOVE HHGREGG. Thanks again - Kevin Bcerra and James Lee at Store #89.

    1. You are either lying; a corporate employee or just plain dumb. The company is awful and should be put out of business.

  22. worst customer service that I have ever experienced!!!

  23. In the middle of a bad experience with this company. Frig is under warranty and they won't get the work done. Been without frig 17 days. Infuriating. Never Never will we do business with them again. We are considering starting a class action suit since there are over 568 complaints against this company on just one web site. Search top complaints against HHgregg to see these.

  24. Dear All,

    Do not call HHGregg corporate office. The person answering the phone is not very customer service oriented. For lack of better words, she can be bothered. Why list the corporate phone number if customers can not get any assistance. The customer service department referred me back to the store. I will never buy another appliance from this company again, nor will I recommend HHGregg to anyone. I'm calling the BBB as well. Worst ever......................

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  26. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. HH Gregg might have some of the best pricing you will find on items but after that hold on for a terrible ride. Bought a TV with an extended 3 year warranty. TV had issues before warranty was up. Called to get it repaired and the nightmare began. Been dealing with this for almost two weeks and all I get is the run around and everyone blaming someone else for the delays. Will never buy an extended warranty from here again and most likely will not do any more shopping there either. Will pay a little more for the better service. This place does not seem to care about you once the item is out their door.

  27. We are going into our 3rd week without a refrigerator. The one we had died and we lost all the food! I can't go shopping because I have no where to store any fridge/freezer items. No one will do anything without the HH Gregg warranty people giving the okay. I have called a dozen times, my husband has also called. NO ONE at the company cares. And that includes the Corporate office right down to the store manager. I wonder how much they will care when the news crews and the reporter from the Tribune goes to the store with us. Don't ever purchase anything from this company!


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